S2E35: Basking in the Glow of Notre Dame Football’s Beat Down of #4 Clemson

Notre Dame did a thing this weekend – they kicked the crap out of a top-5 team for the first time in years. Greg and Frank had some fun on this one since it had been 27 years since the Irish beat a top-5 team the way they did on Saturday night.  The lads discussed:

  • Benjamin Morrison’s otherworldly performance
  • Notre Dame’s power rushing attack
  • The job Al Golden did keeping Clemson off the scoreboard for most of the day
  • Notre Dame wide receivers (note: this was recorded before the news of Joe Wilkins’s transfer)
  • ACC officials – awful at their job
  • Clemson’s chippiness
  • Potential impact on recruiting

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  1. Before we leave the Clemson win behind:
    NDs players’ best game(s) this season = CB Ben Morrison, OL blockers: Evans (TE), Fisher (OT) and Patterson (OG), LB Bertrand, DE Justin Ademilola, OC Rees, DC Golden, DB Coach Mickens, and RB Coach Deland (seeing the backs run to daylight and break tackles vs. Clemson’s vaunted front)

    Consistently outstanding as usual : DB Bracy, TE Mayer, Special Teams Coach Mason.

    1. The best TOTAL game —- scouting/gameplan, practice prep, and total 60 minute effort…….since Holtz days, IMO.
      So satisfying to see, I watched it a second time. I haven’t done that in 20+ years.

  2. Great day touring Annapolis as we are in town for the game. Remarkable campus if you’ve never been. First time here in over 30 years since my recruiting trip. Amazing young men and women who represent the best our great country has. Truly exceptional part of ND is that they keep this rivalry going and allow these young men the opportunity to play in a prestigious game.
    Good luck Irish on Saturday!

    1. So many issues raising red flags…… much too positibve and pleasant, not one snide cheap shot, and FAR too close to being about football.
      So either a Rhonda impersonator, or the girl is hepped up on prescription goofballs.

      ……but regardless of your identity, Senator John McCain’s gravesite deserves a quiet moment.

      1. The game itself is often not entertaining on the field, and too often has been the source of ND injuries.
        It does not equal the tradition of the Army-Navy game….nor the historical college football rivalry of the Army-ND era.

        But wrt ND history? Flat out existential.

  3. …..but while actual ND fans “bask in the glow” of the most dominant, satisfying performance by ND in years, the remaining Kelly-licking vampires here are hissing, lashing out, avoiding the ‘glow’ altogether.

    I’ll always be willing to keep holding a crucix up to those mindless, inhuman ghouls.

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