Brandon Wimbush Worked with QB Guru, Will It Work?

The single biggest question mark for Notre Dame headed into the 2018 is at quarterback once again.  Brandon Wimbush’s wild inconsistency and eventual bowl game benching, combined with Ian Book’s Citrus Bowl heroics has another quarterback competition ready to kick off.  In order to prepare, Wimbush reportedly spent time working with quarterback guru Madei Williams to recapture the form that made him a highly sought after recruit four years ago.

At this time last year the Brandon Wimbush era was just getting off the ground and at the time the idea of Wimbush needing to win the starting quarterback position for 2018 seemed unfathomable.  Expectations were high with many predicting Wimbush would be the best quarterback of the Brian Kelly Era.

Throughout the 2017 campaign, though, Wimbush struggled.  At first he experienced some inconsistent accuracy early in the season.  Then the turnovers came in numbers in late season losses to Miami and Stanford.  By the time the Irish were accepting the Citrus Bowl Trophy, Wimbush had spent an afternoon on the sideline watching Ian Book ignite an Irish offense after Wimbush struggled to hit even wide open receivers.

What made the struggles of Wimbush so shocking was how accurate he was as a prep quarterback.  This is a kid who completed 72% of his passes as a senior at St. Peter’s Prep.  We’re not talking about a raw athlete who was just running around and making plays by being the best athlete on the field.  He was an accurate quarterback who threw 32 touchdowns to 5 interceptions as a senior.

To recapture what made him such a highly rated recruit in the first place, Wimbush went back to his roots and worked with quarterback guru Madei Williams according to the South Bend Tribune’s Eric Hansen.  For those unfamiliar, Williams was a backup to Donovan McNabb at Syracuse who has made a name for himself as a quarterback tutor over the years.

Williams thinks that all of the problems that resulted in Wimbush completing less than 50% of his passes on the season can be fixed according to Hansen.

“All of that can be fixed. It’s nothing where he couldn’t handle the pressure. It was just a matter of not correcting the bad habits he was creating throughout the season — whether it was himself not being able to correct those bad habits or coach Rees not being able to correct those bad habits that were occurring mechanically.

While Williams’s comment about Rees is sure to draw the attention – and perhaps the ire – of the Notre Dame coaching offense, it will be interesting to see if he is correct.  There is no doubt that Wimbush has the highest ceiling of all of the Notre Dame quarterbacks in 2018, but if he is not able to improve on his completion percentage to made opponents respect the passing game, it shouldn’t shock anyone to see Ian Book start against Michigan to start the 2018 season.

If Williams is right though and Wimbush can become a much better passer to compliment the skill he possesses as a runner, the Notre Dame offense could take the kind of steps forward that are needed for a legit playoff run in the fall.  With spring footbal right around the corner, we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out how much Wimbush’s time with Williams helped him get back on track.

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  1. Duranko , I agree —-if this QB Guru can make Wimbush a better QB–I’m all for it. The kid is trying to get better in the passing game. His running ability and redzone performance and TD’s is best in Irish history. Sure , I say not red shirt Jurovec—but if Wimbush comes out smoking the Michigan D with his running and some passing improvement–whatever it takes to beat Michigan in this crucial first game..

  2. I’m going with Wimbush being able to lead the Irish next year. No knock on Book or Avery but I think Wimbush has desire and smarts to uphold game.

  3. I remember Golson worked with a “guru” and looked great for about 6 weeks. Then he completely fell apart.

    There aren’t any quick fixes. Nothing replaces a successful week-to-week approach that gets players ready for each opponent and steadily improves mechanics.

    1. Well, Keith, my initial reaction seeing the headline was stark terror.

      I can’t be scientific about it, but I never TRUSTED (that’s a subjective feeling, not science) George Whitfield He seemed to be a PT Barnum, a shameless self-promoter who wound his way onto the airwaves in the house of bombast and B>S> ESPN.

      Whitfield had a lot of West Coast schmaltz to his shtick.

      I know nothing about Madei Williams, but he works with some of the top QBS in New Jersey, and some of those coaches up there know a thing or two.

      This following stuff is from Madie’s website:\

      Why “Specialized” Quarterback Training?
      Playing Quarterback is not just about having tremendous arm strength. To play and excel at the most demanding position in all of sports requires tremendous skill, unquestionable mental toughness, and the ability to lead. One must also possess the passion for the position and have a burning desire to be great. All quarterbacks must be committed to their individual craft and the collective goal of their team. They must be that individual who is willing to do whatever is asked and whatever it takes to get the goal accomplished for the greater good of the team. Also, by not having proper fundamentals for the position, a quarterback will not reach his maximum potential. In other words, instruction from MAD-QB Training will provide any quarterback with the knowledge of the tangibles and intangibles needed in order to play the position at a high level. In addition to high levels of repetition in all areas of sound quarterback fundamentals, each instructional session will also focus on the mental preparation of the position. They will be tutored on important things such as the strengths and weaknesses of defensive coverage, key reads and progressions on specific passing plays, and all the necessary football terminology and verbiage. This is what will be needed to gain a competitive edge over the competition.


      – Madei Williams


      MAD-QB Quarterback Academy
      Coach Madei Williams
      Quarterback Coach | Athlete Performance Specialist

      Training Philosophy:
      In order to build and motivate the “Complete Quarterback”, the focus needs to be on the development of the core mental and physical fundamentals of “Complete Quarterback” play.

