Notre Dame Adds A 2nd QB

Notre Dame wanted to take two quarterbacks in this recruiting class.  On Tuesday, the Irish picked up the second quarterback in this class in Tommy Rees.  Rees, who picked up his offer to Notre Dame a little over a week ago after a good showing at camp, selected Notre Dame over Stanford and Tennessee.

Rees told Irish Illustrated that Notre Dame just felt like the right place for him.

“My gut was just telling me that’s where I should go,” Rees said. “I’m really excited about the opportunity and the coaching staff is great. Between coach (Rob) Ianello, coach (Ron) Powlus and coach (Charlie) Weis, I really got to know them well.”

Rees said the Irish offer was too good to pass up.

“The tradition there is something I feel strongly about,” he said. “You can’t beat Notre Dame’s football tradition along with the great education.”

He also told Irish Sports Daily that he is not afraid of the competition with fellow incoming freshman Andrew Hendrix.

“It’s just competition,” Rees stated. “There’s going to be that anywhere. They wanted to make sure our personalities can mesh, and I look forward to getting to know him, and I heard he’s a great guy. On the field, we’ll have to compete, but off the field, I’m sure we’ll be friends, and I’m excited for the opportunity.”

Tom Lemming told the Sun Times that Rees is a good pick up for Notre Dame.

‘‘He’s got a good arm and he’s a good athlete,’’ recruiting analyst Tom Lemming said. ‘‘He fits in perfectly with a pro-style offense like Notre Dame has.’’

Rees’ stock has soared in the last month, Lemming said. That included receiving a scholarship offer from Tennessee a week and a half ago.

‘‘He’s the type of kid who can really develop into something, and he will get that chance at Notre Dame,’’ Lemming said.

Rees, a three star recruit from both Rivals and Scout,  joins  Hendrix in this year’s quarterback class.  Rees was a great second quarterback for this class.  He will need time to develop in the system and won’t be rushed into playing early.  He’s a very good developmental prospect

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  1. Just because people are having a conversation doesnt mean they are crying.

    As a fan, i have a right to be upset if i dont like the way things are going

  2. 4 star LB Kendall Moore out of NC is Irish. He is #12. Our recruiting class is ranked 9th in the country by

    I have read through many posts and last year people on this website were saying “charlie and his staff only look at stars and not the player himself”. Now it seems people are complaining the other way around. Point is stop crying and be a fan.

    We are putting together a good class that should end up being top 10 atleast and we are meeting our team needs.

  3. I am not saying that they wont start rolling in with some wins, but when these kids pick up a scholarship offer from notredame on Friday and commit on monday, it is likely they know they wont get many other elite offers.

  4. We are only at 11 verbals in a class that will be 25-27 deep when all is said and done. Lots of time to pick up the 4-5 star kids. We perform on the field this year and don’t you guys worry, the studs will be there on signing day.

  5. Article from IrishIllustrated:

    “For every five-star prospect Notre Dame signs, there’s a nearly 80 percent chance he’ll mature into a multi-year starter. That’s good news for Chris Martin and Manti Te’o. Yet for every three-star prospect Notre Dame signs, there’s less than a 20 percent chance he’ll grow into a multi-year starter. That hints at uphill battles for players such as E.J. Banks, Roby Toma and Carlo Calabrese.

    But that path was traveled by Samardzija, Harris and Carlson. All three arrived at Notre Dame with three-star distinction. All three left Notre Dame tagged as potential first day draft picks.

    Those three players were exceptions, but they don’t invalidate the rule”

    But I hope every three star develops into a Big Time Playa..

  6. I’m sure there are plenty of 4 & 5 players who would jump at the chance to play for the Irish but if they can’t handle the classroom work what’s the point.

  7. sorry last post was mine…I just went from irishman to irishfan by mistake. I also mispelled productive…oops

  8. @ Chuck
    Just because your not an NFL starter doesn’t mean you were not good or a productice player in College….a.k.a. Brady Quinn

  9. Darius Walker panned out because he was on a star studded offense that produced points every game.

    @ Irishman
    And the only one of those players you listed that will is/will be an NFL starter is John Carlson

  10. @David,

    Aldridge not panning out has nothing to do with coaching. Darius Walker received the same coaching as Aldridge and had 2 great seasons. Armando Allen had the same coaching and is progressing nicely. Aldrdige not panning out is 99% the result of his knee. He never regained the explosiveness he had prior to the knee injury in high school.

  11. Well that did not quite post right so let me try that another way.
    2010: 1-3 stars 1-2 stars
    2009: 5-3 stars
    2008: 5-3 stars
    1-2 stars
    2007: 3-3 stars
    2010: 5-3 stars
    2009: 8-3 stars
    2008: 5-3 stars 0-2 stars
    2007: 6-3 stars

  12. Also, we are not that far off of the numbers we have been pulling off for 3 stars for the past few years. Also USC take’s there fair share as well.
    USC ND
    2010: 1-3 stars 5-3 stars
    1-2 stars
    2009: 5-3 stars 8-3 stars
    2008: 5-3 stars 5-3 stars
    1-2 stars 0-2 stars
    2007: 3-3 stars 6-3 stars

  13. Um…not calling anyone out or anything, but 1) We are not USC or Florida right now. We need to just get better and you do this by depth and good players. Maybe then we will have the luxury of just 4 or 5 stars.

    2)It is not like we don’t have a lot of these kids offered, they just are not coming right now until we return to glory.
    3)IrishFan if you look at Brian Smith was a three star. I am sure on other sites he might be a 4.
    Here are a few more notable 3 star or less.
    Maurice Crum-3 stars
    Darius Walker-3 stars
    David Bruton-3 stars
    John Carlson-3 stars
    Kuntz-3 stars
    Grimes-3 stars
    Kyle McCarthy-2 stars
    Ian William-3 stars
    Lewis-Moore-3 stars (hasn’t proven himself yet, but you wait)

  14. So ya Brian Smith was a “four star” but I agree with some of the posts. And I know of a “five star” on the team that people are questioning his leadership and talent. But I just think as an ND fan we are just used to getting 5’s and 4’s instead of 3’s…

  15. I am not saying these kids wont be good players, but i think we need to consider that USC and Florida dont recruit kids like this. I agree that a 5 star ranking doesnt mean a kid is going to be a stud (although i think Aldridge was a result of poor coaching) but it does mean they are the best at their level at the time.

  16. Star ratings do not mean a thing, I agree. There have been a number of 5 star flops. I think it is important to get kids who have potential then put it on the coaches to develop that potential into talent.

  17. Listen, Brian Smith was a 3-star and look how well he has developed. Sometimes you need to look past the star levels and look for potential. We have 5 stars on our team like Aldrige that have been a bust thus far.

  18. I feel like we are just scooping people now. I think we should be putting more emphasis on the bigger recruits. Some of these recruits we have picked up havent even gotten a look from top programs like Florida or USC.

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