George Whitfield Denies Everett Golson Transfer Rumors

Everett Golson Transfer
Notre Dame Fighting Irish quarterback Everett Golson (5) runs onto the field before the against the Northwestern Wildcats at Notre Dame Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

There aren’t many people outside of the Notre Dame program and the Golson family who knows Everett Golson much better than George Whitfield – the quarterback guru who trained Golson during his academic exile from Notre Dame in 2012.  Late last night Whitfield denied rumors that one of his prized pupils was looking to transfer to LSU as was reported earlier on Monday.

Whitfield wasn’t the only one to deny them either.  As we noted in our post yesterday regarding the report in the Times Picayune, Golson himself took to Twitter shortly after the news broke yesterday afternoon with the Tweet below which has since been retweeted and favorited over 1,200 times.

As noted yesterday, even if Golson really wanted to transfer right now, he can’t do so officially until he graduates in May – after spring football.  For that reason alone, if Golson has any intention of sticking it out and fighting to regain the quarterback position it looked like he would have a stranglehold on for 2015 as recently as October, it makes sense to deny any reports suggesting anything otherwise.

Right now it looks like the only thing that is known for sure is that Golson’s future and the future of the quarterback position for Notre Dame in 2015 are going to be two of the most talked about storylines in all of college football leading up to and through spring practice.

We also know for sure that things can change on a dime in college football.  Six weeks into the 2014 season Everett Golson was not just a Heisman hopeful, he was one of the favorites according to just about every publication – Sports Illustrated, ESPN, CBS, etc – right up there with Marcus Mariotta.  Fast forward a few months and Mariotta is preparing his Oregon Ducks for the national championship next Monday while Golson is dispelling transfer rumors on Twitter.

Before fans are quick to jump on the “good riddance” bandwagon as we’ve seen, let’s not forget that quarterback that had Notre Dame one terrible flag away from being 7-0 before the injuries and turnovers started mounting and buried the 2014 Fighting Irish.  Let’s also not forget that despite all of the rough turnovers, no quarterback in Notre Dame history other than Brady Quinn has thrown for more touchdowns in a single season than Golson after his 29 touchdowns this past fall.

Everett Golson showed a glimpse of the immense talent we’ve all been waiting to see unleashed and if Brian Kelly can work with him to regain his confidence, the book of Everett Golson at Notre Dame might not have its final chapter written just yet and very well could still have a happy ending.

This is most likely far from the last such rumor we’ll hear this off-season regarding Golson and the QB position for Notre Dame.  Buckle up for another long, bumpy off-season as Notre Dame once again will be center of yet another quarterback competition this spring.

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  1. It’s the injuries on defense, the average offensive line play and the poor play calling in 2014 that killed ND. ND would be crazy to let Everett Golson transfer. Hey BK, run the damn ball.

  2. JDH

    I think when people see Kizer play, they’ll see s QB similar to EG but a bigger version at 6’4″ and 240 lbs. I hope the coaching staff will try to get all three some playing time. If you really intend to make a playoff run and your QBs are asked to also run chances are they are going to get banged up. Failure to prepare for that could cost the team a playoff berth.

  3. I don’t see EG solving his turnover problem especially the fumbles unless he changes the way he handles the ball when moving around on foot with it. I just don’t see Golson as a very good NFL prospect. Too short,too small,poor ball handling habits i.e. Time will answer most of these

    1. I’m just saying he could correct those issues. Those a are bad habits. Russel Wilson is very judicious on when he takes off. EG should watch film of him. He also needs to be aware of his pursuers and tuck that ball. You might very well be right and he may never correct. If so then he really is done. But if he did correct he can be a very good passer and potential scrambler.

      1. C-Dog,

        I like your optimism, but EG is not Russel Wilson. Russel Wilson has had good judgment through out his college and pro career. Wilson could watch film of his mistakes and make corrections on his own. EG has enough film and has been coached enough to understand ball security. His read option is not very good which takes out an element of the offense that is needed. If you watch ND’s games the back side Defensive ends don’t respect the run from Golson and crash every time. I would like to see EG make the corrections but he has had 24 games to watch film and see the fundamental mistakes he makes and correct them. He also has trouble when pressured. These two things I haven’t seen corrections to his game. I think it is a tight race and BK doesn’t name a starter at the end of spring ball. EG transfers after graduation and Zaire is named the starter.

