Watt Still Firmly Commited

According to Bill Kuerlic’s Midwest Recruiting Blog over on ESPN, Notre Dame commitment Chris Watt is still firmly committed to Notre Dame despite the uncertainty surrounding Charlie Weis’s future.

“Some coaches have called,” Watt said. “But I told them I’ve committed to Notre Dame. They’ve all said they respect my decision, but if anything changes to let them know. I’ve been told by the Notre Dame coaches that coach Weis will be the coach next year.”

When asked if he would reconsider his decision if Weis was not back at Notre Dame next season, Watt said, “I would definitely stay committed. I would see who the next coach is of course. But I’m committed to Notre Dame.

Watt is a pivitol recruit to this year’s class after the way the offensive line has performed the past two seasons so hearing that he is firm with his commitment to Notre Dame is reassuring.

Unfortunately, it will be open season on Notre Dame commitments until Weis and Swarbrick meet next Monday for “yearly evaluation of the program” and definitive word is given about Weis’s future.  While Swarbrick hasn’t hinted that Weis will be gone yet, he hasn’t exactly given word that Weis will definitely be back either.  Until he does make such a statement, opposing coaches will be out in force trying to poach some of our commitments.

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  1. Dayne Crist is the real deal.

    Charlie knew last year Jimmy was not as good as advertised. He played on a team with I think 10 other D1 players in HS.

    Besides, Nate Montana will be here in 2 years, ready to take the helm.

  2. Where does Casey rank among the Clausen brothers and who could we have signed that year instead just out of curiosity?

  3. You Guys Must Read,


    Front Page Feature:

    Show me the (idiots who waisted my)money!

    It is hilarious, would give Saturday Night Live a run for their money!

  4. @michael

    Teams dont single cover our receivers. USC was pretty much the only team that did that. Every other team rushed three or four and dropped the rest of them in coverage. The sad thing is, they got pressure with those three or four. I dont think clausen is the answer either, but the offensive line is coached so poorly it doesnt matter who you put in there right now.

  5. First, I want to respond to David who asks if anyone knows what RTPG means when he uses the term “Hansenite”. Hansenite refers to people who have Hansen’s disease; more commonly known as leprosy. I’m guessing RTPG is using the term to classify those whom he feels are outcasts and should not be listened to.

    Second, I agree that Swarbrick has made a huge mistake by either not supporting or firing Weis. However, from an interview I read on etruth: http://www.etruth.com/Know/StaffBlogs/ViewBlog.aspx?bID=1&archiveUrl=2008/11/30/2354 it appears as if Swarbrick shares some of the same personality traits as Weis.

    I don’t think Weis is going anywhere this year. I believe Swarbrick is going to give him at least one more year to prove that he can coach this team. I also think he’s going to have to take a much harder look at assistants and players. I mentioned on another post that I really don’t think Clausen is the real deal. I think teams have discovered the same thing and believe they can put single coverage on any ND receiver and put everyone else in the box to take away the run and put pressure on Clausen. Until he can hit a moving receiver (or is subplanted as the starting QB) defenses will continue to play ND this way.

  6. Every Notre Dame article in the Scum Times, I mean Chicago Sun Times gets harder and harder to read. This CW situtaion has hit Shoot-cago with a tidal wave the likes of which havent been seen since Oprah did a cannon ball into Lake Michigan. I cant wait for the day ND makes a come back and puts people like Jay Mariotti and Rick Telander to rest. The problem is i dont know if it will come in my life time…and im 30 years old. One thing is for sure i dont know about the Scum-times reccomendation we fire CW for Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald. Its ironic however that he wanted to play at ND back in 95 and we wouldnt take him. Now the “experts” supposedly have him on our radar

  7. @ Billery Tomillary Patrillery Gillery

    Hmm…Hansenites: Being diagnosed with Hansen’s disease. (HD or Leprosy)

    Well, classic dogmatism and demonization of other people.

    Unfortunately, I think you have a classic case of football acatalepsia:

    Mosby’s Dental Dictionary, Page 6, Lower left hand colum:

    1.Uncertainty of diagnosis 2. incomprehensibility

  8. @ Robert Thomas Patkric Gilleran –

    First, stop wishing me a very merry christmas and holiday season / a bright future. => It means nothing coming from a nutbag.

    Hasenite, Hansenite, and any other deviation of the word – are not recognized by Websters dictionary as being part of the english language (if anyone knows what this guy is trying to say, please let me know). When you argue with words that arent real, people stop listening.

    Back on topic –
    Notre dame could afford to lose a few recruits for a coaching change. I am glad to see chris watt is on-board, given that he plays a position we really need. But if you turn talent into mush, it doesnt matter what caliber of player you bring into the school.

  9. New Year’s Request: please consider Veranda or Georgia fonts for new reading appearance.

    No big deal, just a suggestion to help out us guys “living in the past” LOL.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  10. Other schools have won with middle of the road recruits. Notre Dame needs to not worry about recruits at all. Look at the top 25 and indeed any team that is 8-4 this year and I’d bet most of them weren’t in the top 25 in recruiting. It’s coaching.
    It’s down to this. Weis needs to sit with Swarbrick and admit specifically what he’s done wrong and outline specifically how he’s going to change to improve. swarbrick has to decide if Weis sees the right things. He gets one year with specific goals. a certain number of wins, a bowl win, a competitive game against USC, etc.
    On the other hand if Weis can’t convince Swarbrick, then on condition of keeping the payout, there should be a gag rule, so that Swarbrick can quietly find another coach, perhaps Corwin Brown or John Tenuta, perhaps Chris Peterson, Skip Holtz, Gruden, Wittingham ( Utah ), Brian Kelly, etc. No more 3 ring circuses like the last two firing/hirings

  11. Frankie, you are dead right and this week delay does indeed have some serious implications.

    The only “Good to GO!” statement that counts is Jack Swarbrick’s

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