Everett Golson Considering a Transfer to LSU?

Everett Golson - Looking to Transfer to LSU?
Notre Dame Fighting Irish quarterback Everett Golson (5) against the Arizona State Sun Devils at Sun Devil Stadium. Arizona State defeated Notre Dame 55-31. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Stability has never been a quality of the quarterback position during the tenure of Brian Kelly at Notre Dame and it looks like that could be continuing.  Earlier today Times Picayune reporter Jim Kleinpeter published a report that Notre Dame’s Everett Golson inquired about a transfer to LSU.

Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson, who played against LSU less than a week ago, is interested in becoming a Tiger. The senior, who is scheduled to graduate in May, has reached out to LSU about transferring there for his final season of NCAA eligibility.

Three months ago, who would have ever thought a report such as this – even if it proves to be untrue – would even be remotely believable?  At the begining of October Golson had guided Notre Dame to a 6-0 start while tossing 16 touchdowns and running for another 4 heading into Notre Dame’s showdown with Florida State.  A 1-5 finish over the final six games and a demotion for the Music City Bowl later, however, and such a report doesn’t sound too outlandish.

Before everyone starts freaking out or blasting a young man who owned up to his mistakes stayed at Notre Dame following his academic problems when he could have easily transferred, let’s review what we know as of now.

Golson Issues Tweetial

Shortly after the report from the Times Picayune was published, Golson took to Twitter and issued a denial of sorts.

Now, Golson didn’t come out an say unequivocally that he wasn’t thinking about transferring or that a transfer wasn’t a possibility for him after he lost his strting job to Malik Zaire for the Music City Bowl, but the timing of his tweet suggests that his message was anything but coincidental.

Golson Can’t Transfer Anywhere Til After Spring

Next, in order for a 5th year transfer for Golson ala Russell Wilson to be possible, Golson has to first graduate from school – something that he won’t accomplish at Notre Dame until May meaning any potential transfer couldn’t come until spring ball is over across the country.  That gives Golson the chance to fight to get his starting job back in the spring against Zaire.

While the second half of Golson’s season was marred by turnovers and Notre Dame’s losing streak, it’s hard to deny the talent that Golson showed during the first half of the year and not think about what he could be capable of with an offensive gameplan similar to what the Irish ran in the Music City Bowl.

Brian Kelly has not made any definitive statements about the quarterback situation for Notre Dame heading into 2015 and its highly unlikely that he would make any until the end of spring practice at the absolute earliest.

If Golson were to transfer, a destination like LSU does seem to make sense.  The Tigers have a loaded roster but seem to struggle at the quarterback position more often than they excel at it.  In the Music City Bowl for instance LSU got very inconsistent play at the position even against a shaky Notre Dame defense.

Up until last year, a transfer to LSU wouldn’t have even been possible for Golson – or any other 5th year senior quarterback for that matter.  The SEC just lifted it’s ban on 5th year transfers last May.  Because Golson was academically ineligible for Notre Dame during the 2012 season though, LSU would need to be granted a waiver from the SEC in order to accept such a transfer.

Given Golson needs to graduate in May before a transfer is even a possibility, all of this is still premature, but if today’s report is any indication of what’s in store this off-season, where Everett Golson plays in 2015 is going to be one of the most talked about storylines between now and then.

Given Golson’s track record at Notre Dame and his decision to stay with Notre Dame following his academic problems, it would be a shock to me if Golson did anything but challenge for the starting quarterback position in spring ball and do everything he can to retake the position and redeem himself after his fall from Heisman hopeful to backup within just a couple months.

If that is indeed what Golson does, we could be in store for the best and closest quarterback race of the Kelly Era.  The results of past quarterback competitions under Kelly have never been a surprise.  Everyone thought Dayne Crist would beat out Tommy Rees in 2011.  It was assumed Golson would be the starter in 2012.  No one really questioned whether or not Golson would retake the position upon his return this season.

This spring though?  After what Malik Zaire just showed against a tough LSU defense?  Well, this competition will be anyone’s guess.  If nothing else, it’ll be fun to watch. It would just be nice, however, if for once, there would be some stability at the most marquee position in football for Notre Dame from one season to another.

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  1. Deshone Kizer is no slouch either, talk about someone that fits the NFL model for a QB. I’ve seen a few articles / scouting reports that he actually has the strongest arm of all ND QBs..some of these guys that have watched practice may be able to verify or dispute that.