      2. Great quarterbacks are so not just because of the things they do, but also because of the things they DON’T do. EG hasn’t figured out that balance yet. I’ve said it before, but will go one of two ways. He will shine and 2014 will be looked at as a prologue to one the greatest “comback” stories in the history of ND football. Golson’s implosion will be seen as a speed bump on the way to a Heisman-worthy final season. Or, he will go down as one of, if the THE, greatest disappointments in the history of ND football.

        I do agree with MikeT that, at times, his height can be an issue and would certainly be an issue in the NFL.

  4. Quartarback controversy. Well lets see how this turns out. We have two quartarbacks fighting for the main job. Zaire or Golson. Well lets just say we play two quarterbacks and win in it all! Just like Michigan did. We have all the talent, use each and everyone on that team to show what talent they have because if you don’t then why! Talent wins all, use each person on this team and make it team unity. For one day this team will rise again and reach the National Championship! Talent is used properly and team unity is what counts to win it all!

  5. I wouldn’t consider EG’s cheating episode so aggregious that he cannot be forgiven. Yes he did get special treatment and that’s on he university not him. He assuredly had to make some amends and again a university matter. This was not a criminal act. He may not merit the kind of praise of more ethical athletes but he need not be damned in the court of public opinion.

    More practical to consider is whether he will stay after May. That is something to consider. BK better have that alternative covered. I’m not sold on BK’s handling of QBs. Tony Pike seemed to mesh with Kelly’s persona better than any ND QBs so far. Can’t speak for other QBs under Kelly.

    1. Where would he go C-Dog?
      And if he does go and turns the ball over like he did this season he’ll be on the bench no matter where he goes. I see him being the back up similar to Tommy Rees and coming in if Malik gets banged up or if ND gets behind and needs to pass to catch up.
      If Malik starts putting the ball on the ground like EG did, hopefully BK won’t wait as long to yank him.

      As an aside note, Oregon lost one of their best receivers to a failed pot test..You look at how Oregon has handled injuries and suspensions all year. I think they’ve only had 8 players that started every game. Yet they keep winning with the next man up…Ohio State the same with QBs, next man up.
      Until the Irish have that kind of depth it will take lots of luck to make the playoffs.

      I’m glad to hear Day is coming back for another year. I think he’ll really improve his draft stock by doing that.

      1. Mike T
        I’m just considering that an LSU rumor could have something behind it. It would be great to see EG return and most likely that will be the case.
        Here’s my take on EG though. He’s in a tough spot. If he can correct the turn over issue he has great potential both in a final college season and into the pros. And I do think the turnover issue can be corrected with coaching and practice. But then he needs to see the field to demonstrate that. Conversely some have pointed out that he cannot announce a transfer until May when he could graduate. Ironically he needs the winter and spring to work out those habits leading to turnovers. So Kelly has a real opportunity to keep Golson around and maybe solidify him as a premier QB. Obviously that would also include team success with playoff implications.( if the defense is repaired).
        I think what I’m trying to point out is that flaming EG s easy but Zaire could easily develop those habits. Really the QB situation is in Kelly’s hands. He has successfully run a two QB Offense prior to coming to ND. And he does have a QB development reputation. But since coming to ND I have yet to see Kelly consistently on the same page as his QBs. So let’s see what he can do. They’ve been all his players for the last two years.

  6. No, Mike T, that’s fine. And I understand the military principle. One of the best things about the academies is that the honor codes require
    the folks to take responsibility and report the violations of others. That is outstanding!!

    Golson’s transgression, as the nuns used to say “is on your permanent record card, Mister!!” Nevertheless he has comported himself well but for that, and, frankly, was the model penitent regarding accepting his punishment and earning the right to come back, given the standards set forth.

    I find Russell’s case even more poignant, as he was the poster child for reaching into the wider student community. I went ballistic, in the good way, when Russell became the lead in the school play.

    If I’m reading your position correctly, and I trust that you’ll tell me if I’m not, it is that if a player, even if he has behaved fully like an RKG, a disqualifying offense requires that he lose that RKG designation permanently,. and is, banished from the academy (or RKG membership)

    Well, heck,, that’s a pretty reasonable position, Mike T.

