Not Good: Notre Dame Football Cancels Tuesday’s Practice

On Saturday we got a subtle reminder that Notre Dame was playing football during a pandemic when they announced that they would be without eight members of their football for their contest with South Florida – most presumably for COVID-19 reasons. On Tuesday, we got a slap in the face reminder when Notre Dame was forced to cancel practice on one of the most critical days of the week for game prep.

After playing on Saturday without numerous players, Brian Kelly implored his team to stay vigilant and wear their masks so they wouldn’t find themselves in a similar situation. Three days later, the Irish were forced to cancel practice.

In the pre-season, Kelly mentioned Tuesday and Wednesday practice sessions specifically as the most crucial to being able to play a game the same weekend. That makes this afternoon’s news troubling.

There’s no other way to describe this development other than not good. Not good at all.

Yesterday, Notre Dame announced that it had four positive results and an additional six players in quarantine while noting that none of those players participated in last week’s win over South Florida.

Obviously we’ll be monitoring this situation, but today’s developments certainly do not look good for Notre Dame to be playing this weekend on the road at Wake Forest at this point.

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  1. What kind of leadership would award Kelly 5 more lucrative years?
    The kind that’s too lazy to go through the effort to find a new one..
    And too hypocritical to abide by a very basic standard it imposes on its own students in the midst of a pandemic.
    Hooray for anti-abortion…..let’s kill others, in the name of the Lord!

  2. I understand kids need a chance to play, the economic devastation of not playing etc. but with all the stops and starts ,risks sometimes I wonder if it would have been better to scrap the season get the vaccine in early 2021 and play a normal 2021 season
    To me it’s a giant asterisk this year with everybody starting at a different time, some conferences playing 9 games others playing 12. So if Alabama is 11 and 1 with a last second 31 to 30 loss to Georgia or Auburn and they dont get in the playoff over a 9 and 0. Ohio State playing in a weaker conference. Not that I like Alabama which I dont but what’s fair about that.

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