Notre Dame Spring ’15 Roster Updated

As part of our new redesign, we said that data would be much easier for us to update and keep up to date and we weren’t lying.  Our roster page has been updated with all of the new heights and weights of the official 2015 Notre Dame spring football roster already.  In addition, here are some observations on some weight gainers and losers.

  • Alex Bars, who Kelly raved about during bowl prep, is up to 315 lbs.  Kelly said on Tuesday that he will be battling with Quenton Nelson for the starting LG position.
  • Jhonny Williams is up to 260 lbs after reporting long and lean as a freshman.  Williams has the potential to be a great pass rusher off the edge if he puts it all together.  Really excited to see what he can do this year.
  • Daniel Cage is down to 315 after being listed at 340 lbs last year.  Cage, much like defensive tackles Ian Williams and Louis Nix before him, needed to transform his body and that project is well underway.  Cage played a bunch already last year and has a lot of potential.
  • Jonathan Bonner is up to 275 lbs from 269 on the official roster last year.
  • Nyles Morgan is up to 237 lbs after being listed at 230 lbs last year.  He is still just a bit lighter than classmate Greer Martini who checked in at 240.
  • Kolin Hill remained steady at 230 lbs and was listed as a linebacker on the roster.  Will be interesting to see where he ends up long term for Notre Dame.
  • James Onwualu is still listed at 220 lbs which is surprising since he’s had an entire year now since moving from wide receiver to linebacker.
  • Tyler Luatua has dropped 10 lbs down to 250 as he looks to expand his role passed being just a blocking tight end.
  • Sophomore to be Andrew Trumbetti posted just a modest gain of 4 lbs up to 255 lbs.  Will be interesting to see if he is able to unseat Romeo Okwara at that weight.
  • Chase Hounshell has dropped 20 lbs all the way down to 255 as he tries to catch on a tight end after spending the rest of his career on the defensive line.  Given the commitment he’s made this off-season, you have to be pulling for him to get his opportunity.
  • Tarean Folston has added 5 lbs up to 214 after weighing in at 209 last year.

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  1. You might want to look at your first sentence. It sort of reads like you were lying (I think you meant weren’t lying).

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