Nyles Morgan Receives a “Pot Of Gold”

Nyles Morgan - Notre Dame ILB Recruit
(Photo: teve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports)

Nyles Morgan is the latest recruit to receive a mass mailing from Notre Dame, aka a “Pot of Gold” and post pictures of it on Twitter.  The inside linebacker recruit from Chicago who is currently one of Notre Dame’s top remaining targets received a mailing consisting of 477 pieces of mail according to his Twitter post earlier tonight.

Morgan isn’t the first Notre Dame recruit to receive a “Pot of Gold”.   Just last month, Kentucky native DT Matt Elam received 262 pieces of mail from Notre Dame.

So far the “Pot of Gold” tactic hasn’t helped the Irish secure a commitment from either Morgan or Elam, but in the case of Morgan at the least Notre Dame’s chances of eventually landing the elite inside linebacker remain very high.  The Irish still have their work cut out for them with Elam but remain very much in the race for his services as well.

Even with the recent commitments from linebackers Kolin Hill and Nile Sykes, Nyles Morgan remains a very high priority for Notre Dame given some of the depth concerns at inside linebacker.  It appears as though the Irish are going to pull out all of the stops in hopes of landing Morgan when he makes his college decision on January 4.

Regardless of whether or not these “Pot of Gold” mailings work in helping Notre Dame sign either Morgan or Elam, you have to give Notre Dame’s recruiting machine some credit here.  It shows that not only are they willing to put in the time, but they can be creative.  Their efforts also end up getting a lot of college football blogs talking about the Irish as evidenced by the link above to a Yahoo! Sports article talking about Elam’s “Pot of Gold”.  Morgan’s “Pot of Gold” is sure to get picked up by plenty of blogs and websites as well.

With Morgan set to announce his college decision on January 4th, Notre Dame fans won’t have to wait too long to see if the latest “Pot of Gold” was successful or if it just turns out to be fool’s gold.

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  1. Just saw the 14, 15 and 16 schedules. Wow!!!!!

    Definitely helps with SOS, but incredibly tough I truly hope SOS is taken into account but my fear is that wins and losses will determine the top 4 only. Gonna be tough to consistently win 10+ games.

    Will be fun to watch.

  2. Not to knit-pick, but why didn’t we offer new 5 star Sam Hubbard out of Cincy Moeller? He is an Ohio State commit for Linebacker at 6’6″ 220 with crazy long arms. Stanford offered. Oh well, maybe we will get new 5 star Nyles Morgan for Christmas. Merry Christmas all.

  3. Morgan and Elam are the two most important recruits left on the board for ND since they are in the two biggest needs area.Can’t understand why ND has had a problem recruiting DL since they got Tuitt and the DL man who transferred to South Florida

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