Podcast: Reevaluating Notre Dame Football’s Ceiling & Floor After Offensive Outburst in Carolina

Notre Dame finally had the kind of offense performance we’ve been waiting for, but it came against one of the worst defenses in the entire country, statistically speaking. We break down what’s sustainable and can carry over into Notre Dame’s next game in two weeks and reevaluate what the floor and ceiling of this team might be.

  • Drew Pyne’s big game and reason for optimism
  • Audric Estime, human bowling ball
  • Breakdowns in the secondary that had Greg very upset
  • Discussing whether or not Notre Dame needs more from the WRs
  • Why UNC’s defensive gameplan was so, so bad
  • Tommy Rees finding the fun plays 

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  1. Yuo know what’s worse than watching baseball on TV?

    Having baseball shoved down your throat by network idiots who think that doing a split-screen of a guy at bat for five minutes….while the football game you’ve been watching for more thn 2 hours is into crunch time…is necessary.

    You know why people watch football ?
    Because it ISN’T baseball!!

    Psssst….*IF* it ever happens, just show the (wildly overhyped) swing of the bat then. D’uh.

    1. We have owed BYU a game for several seasons. I’m glad we are payin’ up.

      Lord God Almighty, now is the perfect time to reintroduce Independent Referees. Anything but ACC please.

      Like many BYU teams they pass more than run: Like many IRISH teams, the 2022 defensive front is tough to run on consistently. A double whammy for the BYU ground game, for what it’s worth.

      BGC 77 82

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