    1. Deshone’s biggest advantage will be the fact that he is the back up and therefore seen as the best by most on here.

  2. He may have a hard time getting that waiver for the SEC, since he was caught cheating.
    But if he does get a waiver, he might be a better fit for the Gators

      1. T bone is correct Jack.

        The SEC rule allows graduate student transfers without waivers if the student maintained eligibility, had no significant disciplinary issues at the old school and earned all possible [Academic Progress Rate] points.

    1. Golson will win the starting job back in the spring but both QBs will play a significant role in 2015. BK wants to throw the ball and Golson is much better than Zaire in that area.

      1. I think Zaire can make every throw Golson can make. And I think that will become evident if he is the starter next year and begins to get significant playing time.

        In Zaire’s senior year in HS he threw 21 TDs, passed for 1632 yds. That was in 9 games

        Golson in his senior yr in HS threw for 1770 yds and 25 TDs but he played in 15 games.

        Zaire also ran for over 900 yds in his senior year averaging 12 yds per carry.

        Given the fact he is a more accomplished read option quarterback and has passing stats that are quite comparable to Golson’s I think Malik will be the starter.

        Maybe Golson knows that too hence the feelers going out for possible transfer.

      2. We will see what happens and if Zaire wins out im good with that. I hope Golson doesnt transfer because if Zaire gets hurts running the ball 15 times a game then who replaces him. I dont think Kelly likes that scenario. The offense should be really good next year regardless whether it is Golson or Zaire running the show. The problem as i see it is everyone got caught up in the hoopla of Zaire running the show for one game and doing a pretty good job but i dont believe we win without Golsons contributions. Has everyone forgotten how horrible NDs defense was the second half of the season.

  3. I would just like to say I do not care much at all if/when Golson transfers. He obviously does not think he has a shot at the starting job next year and does not even want to compete for it! He will graduate in May and transfer to who cares where!

  4. There’s an interesting irony in this. Kelly chose stiff competition in LSU; a tough team with only a few obvious weaknesses. First, was it’s unstable play at quarterback. Second, its weakness against the read option. That Kelly went for LSU might just imply that he had confidence enough in Zaire as the starter, considering that Golson is incapable of operating the read option…the same read option that led to a highly effective run game. So, for Golson, his lack of a future at ND may be clear enough.

    But, the irony lies in his seeming choice of LSU, and his presumption that he could fill their need for a qb. See, if Golson had done his homework, (another Golson weakness,) he’d read that LSU OC Cameron has been trying to establish a read option…and that their qb struggles have been largely attributed to their unfamiliarity with the system.

    Good luck EG.

    1. Or….

      ND went with LSU because it offered the highest bowl game payout available for a 7-5 team?

      As far as Golson doing his homework, I’m betting he sees LSU as offering the best opportunity for him to get to the NFL with only one final year to work with.

      LSU had Zero (0) passing yards in the first quarter.
      18 passing yards in the second quarter.
      96 passing yards in the third (75 of them coming on a trick play)
      And 37 passing yards in the fourth quarter.

      Take away the trick play and that’s 76 yards passing.

      I would say their qb struggles are due in large part because… well… they just suck.

      1. Since when is a QB option out of the shotgun a trick play? Because Redfield simply got “tricked” into thinking it was a run? 🙂

      2. For what its worth, it was labelled as such by the ESPN TV crew covering the game. (Mark Jones / Rod Gilmore)

      3. There’s no doubting that the check and the exposure were motivations, but the SEC was still a ballsy call considering the end of the ND season. As much as the SEC may be overrated – there’s not an 8-5 team in the conference that “sucks”.

        My point was that the convergence of events seems less coincidence than a logical stream of events… Zaire begins play, and is relatively successful. LSU is chosen as a bowl opponent. Zaire is the starter, and plays very well. Golson goes trolling for a desperation bid with the last team in front of him.

        Outside of some LSD with your weirdo proctologist buddy, aliens couldn’t make this any clearer for you Shaz.

    2. Cam Cameron is a pro style coordinator. LSU struck out when the main pro style QB decommmitted for ND and Les threw a hissy fit. LSU just doesn’t have talent at QB in a drop back sense. Now EG’s weakness is staying in the pocket. With #7 they are going to want to pound the ball play action which is not EG’S strong suit. Plus EG tends to get cold when jot used. He’ll throw the ball 10-15 times a game at LSU

      1. Like every other coach over the age of 40, Cameron started as a pro style OC; but has been candid with the press about his desire to transition into the 21st century.

        I agree that EG’s weakness is flushing the pocket…and running the read option…and reading opposing defenses…and making adjustments…and controlling possession of the football…and making the grades.

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