Notre Dame Trolls Brian Kelly with Marcus Freeman Intro Tweets

It’s safe to say that Brian Kelly probably won’t be invited back to Notre Dame for a long time (ever?). After leaving like a thief in the night on Monday for LSU and producing a bunch of videos that took veiled shots at Notre Dame, its administration, and its players, official Notre Dame accounts have made some very subtle trolls of their former head coach including the tweet introducing new head coach Marcus Freeman.

In case you didn’t pick up on it, the “a player’s coach” caption is almost assuredly a dig at Brian Kelly who told his new team that he was considered “a player’s coach” in his introduction meeting after he basically said that his former team didn’t have the players needed to win a national championship.

There are many ways you could describe Brian Kelly, but “a player’s coach” is certainly not one of them. He did a better job of being available to his players over the last few years, but remember, Kelly himself said that part of his reboot following his disaster season in 2016 was being more present with the players because he was too distant.

This isn’t the first dig at Kelly the official Notre Dame Football account made this week either. Earlier this week they tweeted out the following.

Again, if you missed Kelly’s introduction to his LSU team, he referenced “my why” several times as he addressed a room full of players who largely looked as interested in being there as they would be an 8:00 philosophy lecture.

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  1. The last time I saw a Notre Dame team that fired up was probably the “Bush Push” game. Let’s hope that the new staff can couple that emotion with execution and produce wins!

  2. damn straight david! i have said it since the day kelly was hired. He is an overrated asshat POS of a football coach and person. now all i have to say is fire swarbrick and fire jenkins!

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