Lou at the Michigan Pep Rally

Lou Holtz was the featured speaker at the Pep Rally on Friday and he was absolutely fantastic. 1988 team captain Ned Bolcar did a pretty awesome job firing up the crowd as the first speaker, but Lou had everyone going crazy.  This was easily one of the best pep rallies I’ve ever attended.

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  1. By the way, I am not an alumn or have any direct ties to ND. I am just a die hard fan who loves what ND stands for. I have had the pleasure of watching 4 games in South Bend with Michigan being the most recent. Not the easiest travel to get there from SD, but it is well worth it.

  2. You guys have hit ND on the head. While most just cheer the team, ND fans cheer and live the concept. It is the tradition of excellence on the field and off. It is a belief in the right way to do things, of not short changing your ideals for temporary glory.

  3. Justin,
    John’s right, get there to a game. My parents met at an ND game back when Leahy was coach, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. The subway alumni and students and alumni have always come together as one to say, WE ARE ND! That’s you too Justin

  4. Justin,
    In the old days they called folks like you Subway Alumni! ND is a concept. Like John says, the school values academics and athletics, but also service, commitment and inspiration.

  5. Hey Justin,
    You need to find a way to visit south Bend. It will fire you up even more than you are!!! ND is a school that values Academics and Athletics. Not many school graduates over 90% of football players year after year!!

  6. I didn’t graduate from Notre Dame, I’ve never set foot in South Bend, and, in fact, I’m not even a Catholic…and I’m an Irish fan because of Rudy–the movie…so it’s as if bleeding green (as opposed to BLUE) every Saturday is a gift I haven’t earned, if I even can.

    But none of that stops me from feeling completely honored to be an Irish fan, ESPECIALLY after watching that clip of Lou firing up the home crowd. The school is so great, and the team is almost as much, and I feel that I’ve been given one of life’s greatest gifts having the chance to cheer on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Thanks, Lou, if you ever happen to see this.

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