    As far as feeling your way around the site, exempt thyself.

    If we can’t have free exchanges around here, they where can we………

    I agree with you about the overarching principle about teaching kids accountability. In this instance, I probably disagree with you on the specific fact of golson’s punishment. He seemed to me to be duly chastened.

    But thank you for the dialogue!

    1. Burgandy

      Those players should have been punished also. Dismissal from the team would have been my prescribed punishment.

      As I’ve said before, soon one of these cheating incidents is going to lead to further reprecussions. If a student is found to have cheated during the season and technically the cheating made him academically ineligible then the team may have to forfeit games he played in.
      Or if the cheating is found to be widespread it may affect scholarships etc.
      The time to nip this in the butt is now. A clear message from the University should be get caught cheating and you’re outta here for good.

      I imagine after the report about UNC you will soon see the NCAA cracking down on this.

      I love CFB but I see it slowly deteriorating into the NFL lite with all the big money now involved.

      The term student athlete is no longer the true picture of what many of these players really are.

    1. “I four years at nd.”

      If I saw your diploma, I would still, until the day I die, believe it was a fake. Given your writing, punctuation, grammar, incoherent thought processes etc., there is almost no way that you could have attended ND.

  7. Duranko is correct golson threw more touchdowns, 24, probably ran more in, 14 interceptions, 8 fumbles. Source Wikipedia I I I am sorry for the inaccuracies, facts matter. I was emotional because I am frustrated with the guy, academic cheating, too many turnovers, talking to the tigers. I believe Kelly is partly responsible for golson’s frustration. But not enough to erase screwing up a whole season, 2013, and talking to another team about transferring. What happened to honesty and loyalty as Irish values. I applaud duranko for his strong defense but the chaos, confusion and greed are apparent. Theyesve the Irish for more money, the pros, another team. It doesn’t sit well with me. The only point about Iverson was I was raising the issue whether the man is coach able and/or is Kelly responsible with his criticism of him in public. I hope he stays and leans some humility. Who wouldn’t want to be the number 2 quarterback at nd with the glance to be number 1. Think about terry hanratty and coley obrien. It takes two quarterbacks sometimes to become national champions. If you thinking sinned, this isy public confession

  8. There is no question we are better off if Golson comes back. BK screwed up
    the QB situation all year so lets hope he learned how to handle players.

  9. Translation: Golson isn’t transferring…because Miles and Cameron aren’t interested.

    He’ll make a decent back up. Or a champ in the big east.

  10. Bruce Johnson you are the true expert on humiliation especially when
    grounded in factual distortion, er lies!!!

    You ABSOLUTELY lIED about Golson having more interceptions than touchdowns passes and you ran and hid when I EXPOSED you and rubbed your nose in your foul mess.

    Further, there is a name for people who compare Everett Golson and Allen Iverson. Allen Iverson was involved in a violent altercation in high school that led to legal action


    But you, in the heat of the moment, compared Golson to Iverson

    Iverson had the most famous idiotic self-absorbed rant ever regarding “Practice.” Everett Golson has been nothing but gentlemanly, RKGish and Notre Dame like in his acceptance of responsibility and his embrace and execution of the work ethic.

    Yet, you, in the heat of the moment, compared Golson to Iverson.

    Iverson, corralling Lebron James at the Olympics, was late for a meeting
    and bristled when Larry Brown, his second best enabler after
    John Thompson, disciplined him. Golson, again the gentleman
    and the RKG, obediaently and humbly accepted the discipline assigned to him. He did not rant. He did not sulk. Instead he llifted and worked with George Whitfield

    And yet YOU, BRUCE JOHNSON, in the heat of the moment compared Golson to Iverson.

    There is a word for people like you. It doesn’t begin with “q” or “s”

    Brian Kelly has brought my school to a national championship game, a closing argument against
    Michigan and a stirring Music City Bowl victory.

    What have you brought, Bruce?

    1. Don’t know about the Iverson remark but just one clarification keep writing Golson is the RKG? So you think a guy that cheats academically is a RKG? At Notre Dame?
      Interesting concept.

