Michael Floyd Commits to Notre Dame!

After yesterday’s performance, many may have felt we blew our chance with the recruits on campus, but a day later Notre Dame has picked up a HUGE commitment from Mike Floyd according to Mike Frank of Irish Eyes.

“Yeah, I committed this weekend,” Michael Floyd said as we spoke to him as he was boarding his plane home from his official visit to Notre Dame this weekend.

Floyd was one of the most pivotal recruits remaining on the board for the Irish because he is a difference making wide receiver – something the Irish are disparately in need of. Check out his latest Rivals highlight video to get an idea of just how good of a receiver he is.

Hats off to Weis and staff for pulling in Floyd after yesterday’s performance because this was really a must get for Notre Dame to get back to where we want to be. And to recap, the staff hauled in this commitment despite the following recent incidents:

  1. Matt Carufel who went to the same high school as Floyd transfers and isn’t exactly complimentary towards Notre Dame on the way out.
  2. Notre Dame gets beat 38-0 at the hands of USC while Floyd is on his official visit.
  3. Notre Dame currently sits at 1-7 with a struggling (to say the least) offense.

When you consider that Floyd still committed to Notre Dame despite all of that, you also have to give him credit for picking the Irish despite our recent struggles. Commitments like this one from Floyd are also exactly what we need to get back on top. This last quote from the IE article also gives you a clue that this kid’s head is definitely screwed on straight.

“It feels real good knowing that I have a school now,” he said. “I’m going to help them bring this back and I’m going to get a great degree.”

Welcome aboard Mr. Floyd, we are more than glad to have you.

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  1. Bob,

    Are you still out there? Don’t tell me you are at a loss for words.

    If there is not at least one ND recruit that rethinks his committment I will be surprised. If that happens will you be OK with that?

    If that happens it will be because while they have committed to a fine school they would be forced to play football for the most overrated buffoon that ever roamed a college sideline.

    Please answer my original question and in 100 words or less explain to me why you don’t think that Charlie Weis a)didn’t cost his team the game yesterday and b) should not be fired.

  2. Bob,

    Your hypocrisy knows no bounds but your rants do make for entertaining reading and I type this while laughung.

    I have no problem with the decommittment from Nebraska and subsequent committment to Notre Dame of one Jonas Gray.

    I do, however, have to pose a hypothetical question to you Bob and would expect an honest answer even though I know in advance what it will be. Would you be OK with it if the shoe were on the other foot?

    I understand that Bill Callahan is in a bit of trouble at Nebraska, some might even say moreso than Charlie Weis is in at Notre Dame. Why I don’t know but I don’t want to beat a dead horse. So to poach one of his committments is OK with me. You may say and rightly so that the player was the one who decommitted but he said himself that Corwin Brown was in constant contact with him.

    It may be a stretch but I see the two programs in the same light, floundering on the field and coaches being called into question. If a Notre Dame recruit had second thoughts and decommitted then committed to another school would that also be OK or would you slander them on the internet and threaten them with financial ruin?

  3. 1.and now, we can add on the commitment of 4 star rb jonas gray, who decommitted from nebraska, visited notre dame for the usc game, and, shortly thereafter, committed to notre dame.

    jonas brings both power and breakaway speed and depth to the nd rb position, along with being a fine student and a young man with outstanding character.

    if an rb of that quality, who had offers from everyone chose notre dame, he certainly must see the great potential of the nd oline to block for him.

    2. charlie and corwin and their staffs and the players on this 2007 team must be doing a lot of things the right way to be able to recruit like this during a season which, on paper, looks like a 1-7 disaster in the face of all of the vicious insults thrown at them by the opposition.

    3. and jonas is, by no means, the last super quality student athlete to commit to notre dame this year, although the remaining numbers of student athletes whom notre dame can take is getting smaller every day.

    4. the opposition in the recruiting wars must be stunned and angry and very confused.

    5. after all, is there any other group of coaches, with a lot of help from the student athletes already at notre dame, at any other school in this nation who could have recruited like this during a season with a very ugly 1-7 start on paper.

    6. to contend for national championships, you need talent and depth of talent at every position, along with experience.

    7. you need depth of talent before you can even consider the type of joe moore hard hitting practices that made notre dame so great during the ara and holtz eras.

    8. well, charlie and corwin and their staffs have brought in the talent and the depth of talent to make those joe moore type of practices possible again at notre dame and they have done so with integrity.

    9. so much for the doom and gloomers, whether they were spoiled ignorant nd fans or plants from the enemy looking to stir up negativity in the notre dame fan base.

    10. those people who thought they were the hunters poised to kill off notre dame football have now become the hunted( only with economic violence in the courts), including the traitors within.

    11. even jeff carroll of the south bend tribune is going to have to apologize for his baseless bashings of coach weis and his staff and the 2007 notre dame players.