      Training Sessions Features:
      – Proper Stance
      – Ball Handling
      – High Intensity and Repetition in Throwing Mechanics
      – Throwing with Accuracy and Proper Ball Placement
      – 3-5-7 Step Dropback Footwork with Corrective Teaching/Training
      – Passing Mechanics from the Shotgun Formation
      – On the Run Mechanics
      – Run Game Mechanics
      – Play Action Passing Mechanics
      – Route Throwing with Situational Pocket Awareness
      – Reads/Coverage Recognition Input to Accelerate Decision Making
      – Game Management/ Thinking Strategy to use During Competition
      – Strength & Core Training Specific to Qb Development
      – Explosive Power, Speed, Agility, Foot Quickness Training

      Keith I agree that there “AREN’T ANY QUICK FIXES.” But I also like Kaizen, constant improvement.

      I am sure of this much: Wimbush is willing to work on his craft.

    2. Keith , are you ruling out any off season prep or should players–just wait till in season week to week -game to game to improve mechanics ?

    1. BW missed, I think, every deep throw attempted. He couldn’t complete a screen pass so how was he
      gonna connect on deep routes. I don’t see this being
      corrected by the end of spring. Book will look like
      best QB at the spring game.

  4. Blaming REES for all this is a classic…a HIGH SCHOOL classic. The parental logic is always the same…when my kid does well, it’s because of my kid…when my kid sucks, it’s because of the coach. Ask any High School parent…they’ve always got the answer.

    BGC ’77 ’82

  5. If you actually listened to the coaches they always said his footwork and mechanics was where he needed to work. Also, having a 72% completion percentage in high school isn’t a big deal. You need to look at how far they are asking him to throw the ball and how tight the windows he is throwing into. The problem with QB’s is that at each level the window gets smaller and you have to be accurate. I was Jerkovich in the State playoffs and he throws a nice ball, but a lot of those balls he will have trouble with at the next level. DB’s and LB’s get faster and that makes the QB have to be more accurate. When you go from the College game to the Pro game it gets even harder. Look at Brady Quinn great QB in college and struggled in the NFL because he wasn’t accurate enough. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. He either gets it or he doesn’t

  6. A little bullshit from a “QB guru” who thinks he knows more than anybody else. Come on fellows he will still have to prove his accuracy when the bright lights go on and last year when so many of you were positive he was the best QB to be in the Kelly era, I argued that he had a very strong arm and obviously was a great runner but had not learned how to play QB yet like a real QB/. We will see and all root for him but I believe Book could lead us effectively now wit hno growing pains.

    1. Agree with you RAYJAY , now its REESES fault Wimbushes accuracy was so bad!! I guess it was also REESES fault that BOOK did so well with accuracy and leading a stumbling offense to a BOWL VICTORY over a SEC power!! GOLSON was another guy who was being groomed by a QB GURU remember how that worked out!! Hopefully Wimbush responds his footwork is AWEFULL, BAD GOING THRU HIS PROGRESSIONS, AND THE LAST 4 games of the season was painful to watch!! With JUROVEC AND MACNAMARA ON THE WAY ITS NOW OR NEVER FOR BRANDON!

    2. Agreeing with RAYJAY and NDCRAZYMIKE at the same time is a little counterintuitive, but I do.

      BGC ’77 ’82

    1. Daves a MORON!! His knowledge of anything relevant to ND Football is he knows what channel they come on!! DAVE is a PAC 12 fan ( hahahaha ) and a CERTIFIED DOPE!!!

      1. On the Quentin thread David gives us a damned if we do, damned if we don’t choice: damned if our guys are high draft picks, damned if they at late picks or not picked at all. There is no outcome (according to David) that would signal something positive for ND!
        That should tell you something about him. He’s a JACKASS.

        BGC ’77 ’82

      2. ND football has not made ANY impression or statement at the NFL draft in many, many years.
        That’s just a fact. And it’s justified.

        So y’all paying so much attention to it is voluntarily extending your masochism into the off-season.

      3. Crazy mike, you really gotta cut back on the 1-900 calls, dress like you care, finally get your driver’s license, and make peace with your dad about that Thanksgiving thing.

  7. If true, it is not good to hear that Tom Reese was unable to diagnose Wimbush’s error techniques. It is good to hear that this ‘guru’ thinks the incorrect techniques can be fixed

  8. Last season, it was said here, over and over, that Wimbush was “getting better every week”.

    What changed?

      1. So. Perhaps its “psychological” issues.

        But I’ve seen teams get airheads like Jameis Winston and Johnny Manziel perform at very high levels.

        What does that say of the state of ND recruiting? Of the coaching? Of ND football?

        Think about it…and be honest with yourself.

      2. It was a joke, David! I have no idea what BW’s problem(s) is (are). All I do know is this: Ian Book was ready for the Citrus Bowl and BW was not.

        BGC ’77 ’82

      3. Book played well in the Citrus bowl but was extremely fortunate to not have thrown a couple of picks one of which should have gone the wrong way for six. In the end he was bailed out by a circus catch and run by a backup wr. Wimbush is the better option provided he improves his skill set but in the end it wont matter this team is not going to the playoffs anytime soon.

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