      1. Mike T
        Duranko may or may not have attended Notre Dame but he protects this blog site and the football program as if he had something to do with it. Interesting that he also usurped the name of a highly respected player from ND.
        It’s hard to tell if he just goes off to get folks returning so the blog get as revenue which they seem to have sold out for, or if he’s serious. Either way it’s a bit odd.
        Any of us are entitled to our opinions. Some of us who have been here for 8 or more years remember when we could discuss and respectfully have or differences. This site has degenerated since then. I wouldn’t get too worried about duranko and his possibly pretend connection to Notre Dame.
        Some of us remember Robert T Gilleran and his rants before Alzheimer’s took him from us. His favorite line was how he and his associates were going to sue all of us for “libel per se”.

      2. Pssssssst*

        He (Duranko) does write and post an article or two from time to time.
        One might assume that takes a bit of time, research, and effort… and possibly some commitment?

        Just saying

      3. C-Dog, your point about “usurping” the name of the great Duranko is certainly a fair one.

        I thought I was paying him homage but had some buyer’s remorse afterward, then took a cursory summary of the then-extant board members,about a decade ago, and they strongly suggested that I keep the name. but you know, C-Dog if you an others feel that it, despite the earlier check, is a usurpation, I will give it strong consideration.

        I am not related to, nor do I have knowledge of, anyone named Robert Gilleran.

        I have had some SIGNIFICANT care-giving responsibilities with folds who have incipient dementia/Alzheiemers, FWIW.

        To Mike T, I hear your point, but I’ve also contended, perhaps mistakenly that KeiVarae Russell was an RKG. There was the bit about him getting the male lead in the school play, about his poetry reading, about the paucity of his background, and his appreciation for the off-field opportunities his scholarship at Notre Dame had given him. He seemed sincere and was walking the talk. Then, of course the “transgression,” by Russell. Now, Mike t, for the moment I still regard him as an RKG, but am amenable to the argument that his “transgression” disqualifies him from that. The buzz on Russell is that he acquits himself well on campus. But, if your point is I’m too lax and permissive with “RKG” then you may be right.

        Because of some very specific acts of discrimination visited on my forebears, and because of some activities I undertook as a result of that, I am sensitive to the reckless, undisciplined kind of person who compares Golson to Iverson. That dog, simply, does not hunt.

        I laugh at constitutional purists who advocate libel and slander laws all the while discussing freedom of speech. While I abide the stricture about “not shouting “fire” in a crowded theater>” I find the libel and slander laws a laughable affront to freedom of speech, FWIW.

      4. Robert T Gilleran is well known to those of us who participated in this blog earlier than 2010. Frank must remember him. Shaz, you have to remember him. I think the rest of the old gang have bailed since flaming had taken over the board. Robert T was a character. He went at it with anyone and everyone both ND lovers and haters. He and Angry eagle, a blogger from the ranks of BC’s drunken IRISH fans mixed it up a bit. But everyone of us on the blog faced a libel lawsuit from old Robert T.

      5. Look up right on this website an old article
        2007 a season to remember…..sort of

        Gilleran was in rare form. Came after a bunch of us. It was fun playing with him.

        Bleednd82. Are you still out there?

      6. Mike T,

        I’m not sure what Duranko would say to your question but I would say that a guy who cheats academically is human.

        But a guy who cheats, admits his mistake, stands up and accepts responsibility, pays the penalty, makes amends, stays true to his word, doesn’t run away, and comes back a changed and better person is most definitely the RKG.

        Especially at Notre Dame

      7. So what about all the students that don’t cheat or are you saying that cheating is rampant at ND.

        He really didn’t pay a penalty, he had a year off to study under a QB guru and then was handed a starting job when he returned..
        It’s like sending a kid to their room where they have a TV, Computer and cellphone.

        With those kind of consequences there will be more kids that do this, thinking if they get caught they really don’t pay a serious price.

        Are all ND students treated in this manner when caught cheating? Or are atheletes getting special treatment?

      8. I doubt it’s rampant.
        Golson, the projected starting QB for the 2013 season was suspended the entire year.

        Then 5 more football players for this year, and then there was the mens leading scorer on the basketball team last year.

