E21: Is the QB position keeping Notre Dame from being elite and a whole lot more on the OL, WR, freshmen, and more

We open this week’s pre-game pod talking about how the QB position has been holding Notre Dame back at times during the Brian Kelly era then dive into a ton of questions posed to us this week that just so happened to fit into our rough outline for the show. 

  • Quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks
  • The job of Jeff Quinn now and in the future
  • Jordan Botelho’s diminished role vs. Cincy
  • The play of the wide receivers 
  • Can Notre Dame get JD Bertrand some help?
  • Will we see more freshmen playing the rest of the season?
  • The environment in Notre Dame Stadium for the Cincy game

*Note: we recorded this BEFORE Brian Kelly’s Thursday presser

Frank apologized for repeating a beer, but he needed to capitalize on the opportunity to enjoy a high ABV beverage that was sitting around. 

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  1. Yeah, the problem is Brian Kelly trying to figure out the quarterback position. Quarterback play at Notre Dame is so poor it is a wonder how this team has won so many games lately.

    Kelly’s best two quarterbacks at ND, Kizer and Book, both became starters after injuries. So it doesn’t matter if Kelly can recruit a good quarterback, he cannot choose the best player anyway. And here we go again with Coan and Pyne.

    I honestly think this team may be headed to another two year slide where it will go 6 – 6 for a few years. I don’t see a Kizer/Book on this roster at all.

  2. In tne debate over whch is worse:
    1) so highly successful a head coach that he might go into a bar and stick his fingers up a coeds crotch…or
    2) a head coach who’s record is so mediocre, who is so physically unfortunate, that he would never have such temptations or opportunities to stray……
    I side with championships. Let the wives and God sort the rest out later.

  3. Given the history of shuffling QB’s under Kelly which you pointed oo out, it’s amazing that ND has had the success
    it has had under him. Most sigficantly, however, is that his most successful period has by far been the stretch of
    3 straight years of stability w/ Ian Book
    What it says is that the only way Kelly will continue that success is to select a 1st rate QB and stick w/ him.

    Otherwise, mediocrity forever w/ Kelly

    1. So ND doesn’t actually need a head coach…..it just needs the good fortune to have a superstar QB show up and make the world right again. Great!

      Meanwhile, Kelly keeps cashing those checks.

  4. The Pike/Collaras legend is how Kelly’s lightbulb got briefly bright enough for ND to include him on their short list.
    But that “credit” got exposed as a complete myth at ND.
    Brian Kelly is now among the elite….in utterly mismanaging the QB position.

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