Podcast: Episode 11: Trying to Find the Losses on the 2021 Notre Dame Football Schedule and Failing

A narrative is forming nationally that Notre Dame won't be that good in 2021 and we weren't having any of that noise.

There’s been some chatter outside among national media types that this year’s Notre Dame team is going to not be very good because the Irish lost a lot of talent.  Those people seem to want to ignore that the replacements Notre Dame has coming in to replace them are just as good in many cases though and to be honest, we got a little tired hearing about Notre Dame potentially only winning 8 games in 2021.  So, we ran through the schedule looking for losses, and guess what folks?  It’s hard to many any, let alone four.  

  • Why are people discrediting Notre Dame’s win over North Carolina last year like it didn’t happen?
  • Why is USC getting some sort of benefit of the doubt when their current staff hasn’t shown they should?
  • Is Wisconsin the toughest game on the schedule?
  • Which is the sneakiest game on the slate? Virgnia? Georgia Tech? We agree to disagree
  • Why do people think it’s still hard to play in Blacksburg when all recent data proves it is anything but?

Buckle up, because we got spicy for the final preseason pod before we start talking game prep next week.

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