        Sounds like “anyone” who tries it, gets caught and suspended for the year.
        Call that special treatment if you wish.

        In Golson’s case, I would say missing an entire year of on field competition clearly affected his development.
        What could have been, what might have been if this had been his third full year is hard to say, or put a price on.

      9. Duranko..

        I’m not trying to spin you up just trying to get my bearings here on the site.
        I admit I’m harsh on things like cheating. Maybe it’s the military background where cheating isn’t tolerated at all and most times ends in other than honorable discharge.
        I understand the concept of forgiveness but I just think these days we are cripplng these kids by enabling them for things we use to pay a heavy price for.

      10. Shaz

        What about a student on say an academic scholarship. If they were to get caught cheating, do they retain their scholarship after a year suspension or are they booted out with no chance of return?

        So now what if we have 3 more players this year get popped for cheating? Does the school just accept it again and hand out another year suspension?
        Each time this happens it affects the reputation of the school. One of these times it’s going to happen and to a player that causes game results to be turned around or forfeited. Maybe cost a playoff berth. Is everyone going to treat that kid with the same softness or because his actions caused something serious will he be treated differently when he only did what his teamates did?
        I understand these are hypotheticals but my point is that eventually accepting this behavior is at some point going to have more serious consequences. I wonder if people will be so understanding just giving that kid a year’s suspension and then back on the team.

      11. Shaz

        Wouldnt of mattered if it was Golsons 4th full year it was the defense that buried this season.

      12. How is missing 25% of your college eligibility not considered a punishment? Floyd drove a vehicle while intoxicated and missed no games, where is your outrage over that? Rees and Calabrese essentially fought a cop and their eligibility remained intact, where is your outrage there?

      13. Technically, neither Rees or Calabrese fought a cop.

        Rees accidently kneed the cop in the nutz while being dragged down from behind.

        The fact that it was made public that he was caught from behind by a 42 year old cop with a donut in one hand was deemed punishment enough.

        Carlo “The Bull” Calabrese never fought the cop but was charged with threatening to sic his crew on him.

        That charger was later washed in a plea deal set up by his Lawyer, Mikie “No Nose” Gaga.

    2. There’s no doubting that bruce johnson and bj are intellectually deficient duranko, but YELLING at retarded people is still considered rude in western civilization.
      More importantly though, I think a bunch of us need to have a sit down and talk about some codependency issues with YOUR school. It’s worth considering whether you’re OF notre dame…or stained of it.

  11. I agree Kelly’s people skills suck. Never humiliate, just teach and support. Bart Starr told Lombardi he didn’t like to be humiliated in public. Lombardi never did it again . Kelly is clueless.

    1. I don’t know what the hell you’re agreeing with.

      Nobody said anything about people skills.

      We were discussing coaching and coaching QB’s.

      Kelly’s track record with QB’s has been pretty decent throughout his career, so as the saying goes, perhaps “there is a method to his madness”.

      Only time will tell.

      And since the current book on Golson at ND under Kelly is not yet closed, it might be wise to withhold judgment until the final whistle.

  12. “but something wasn’t right with the dynamic between coach and QB”

    I point to a moment in the game against Purdue.
    ND was 2-0 having come off a big win over Michigan.
    Everett Golson’s confidence was soaring and he hadn’t yet committed a single turnover.

    It was in the 4th Quarter with about 6 minutes remaining and ND leading 27-14. Golson had moved ND inside the Purdue 30 and was facing a 3rd and 8 at the Purdue 22.
    He took the snap in the shotgun, looked, couldn’t find anyone open, rolled to his right, and before going out of bounds for a loss or taking a sack, he threw the ball away.
    Brindza came on and kicked the field goal for the final margin of victory. (30-14)

    I watched as Golson headed to the side line after the incompletion to face Kelly. I expected Kelly to pat him on the helmet and tell him good job. I mean, the kid didn’t take the sack, the loss of yardage, or commit a turnover, and while a receiver did flash open momentarily in the endzone, he was under some pressure and was able to secured the field goal.

    Leading in the 4th quarter with a chance to pad the lead, and not forcing the ball while under pressure would seemed like a smart play on Golson’s behalf right?


