Notre Dame Football Recruiting – Weekend Update 1/19

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With just two weeks left until signing day, Brian Kelly and his staff hosted, what most considered, a very important recruiting weekend these past few days. There were some very important targets on campus, and this past weekend could be the deciding factor in whether the Irish finish with a solid 2015 recruiting class, or an elite one.

With the Irish still looking to bolster running back and secondary depth, the young men who were on campus this weekend, could do just that. Some of the more important recruits who visited, we have listed below.

  • Dexter Williams(4* RB FL)
  • Jalen Julius(3* CB FL)
  • Mykelti Williams(3* S IN – already committed)
  • Ke’Shawn Vaughn (4* RB TN)
  • Nathan Meadors(3* ATH CA)

The most promising news of the weekend is that things could not have gone better with Dexter Williams, the four-star running back out of Florida. The Irish are desperately trying to add running back depth to the 2015 class, and Williams would be a home-run. Although he did not commit to Notre Dame during his visit, many feel like that will happen during the Brian Kelly’s in-home visit, which is happening soon. From our understanding, his parents have given their blessing to a Notre Dame commitment, now it’s up to him and Kelly to decide if the fit is right.

As for Jalen Julius, it sounds like there is a more than decent chance he will be coming to South Bend also, along with current teammate, Dexter Williams. The Irish still need to figure out where to find a scholarship for him, but there is definite interest from sides. Julius brings a lot of speed, but lacks size and bulk. It will be interesting to see how Kelly and his staff utilize this young man, assuming they find a way to secure his commitment first, of course.

The weekend played out pretty much like we anticipated for Vaughn and Meadors though. Vaughn liked what he saw, and basically said he has a lot to think about now. We still that Meadors is heading to UCLA, and even though the Irish are still pushing hard, it’s probably a case too little, too late. Truth be known, the staff at Notre Dame likes Williams more than Vaughn anyways, and if if Brian Kelly can secure his commitment during the in-home visit, losing out on Vaughn is not major blow to the program.

It looks like the Irish made some strong headway in the right directions, with some key recruits this past weekend. Irish fans still will have to wait to see how things will play out, but it looks as of right now, that Brian Kelly and his staff will close strong with the 2015 class.

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  1. If you had told me we would lose Jamabo to UCLA but in return get Alize Jones I would say we could live with that. Now you,re telling me instead of Jamabo we would have to settle With Dexter Williams. I call that a win win.

  2. I wouldn’t say Dexter Williams would be a homerun. He is a very nice get especially this late in the process and it looks more and more that he will pick Notre Dame. I would say Soso or even Ronald Jones would have been HR but those two are gone and Dexter is going to be our guy and I will be very happy if he picks ND.

    Williams does have excellent speed but I still like Josh Adams who no one seems to be talking about because he is only a 3 star back. Had this kid not blown out his knee he would be ranked much higher. One of these backs is going to red-shirt while the other plays behind Folston and Bryant this upcoming season. Once the season kicks off I wouldn’t be shocked if that player is Josh Adams. Adams is a steal and will prove me right once he hits the field. I wish he would have enrolled early but no worries I think he still plays in 2015.

    1. At this point we are nitpicking. You may be technically right: Soso is the true Home Run. But let’s be real (and if we are insisting on baseball analogies in football): Dexter Williams is one amazing ball player and should be considered a stand-up triple. He would be a huge get for ND.

    2. As everyone forgot that Greg Byrant was on of the top running backs in the country coming out of high school. Greg Bryant will do big things next year

  3. You guys think there’s someone out there better for the job? That actually wants the job?

    Sorry but BK has done a great job considering what he’s been given. No help from the university on multiple occasions, ridiculous amounts of injuries and has only had a qb that is capable of running his offense for 2 years, one of those years it was a RS freshman.

    You’ll all be upset when Kelly leaves and you realize what the Irish had. Which is a top 10 coach in college football. Probably closer to top 5. Maybe they’ll have an uneventful offseason for once and he’ll have his entire team for a year. And you can all quit your crying and jump back on the bandwagon.

  4. Really? Like the QB position, for instance? I guess one year out of five with double-digit wins is your idea of success? That is “maximisizing talents?”

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