Keivarae Russell Keeps Training, Can Broad Jump Crazy Long

Keivarae Russell has continued to make the most of his training time during his time away from Notre Dame.  On Sunday, Russell posted a video to Instagram showing off his 11-foot, 1 inch broad jump – a mark that would have been one inch off the best broad jump at the 2014 NFL Combine.

First off, here’s the video.

Last year only one player, Lache Seastrunk – a RB from Baylor – was the only participant in the NFL Combine to post a better mark than Russell’s 11-foot, 1 inch jump on Sunday.

It’s clear that Russell is putting in all of the effort he can off the field in order to come back strong for Notre Dame in 2015.  Assuming he comes back, he will pair with Cole Luke to form a lock down cornerback duo that should allow for Notre Dame to play the aggressive defense that we saw in the early parts of 2014.

The training work Russell has put in is not all he needs to do for a successful transition back to the University though.  Russell will need an equal effort off the field and in the classroom given the nature of his absence in 2014.  All signs so far, however, are pointing to Russell being able to do just that.

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  1. Wow! has anyone done research on ND’s current players. Corey Holmes Vertical Jumped 41 inches and had a Broad Jump of 10’11 inches when he arrived as a freshman last summer (Confirmed!!!). Also, he runs a 4.39 forty (hand time) 4.48 (electronic) at age 16. Strange reporting in South Bend 🙁

  2. Frank,

    Thanks for the update. I’m not surprised, as his resilience and his hash tag suggests, his #strive for greatness is what we’ve come to expect from him. Overcoming and growing from this setback will make his return that much sweeter. Despite all the excitement of potentially incoming recruits, K. Russell remains the most important addition to the team’s starting line-up next year. Cody Riggs was a life-saver, and K.Russell will step in and be a difference-maker on an improving D’. I look forward to who holds to their commitment and signs with ND on Feb. 4th, but kruss6’s return next June remains the key addition for next year’s anticipated success #looking forward.

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