    I clearly saw a perturbed Kelly confront Golson telling him, and I quote “Why didn’t you throw it? you had him for six !”

    The look on Golson’s face was one of disbelief, confusion, and total frustration.

    In the following game against Syracuse, Golson would have 3 fumbles and 2 interceptions. His first turnovers of the season. (but certainly not his last)
    A season that after that incompletion on 3rd and 8, would never be the same.

    1. In fairness to Kelly, his frustrations with Golson’s “mental lapses” have been consistent with his playing time.

    2. And that was also the game he completed like 23 straight passes. The one fact I have not seen aired to date is “What happens if MZ blows out a knee in game one ala Dayne Crist?” That leaves a choice of 2 quarterbacks who between them would have NEVER taken a single snap at the college level. In the meantime EG throws 30 touchdowns at somewhere like Texas, Georgia, LSU etc and Kelly would be saying NO PROBLEM it is just a case of “Next man in etc.” If I was EG I would be ringing Coach Shaw at Stanford and saying “Yo coach can you use me?” Under a guy like Shaw I would see Golson blooming like a rose.

  13. I don’t think it’s fair to hammer Golson for the turnovers. Yes he is responsible but something wasn’t right with the dynamic between coach and QB. If Kelly figures out how to manage the QB psyche of Golson then Golson could lead the Irish to a special season. But that remains to be seen. On the other hand Golson does need to set himself up for what could be his transition to a long and successful pro career. Of course he needs to focus on the 2015 collegiate season. But he’s truly got potential. It may or may not come to fruition under Kelly’s mentorship.

    1. C-Dog,

      I can give him a pass on some of the interceptions, but the fumbles are uncalled for. His ball security is a mess. How many times did he carry the ball like a loaf of bread. Look at a fumble against Syracuse and the one against ASU. QB’s that learn from their mistakes wouldn’t have had a fumble like that against ASU. He is a very streaky QB. He is lights out one minute and horrible the next. With an average defense you can’t play like that.

      1. Jack
        I can understand the frustration. But I really feel like Golson tried to do too much and even the fumbles were part of that over effort. That’s where I see a coach settling the QB down and helping him focus on playing within himself and the system. Dick Vermeil was among the masterful coaches at QB psychology. I don’t see why Kelly can’t figure that out. It might take a kid who is more stoic but within that stoicism has steely competitiveness. Maybe Golson is a bit more emotional. I don’t know but I do wonder.
        For me Kelly bears responsibility going forward to understand Golson just as much as Golson has to perform.

    2. I don’t see Golson as a very good pro quarterback. For one I think he’s too short. He doesn’t seem real adept at reading defenses either.
      His arm won’t be a factor. he might be one of the best ND has seen in a while but compared to others in the NFL he’d just be average in my opinion.

  14. Forgetting about all other problems/situations in preparing for a rather meaningless bowl, how would you keep Zaire happy enough to stay in SB so that he can start in 2016 and 2017? As a corollary, what would you do at the same time to keep EG happy?

    MY thoughts:
    You can’t just start Zaire to give him a chance to showcase his talent. MZ would see right thru that. Create a competition which he supposedly wins and then name him the starter would work. At the same time you have to have a discussion with EG with your true intentions. Now you have to have open competition to the week before the first game next fall. Then either choose one or play both like against LSU. Start EG and use MZ in the red zone.

  15. all I can say is that I am a little uncomfortable with George Whitfield.
    No facts, I admit it.
    This is mere conjecture and a visceral reaction, and I hope my reticence is absurd, paranoiac, demented, confused, befuddled, bumfuzzled and so forth……………….

    As far as Golson goes, there are some Notre Dame players I root harder for than others, and there is something in Golson that really makes me wish
    that he succeeds.

    1. I’m with you as for rooting for EG, and it goes beyond what he would do for the team with him achieving greater success. Maybe his success (and future opportunities beyond college) could be maximized by going somewhere else, but talk about overcoming odds his first seven games back! I’d want more for his ND finale after those four Nov. losses than a few key passes vs. LSU, and I suspect he does, too. He’s been a class act and you always want those RKGs to go out on top, if not at ND, then wherever. My gut feeling is BK will have as much to do with EG’s decision than even spring practice.