    12. we will accept his apology and many others. however, some people, like qcnick, will have to pay dearly in the courts. by the way, qcnick, when you state that anyone is insane and put in in writing online or offline, that constitutes libel per se. your only defense would be to prove that your statement was true. the current rules on jurisdiction and venue in maters involving the internet provide that i can sue you in the van nuys courthouse in california, a few blocks away from the location where i read your libelous statements. i do not have to go where you live, although i am quite certain that you have abused many others in the area where you live who will be happy to come foward and testify about your patterns of misconduct.

    13. after we strip you of your assets, you will have an opportunity to start over again. we might even give you some loans to get back on your feet if you show signs of improvement.

    go irish !! win out

    bob gilleran

  4. 1. the new england patriots are still using the offense and playbook that weis developed and installed and the qb whom weis personnally tutored and developed.

    2. the problems at notre dame are not the fault of weis or tyrone.

    3. those problems, including this 2007 season, which looks like a disaster on paper, are the direct result of lazy bob davie taking over recruiting during the last years of the holtz administration and while davie was head coach.

    4. davie’s idea of recruiting was to sit in his office and admire himself in the mirror instead of hitting the pavement and going to the high schools.

    5. by the time tyrone arrived, the notre dame recruiting network was dead, murdered by lazy bob davie.

    6. however, the people at notre dame who hired tyrone and later shamelessly fired him without giving that fine gentleman, who already had received and offer from washington to be the head coach there, a civilized opportunity to resign did notre dame a great disservice for which notre dame is still paying out millions every year.

    7. what have charlie and his staff done so far for notre dame? they took that fine 2003 recruiting class which ended up at notre dame because that player driven 2002 team woke up enough echoes to call them to notre dame.

    8. those 2005 and 2006 nd teams had great talent at many positions, but not at all positions and absolutely no depth.

    9. for that reason, those great hard hitting joe moore( remember him, one of the finest line coaches that nd ever had, wrongfully terminated by lazy bob davie who did not consider joe moore young or pretty enough to meet his standards, resulting in an embarrassing lawsuit which required notre dame to pay out millions in damages) type of practices simply were not an option since the absence of depth made even one injury a season disaster, instead of a bcs bowl. just review the 2006 sugar bowl against lsu. brady quinn, who never complained was playing with a serious leg injury. when derek landri went down with an injury at halftime, the floogates opened for lsu.

    10. what else have charlie and corwin and their staffs done for notre dame? they have hit the pavement and visited high schools all over the us and brought the notre dame recruiting network back from the dead.

    11.for example. both notre dame high school in sherman oaks, ca and jimmy clausen’s high school are not very far from one of from residences in the los angeles area.

    12.i watched jimmy play during high school and every school in the nation was after him. charlie invested untold hours and efforts with jimmy and his family to win that recruiting war and he won.

    13.yes, it was unfortunate that jimmy had to have that bone spur removed and did not have the time to develop the chemistry with those young wrs and with the rest of the offense or to work out his upper body as brady quinn did before the 2005 season before that deadly stretch of 2007 opening games began.

    14.however, the decision to have that procedure was the correct one for jimmy and for notre dame and that 2008 no 1 recruiting class which charlie and corwin and their staffs have assembled have obviously noticed that charlie and his staff do not treat recruits who commit to notre dame like the raw meat as most other coaches and schools do.

    15.it is no accident that those 2008 verbal commits to notre dame are sticking with notre dame despite the ugly record on paper.

    16.charlie and corwin and their staffs were completely fothright with the 2008 recruits about what might happen this season.

    17. charlie brought in 2 top 10 recruiting classes in 2006 and 2007 and he and corwin and their staffs have assembled the no 1 recruiting class for 2008.

    18. at notre dame high school in sherman oaks, ca, coach rooney had not seen anyone from notre dame for decades and their talented players had gone elsewhere.

    19. well, charlie and corwin and their staffs not only visited notre dame high school. they also spent quality time with coach rooney and his staffv and secured solid verbals from qb dayne(moose) crist and from lb anthony mcdonald, both coveted by schools all over the us, including usc.

    20. charlie and corwin and their staffs have done this at high schools all over the us with the type of dedication and work that no amount of money could pay for.

    of course, they are not yet perfect. however, they and the nd players have demonstrated that they will learn and adapt, one disasterous season be damned.

    21. they have done this in the face of vicious personal attacks from the media, including bob davie and his fronts at the espn.com and the opposition.

    22. however, the most damaging of those vicious attacks have come from the traitors within the notre dame community who engage in coach and player bashing without bothering to gather and understand the facts.

    23. notre dame’s enemies print out this garbage and send it to recruits and their families with the question ” why would you want to go to a school whose fans are so fickle and spoiled that they will turn on their own coaches and players at the 1st sign of trouble and bash them all?”

