Notre Dame Army All-American Bowl Preview

Richard Yeargin - US Army All-American
U.S Army All-American Bowl West Team linebacker Richard Yeargin III (23) during a practice by the U.S. Army All-American Bowl East Team at Heroes Stadium in San Antonio, Texas. (Photo: John Albright / IconSMI)

Yesterday we all got a glimpse at six, possibly seven, future Notre Dame football players in the Under Armour All-American Bowl.  Tomorrow the Irish faithful will get a look at three more with the possibility of seeing Notre Dame add another commitment to the class of 2014.

US Army All-American Bowl Details:

  • Kickoff: 1:00 PM ET
  • TV: NBC

Here’s a quick look at who the Irish have playing and who they may be adding to the #GoldenArmy14 tomorrow.

Richard Yeargin (OLB) – One of the most athletic linebackers to be recruited by Notre Dame in a few years, Yeargin is a great athlete who can cover a lot of ground.  It has been rumored that Yeargin was wavering in his commitment to Notre Dame at times, but recent reports have the Florida native 100% solid with the Irish.  Yeargin is a perfect fit as an outside linebacker in Notre Dame’s 3-4 defense and will be playing that position for the East team tomorrow.   Scout picked Yeargin as the top linebacker for the East squad at practice this week.

Quenton Nelson (OL) – Widely considered Notre Dame’s highest rated recruit in the current class for Notre Dame, Nelson backed up that reputation this week in practice by being named Scout’s top OL from the East squad.  Look for Nelson to start tomorrow for the East squad just as Alex Bars did yesterday int he Under Armour game.

Nic Weishar (TE) – The third member of the #GoldenArmy14 that will be playing in tomorrow’s game, Weishar has a solid week in practice and like his future classmates, was named the top player at his position (tight end) for the East squad.   Weishar is consider by many to be an elite receiving tight end and will hopefully see some more targets than Tyler Lautua did in yesterday’s Under Armour game since the California native didn’t see a pass come his way.

Will Nyles Morgan join the #GoldenArmy14?

Aside form the trio of currently committed recruits, Notre Dame has one high profile uncommitted recruit who will be making his college decision tomorrow with inside linebacker Nyles Morgan.  Morgan, a Chicago area native is one of the elite inside linebackers in the country and will be playing for the West squad.  While he might be lining up against Yeargin, Nelson, and Weishar tomorrow, it is pretty widely believed that Morgan will be lining up with them for the next four years.

Last month Notre Dame sent Nyles Morgan one of their popular #PotOfGolds sending the elite prospect 477 pieces of mail all at once – one piece for each of the Notre Dame players to be drafted in the NFL Draft.   If Notre Dame adds Morgan, he will complete and impressive haul along the front seven for Notre Dame in the class of 2014.

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  1. Jack, I agree with you on the defenses.

    About a decade ago at Texas, the then defensive coordinator, whose name escapes me, said that in the future, “We’ll just line up 11 fast players at the line of scrimmage, and let them fly around at the snap.”

    I’ll see your poor tackling, and raise you one on poor containment by alleged defensive ends.

    It is a sad concession when defensive coordinators and head coaches merely
    “want to get a stop or two” so their own offense can outscore the opponent.

  2. I will be honest with you all college defenses were horrible this year. The tackling was poor and the schemes sucked. Alabama looked horrible and I saw nothing in the SEC that excited me. I think it was more of defenses being horrible than offensive production. The tackling in college is poor:

    1. No wrapping of the ball carrier
    2. Poor angles of pursuit
    3. no discipline and lane discipline

    JC that goes for all college football maybe minus MSU.

    Myles Morgan just committed. NICE!

    1. Well Jack,

      We are certainly going to fully test your ‘theorem’ in the ACC too. It will be interesting to see if we are anywhere close to FSU’s talent! More than likely, FSU will be the next National Champions after Monday night!


  3. I hope Kelly goes outside the program and hires a great offensive coordinator. Watching some of these bowl games I noticed a lot of creative up tempo play calling, aggressive schemes, wide open attacks. This is what Notre Dame needs. The talent is there and Kelly finally has a true dual threat at quarterback. No excuses.

    1. Amen pete,

      You’re exactly right and I could not agree with you more!
      When the inconvenient facts are disregared, it is disingenuous to state we are building a champsionship team moving forward! None of the KellyCare crowd like the unvarnished truth about BK’s system after 4 years. As Neal58 pointed out on another post, what guarantee do we have BK’s OC network will produce an available and compatible top-notch OC? Here are some additional points to what you and others have mentioned:

      Special Teams non-existent after 4 years.

      BK calling the offensive plays for 4 years.

      Poor development of the running game for 4 years.

      BK’s next man in theory waiting on depth & experience for 4 years and counting!

      BK definitely a pick of the litter QB coach loyalist for four years with zero QB back up development.

      2013 was the so called championship year howbeit we love to use excuses for our non-repeat bcs bowl performance. I found it amazing BK was completely lazy hiding behind the absence of our championship QB being delayed until 2014. What a tremendous excuse to hit his comfort zone with Rees vs developing Zaire exactly like he did with Golson. So it should be clearly understood we threw away a 2013 bcs championship opportunity! Therefore, we are no were near it today based on lost 12-1 championship team game experience.

      Throwing away 2013 opportunities will more than likely cost BK his job without more Luck of the Irish in 2014! Old habits definitely are hard to break!


      1. @JC,

        Your pessimism and doubt so often reminds me of me! But my new
        year’s resolution of being optimistic about ND football’s future is going to depend a lot on what, now, BK chooses to do.

        BK’s future at ND will be determined post TR. He’ll get a pass from most about results during TR era. BK ‘s plan was MZ sticking around for 4 more years, especially after MZ’s mono, and see how far TR could take them until EG returns, for 2 more years w/ Zaire then still having two years left. If we’re still alive in 2016, how that worked out is a discussion for a distant future post . . . 9-4 should be considered about as far as TR could take us, considering the schedule and injuries. Would I have preferred seeing another QB (Hendrix/Malik) w/ certain packages, say, inside the red zone, yup! More D’ pressure forcing more bad plays/TOs, yup, especially against Navy, Temple,Pitt
        But that’s over with.

        A modern day QB w/EG&/or MZ, and others on the way.
        With a new DC, I hope to see ND move ahead into 21st century – “score way more” with TDs, not FGs, and better KO coverage.
        And let’s bring D’ pressure and quit letting average QBs have Heismann days by giving them time to play catch with their receivers all day !
        Even the ’85 Bears knew that, 30 years ago, and with very average cover DBs.
        Chip Kelly and others got that memo; time for Brian Kelly to notice.

        With the athletes BK and staff accumulate come higher expectations than ever for BK. From here on, it’s make or break time for BK’s legacy.

      2. Michael,

        I always look forward to reading your straight forward posts! Pst, pst don’t tell them we are related!

        Happy New Year to you and your family!


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