28 and Counting for Floyd

During Notre Dame’s 33-17 win over Miami in the Sun Bowl on New Year’s Eve junior wide receiver Michael Floyd broke the Notre Dame career record for receiving touchdowns with his 28th score.  After announcing he would be returning for a senior season, Floyd will look to significantly add to that total in 2011.

As the clock ticked down to zero in El Pase, not many people felt Floyd would be returning for another season.  After mulling his NFL options and talking with Brian Kelly, however, Floyd decided to come back for one more year.

Here’s a video that was put together by @andy_grey showcasing all 28 of those touchdowns Floyd has racked up over the past three years.

Here’s hoping another 15 or so scores can be added to the end of this video in January 2012.


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  1. Pass Interference on Floyd
    Michael probably draws 3 to 4 pass intereference flags against him per game. Imagine his stats and the increased QB efficiency ratings if these penalties were considered. Whether it’s his size and abilities that make interference a better calculated risk than the alternative, or his persuasiveness with our friendly officiating crews, he draws an inordinate number of fouls. Are there any number crunchers that can pull up Floyd’s penalty stats?

  2. a highlight reel that doesn’t have satanic music to go along with it. I hope Michael Floyd plays all 12 games + bowl game next season. Maybe those TD marks can get into the 40s

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