    24. those idiotic attacks from the traitors within the notre dame community are the single most difficult hurdle for charlie and corwin and their staffs to overcome in the recruiting wars.

    25. we weep for the stupidity and ignorance of these people and pray that they be enlightened.

    26. to contend for national championships, you need talent and depth of talent at every position. when the 2008 and 2009 classes arrive at nd, nd will have those things in place for the 1st time in decades.

    27. the most amazing thing is that charlie and corwin and their staffs have done all this with integrity, not with jc transfers or cheating any notre dame studentathletes out of the real educations that they get at notre dame, but not at the football factories.
    28. before ant real notre dame fans start nd coach and player bashing and making threats about getting rid of charlie and his staff, something that will never happen, we pray that you think about the consequences of aiding and abbetting the enemy and take bthe time to gather and examine the facts before you start bashing anyone.

    29. we are not concerned about the jerks from the opposition who plant coach and player bashing on nd fan sites to see if they can stir up dissension in our ranks. we can easily expose them and hunt them down in the courts.

    30. nor are we concerned about any real notre dame fand since they do not engage in baseless nd coach and player bashing.

    31. it is that very small, but ignorant, spoiled and pompous nd fans, some of whom are actually graduates of notre dame, but who obviously learned nothing at notre dame, who concern us.

    32. right now, we have decided to hunt them down in the courts and give them the same economic punishment as notre dame’s real enemies, just as we had to do with the traitors who worked with the brits in ireland.

    33. sure, everyone has feedom of speech. however, when anyone abuses that freedon to spread false information which they know, or should know to be false, there are economic consequences to be paid in the courts.

    34. while no one directly or indirectly associated with notre dame can take on thse tasks or the crooked refs who are a cancer to every college football team trying to play with integrity, we will be happy to take on those tasks, just as we have taken on and taken down crooked big businesses,banks,individuals, and judges, prosecutors, and district attorneys all over the world.

    have a wonderful day,

    bob gilleran and family and many friends

  5. I thinlk is time to start to evaluate Weis’ performance. The team has not improved since the beginning of the season. His offense or lack of offense is a reflexion that he is not in tune with the caliber and skills of the players and opposition. I don’t think he has tried to exploit a defensive weaknest in the opposite teams, he is so worry about what his players do and that translates easily in to the players. I guess ND is becoming the training grounds for other teams to rush and sack the quarterback. What ever happened to the shut gone to give the quartergack more time. yes the shot gun was used earlier and after couple of bad centers that was it. So instead of improving the centering of he ball he has put the QB on the line. I think it is time to start to evaluate. The teams that won on the past 2 years were not his teams. By the way we can see how much Weis is missed in New England

  6. I cant believe people are still blaming willingham for our inadequacies. Charlie Weis is at fault for our on field performance. I am going to be patient, but if things do not improve by next year I am going to be on the bandwagon calling for his head. We might not be as lucky as everyone thinks in getting an “offensive mind” from the NFL. Weis should have had a simplified style of play for the young guys and Weis undertaught, overprepared for this season.

  7. frank,

    1.an awesome commitment from an awesome extremely talented student athlete.

    2. for anyone who doubted charlie and corwin and the ability of some of the finest student athletes in the world to understand that the 2007 paper record, which looks like a disaster on paper, contains the building blocks of national championship teams, what more proof do you need?

    3. charlie and corwin and their staffs and these courageous young men who are playing through this transition season caused by lazy bob davie and those lean recruiting classes of 2004 and 2005 and lazy bob davie’s decision to stab lou holtz in the back while lou’s wife was ill and to let the notre dame recruiting network die on the vine while davie sat in south bend admiring himself in the mirror.

    4. pete carroll’s 1st year at usc was a 6-6 year with a loss to utah in some very minor bowl game. charlie took notre dame to bcs bowls in 2005 and 2006.

    5. charlie and corwin and their staffs and the very thin green line of players in 2005, 2007, and 2007 the only people on this planet who could have turned notre dame football around.

    6. they have also done so with integrity unlike some other programs the names of which we do not need to mention here.

    7. we are immensely proud of charlie and corwin and their staffs and especially of these fine young men on the 2007 team for recruiting for 2008 in the face of enemy fire. media fire, and a lot of bashing from people who claim to be notre dame fans, including quite a few spoiled notre dame graduates who never bothered to gather the facts and find out how immemsely difficult this task has been before they started bashing the nd coaches and players.

    8. we will be there for every game this season and forever and we will look back to this 2007 team as among notre dame’s finest,right up there with the national championship teams of the past and future, the paper record be damned.

    9. we, who have no connection with notre dame except to admire her integrity, will expose the crooked refs and the other crooks in college football and drive them out of college football so that notre dame and every other school that plays the game with integrity will play every game on a level playing field with honest refs and real student athletes on the opposing teams.

    congratulations to you and the millions or real notre dame fans all over the world,

    bob gilleran

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