Corey Holmes Commits to Notre Dame

Notre Dame Football Recruiting
Notre Dame picked up it’s 15th commitment for the Golden Army ’14 on Wednesday in the former of 4-star WR Corey Holmes. (Photo: Matt Cashore)

The Note Dame Golden Army ’14, as the 2014 recruiting class has become known on Twitter, picked up another member on Wednesday when Fort Lauderdale native Corey Holmes verbally committed to the Irish where else, but Twitter.

Holmes, the 31st ranked wide receiver by, commits to Notre Dame as a 6’2″, 175 lbs target out of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School – the alma mater of former Notre Dame players Dan Wenger, Sam Young, and Jordan Cowart – with offers from UCLA, Arkansas, Florida, Florida State, Clemson, Miami, Michigan, and Oklahoma among others.

In the end though, it came down to Notre Dame and UCLA for the South Florida product.  Recent trips to both schools, appears to have sealed the deal for the Irish though.

Holmes attended Notre Dame’s most recent camp back in June along with several other high profile recruits and left South Bend thinking that a summer commitment was possible depending on how an impending trip to UCLA went.  That trip has since come and gone and the end result is another huge pick up for Brian Kelly and the Notre Dame coaching staff.

Holmes joins Justin Brent, a recent standout at the Nike camp The Opening at the beginning of the month, to give Notre Dame a heck of a receiving duo in this year’s recruiting class.  Holmes was in attendance for the camp as well but unable to participate much due to some minor injuries.

With Holmes and Brent on-board in this year’s class, Kelly and his staff have a pair of 4-star wide receivers to join a cast of wide receivers from last year that was not short on talent either.

Both Holmes and Brent project to be outside receivers for the Irish leaving the possibility of Notre Dame continuing to recruit some smaller, speedier inside receivers to round out this class.

Even if the Irish are unable to add on any additional receivers, it would be hard pressed for Notre Dame’s haul at wide receiver to be considered anything but a huge success.  Brent has sky rocketed up the recruiting rankings over the last year and Holmes, a recent invitee to the Under Armour All-American game,  is widely considered a 4-star caliber receiver as well.

Corey Holmes Highlights

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  1. “SEC” = Special Educashin Conference. That’s a good one. Corey Holmes impresses me, especially being smooth with his site. (6’3″, right?) But I think someone should keep an eye out for the QB. The guy has a gun, for a HSer.

      1. I’m not entirely sure, but I think the spelling might have been part of the joke. For the time being, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.

  2. Great pick up for the Irish. Who says you need a conference to compete. It was very funny to hear spurrier from the special education conference talk about paying student athletes. I guess they are really only athletes, and not real students. Their standards are so low, anyone can get in to schools in the special education conference. The ncaa should require better standards for all schools.

  3. Anyone wanna give-up on BK now? I didn’t think so. (if you replied in the affirmative, go troll the UMichigan Blueser-board)

  4. anyone have any idea how many scholarships we have left in the class of ’14?

    seems like space might be getting tight already…

    1. I think we have about 8-10. We were looking at about 18-20 for this class but we have since lost 4 players (Neal, Ferguson, EV, and GK). Can’t really count EG because he will hopefully be back in 2014.

  5. I like the play calling his high school uses in this video a lot. Creative misdirection freeing Mister Holmes long strides in order to pick up large gains on a consistent basis. His 4.4 speed is a asset to be sure.

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