  16. Kelly has the task of deciding between the two, if he stays. If he goes, Kelly’s job becomes a lot easier. When you consider the prospects Kelly has in the wings, should they sign with ND, the QB position at ND is pretty well set, barring injuries or defections. Whatever happens let’s just hope he doesn’t try to go to a platoon system. It very seldom works and ND doesn’t need that hovering over its head all season. The LSU game gave me hope for 2015 even though it was not a great LSU team.
    Hope springs eternal at ND! Go IRISH!

  17. If Golson could transfer and participate in some other team’s spring training, I could see it. But given the circumstances, it just doesn’t seem feasible. Is he really going to report to a new team and just take over as starting QB in the fall?

  18. It is a shame it took the entire season to get the O-line worked out. He was always running for his life and knew he had to generate over 40 points to win. That’s a tall order. He can’t be a “basket case.” He has ice in his veins, look at how he performed in spot duty on that last LSU drive, or the FSU final drive. He is a winner.

    1. Ice in his veins? I think you mean Windex. His physical attributes are incredible. His football/QB I.Q. are absolute rubbish. He was very lucky not to record yet another pick 6 in the bowl game, after heaving it wildly under pressure. Luckily, Fuller happened to get to the ball first an was not covered. Other than that is performance in that game was solid. Now, the great thing is that his I.Q. can be improved upon.

      I hope he stays and think that he will. A ton would have to happen for him to leave, including LSU getting a waiver for him to play in 2015 I believe.

      1. I think you got it. Golsen is all over the lot when the pressure comes, he not only throws picks, but leaves the ball on the ground. I think it’s in his DNA from high school, even Kelly commented on him not being in control in HS. You can’t score enough points if the offense is going to give them back.

  19. I really hope he stays but I’m afraid if he isn’t happy with how spring ball goes, he will transfer. I don’t see Kelly sticking with the 2 QB platoon the way he did in the bowl game for an entire season. Golson has the potential to be a Heisman winner. There is no doubt about that. The guy can throw the football. I think we all saw what this offense can do with a run heavy offense utilizing the QB as another run option. Unless Kelly is stupid, we are going to see a lot more running this year to control games. So if I’m Golson, I hit the weight room hard right now to gain some more lbs to sustain taking lots of hits because whoever is playing QB is going to be running a lot more this fall. I saw multiple times this year where Golson should have kept the ball on the read-option but I swear I think Kelly was telling him to hand it off more so he wouldn’t get hurt by running a lot. He’s not a big guy like Zaire who they said was close to 230 lbs now. Having a QB that runs a lot brings another dimension to the college game that is making offensive production a whole lot better. Watch how Urban Meyer at Ohio State almost abuses his QBs because of how much they run. But look at their offensive production because of it. I see us doing much of the same next year after seeing what Zaire/Golson/Folston just did against one of the best defenses in the SEC.

    Either QB is going to be a great option going into this season, but having them both would give ND the greatest depth at QB that I can ever remember. With how much we will be running the QBs next year, it would be nice to know if one goes down that we still have a Heisman type QB waiting on deck.

    1. …”we are going to see alot more running to control games.” Giggle, snort, giggle. Yeaaaah right. This is Brian Kelly we’re talking about correct? 🙂

      Honestly, I hope that turns out to be true.

      1. JDH,

        I think if Bryant can pick up his game to go along with Folston we probably will see more running, but seeing what we have coming back at WR, it’s hard for me to fault Kelly for wanting to throw the ball.

        Chris Brown SR.
        Wil Fuller JR.
        C.J. Procise SR.
        Tori Hunter JR.
        Cory Robinson JR
        DaVaris Daniels 5th yr SR. ???

        That’s one hell of a group of Receivers.
        Quite possibly the best in the Nation next year.

        Heck… when ND goes to a “5 Wide” Receiver set next year, how are they going decide which one stays on the sideline!

      2. I don’t “fault” him for throwing the ball either, per se. I fault him for throwing it 70 times per game though and abandoning the run in the 2nd half of games when, in the 1st half, it was productive.

  20. If he is the best QB than he should start. If he is not than he will be #2. If he chooses to transfer I understand and it is his right to do so. I wish all the luck no matter where he plays.

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