How to Watch Today’s Notre Dame Game Without Listening to Doug Flutie

Notre Dame fans can watch a Notre Dame home game today without being subjected to listening to Doug Flutie today.  And you all might want to since NBC is going to be fawning over Flutie throughout the day because it’s the 35th anniversary of his hail mary against Miami.  How?  NBC is doing a simulcast on NBC Sports Network that will overlay the official Notre Dame radio broadcast on the NBC video feed.

The make this feed even better, there will be limited commercials, and during breaks, they will be broadcasting something they are calling the “Notre Dame Fan Feed.  Here are full details from the NBC press release:

A secondary viewing experience, “Notre Dame Fan Feed Presented by Brighthouse Financial,” will be available for Saturday’s game on NBCSN. Co-hosted by NBC Sports’ Ahmed Fareed, Notre Dame defensive lineman Daelin Hayes, who is out for the season with a shoulder injury, former Fighting Irish running back Darius Walker, Notre Dame alumna and Sports Illustrated producer Jessica Smetana, and reporter Tony Simeone, who will report from inside Notre Dame Stadium, the broadcast will marry Notre Dame Radio’s play-by-play call with commentary and anecdotes from the co-hosts and bring viewers a unique in-stadium experience. With limited commercial breaks, the “Notre Dame Fan Feed” will feature broadcast graphics with Notre Dame-specific content in the ticker and side panel throughout the entirety of the game.

So to recap, you can watch today’s game without having to listen to Doug Flutie, who seemingly spends most of the broadcast each week gushing over the opponents, and there will be limited commercials.  Considering Notre Dame is playing Flutie’s alma mater, the level of unsufferable-ness from him is very likely to be off the charts.

Some people get annoyed when I complain about Flutie, but he is awful, and he’s been terrible since NBC moved him into the booth to replace Mike Mayock, who was excellent.  Mayock apparently knew too much football for the general audience, though, and some didn’t like that.  Watching a game that Mayock (who is also a BC alum) worked was like getting a mini education on football each week.

Fair warning: NBC Is also planning a special commemorative feature on Flutie at half-time.  I’m sorry, but since when did we start celebrating the “35th anniversary” of anything?  That’s not a real milestone anniversary.  It’s a manufactured one, and all NBC is doing is further alienating the Notre Dame audience by using half-time of the last Notre Dame home game of the year to immortalize a quarterback who played for the team Notre Dame is playing today.  Good job, NBC.

Maybe this simultaneous broadcast is a result of someone else at NBC realizing that perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to turn the main broadcast in “Flutie Fest” today.  Whatever the reason, the short story here is, you can enjoy the last home game of 2019 with limited – hopefully no – Doug Flutie.  That is something all Notre Dame fans can benefit from.

If we are really lucky, maybe NBC will move Chris Simms off the field and into the booth to replace Flutie by the next time the Irish are on NBC for the 2020 home opener.  Simms has been fantastic this year and was great during the 2019 Blue-Gold Game.  Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?

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  1. Need Brady Quinn in the booth, Trick is hohum, Maycock well wasn’t exciting either.
    Too bad Don Cricci slowed up.
    Need a Pat Sumnersll type in the booth.

  2. The Brighthouse financial feed is irritating! I don’t want to watch fans, pictures or studio commentators. I want to watch the game. New content is great but not while the game is going on.

  3. I just posted a message on the predictions page. Didn’t know that this was already posted.

    Thank you for the help. It is an early Thanksgiving to not have to listen to Doug Flutie.

  4. Chris Simms is my favorite broadcaster on any channel, but especially whenever he can take time away from the midget, Flutie. (Mental midget as well as physical midget. The only thing Flutie has ever been good at is that commercial he’s in with The Big Hurt and Andy Van Slyke. He shows some serious cojones to take off his shirt with those two guys. I’m surprised he appeared with them–it’s gonna be impossible for him to pick up any girls if they’ve seen that comparison…

  5. THANKS for the info FRANK can’t wait to tune out FLUTIE, even though I really like MIKE TIRICO!! Good suggestion for SIMMS to replace flutie, he’s more into the game and brings a fresh perspective!!

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