Video: “The Other Side of Manti T’eo”

Here’s a pretty good non football related video piece on Manti T’eo.  There’s a couple short bits before the interview starts – fast forward to 1:18 in the interview for the part on T’eo.   It is interesting to hear him talk about his mission which would likely come in two years. Listening to him talk, T’eo definitely has his head screwed on straight and will succeed wherever he goes – let’s just hope he picks the Irish in a little over a week from today.

Update: Ok, so apparently that embed code isn’t working too well – here’s a direct link to the video.

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  1. What would Pete Carroll say to a man that wants to leave to serve a purpose higher than himself, much less one who wants to go to the NFL? It would be great to welcome Manti to South Bend.

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