A Close Up Look at Notre Dame’s On Field Scuffle with “UCLA”

Tempers flared at the end of the first half of yesterday’s Notre Dame win over USC.   The two sides were involved in a scuffle on the field that had the referees so flustered, they called a penalty on “UCLA” prompting perhaps the loudest reaction of the night from the Notre Dame home crowd.

Here’s a close up look of how the started as players were starting to leave the field.

Unfortunately, this video cut off before the referee assigned offsetting penalties on both Notre Dame and “UCLA”.  The gaffe by the referee gave everyone a good laugh and led to multiple “U – C – L – A” chants from the home crowd throughout the rest of the night.   Hopefully, that is s chant that sticks at future Notre Dame – USC games in Notre Dame Stadium because it was definitely getting on the nerves of the USC fans in attendance.

Brian Kelly can be seen pretty heated in the video above and somehow, USC head coach Clay Helton lost his shoe in the excitement.

Everything eventually calmed down and there wasn’t any carryover into the second half.  No players picked up another unsportsmanlike conduct in the second half so there were no ejections.

Just another chapter in the Notre Dame – USC rivalry that hopefully leads to some more good-hearted ribbing of USC in the future.

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  1. What fun! The refs called them UCLA! Ha ha ha ha….good times!

    After a dominant first half, in which ND failed to capitalize on many opportunities to pad the lead even more, ND came out for the second half unprepared and barely held on for the win.
    If USC had recovered that onside kick, they would have won. No doubt about it.
    And Bozo Kelly nearly gave them a second shot at it…..only for not being flagged for being an idiot.

    That scuffle at halftime fired up USC.
    And Kelly, predictably, put his team to sleep.

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