Podcast: Can Notre Dame Win A Title with a Run First Offensive Identity?

We went years without a podcast, then we went four days in between recording podcasts so we’re really doing it, folks. We had fun recording this one too because we talked about a fun topic. Remember when the mantra among the fanbase was “run the damn ball”? And then when Notre Dame just “ran the damn ball” the narrative was Notre Dame couldn’t win a title with a power first mentality. Well, we touched on that and more today.

  • Some quick recruiting updates at linebacker and running back
  • Why the state of the program is in a really good place – even though there is some work to do yet
  • Should Notre Dame air it out more or lean into the run-first attack we saw last year?
  • Marcus Freeman is kind of awesome
  • Did Notre Dame miss out on a title in 2015 because Brian Vangorder was very much not awesome at all?
  • Why even be a fan if you don’t let yourself dream big this time of year?
  • Triple IPAs: pretty, pretty good

Oh, and I started off the episode lamenting last week’s episode were he wasn’t outraged at a potential 9-3 season. Don’t worry, by the end of the episode, I talked myself into a floor of 11-1 and came to the realization that Notre Dame is probably winning the national title in 2021. (Okay, not really, but like I said in the pod, part of being a fan is daring to dream big). You can follow our podcast on Spotify now, but we are still waiting on approval from Apple to get into iTunes (hopefully in the next couple of days).

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  1. Frank – If you are reading these comments…I think you’ll find better success on your podcasts if you offer more, short discussions. Love that your doing these.

  2. To wwin a national championship you must. Be able To change from pass Ffirst to run first and vice versa depending on the opponents defense. To favor one over the other season long rarely works for a whole season. The opponents personel is always a consideration as well. Once ara was asked which of his three greatest qbs he would start if he had his choice. Ara answered this way…he askes who are we playing?!!!

    1. Agree, need both a running game and a passing game. The offenses today need a bunch of chunk plays with 3 or 4 receivers and 2 or 3 running backs that can hit a homerun on every play. With a great quarterback. This os what Alabama,Clemson, Ohio State and Oklahoma have every year that allows them to average 45 to 50 points a game. Even Brian Kelly said we have to put a Will Fuller and a Michael Floyd on the field at the same time. Charlie Weis did not recruit the offensive line very well or defense very well but Weis brought in great skilled players, Theo Riddick, Armondo Allen Kyle Rudolph, Golden Tate,Michael Floyd. Darius Walker Jimmy Clausen. Therefore I do t buy all the excuses that it cany be done . If the receivers dont perform this year Del has to go.

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