Notre Dame RB Theo Riddick High School Highlights

With the a big play back like Cierre Wood in this class, Theo Riddick tends to be overlooked, but he’s a big time talent and should have a big impact on the Notre Dame offense over the next few years.  Wood and Riddick could team up give Notre Dame a Lendale White-Reggie Bush type combo at running back.

Riddick is just a between the tackles runner though.  He’s got some big play ability and some moves in the open field as you’ll see in this video.


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  1. I agree with Jason….if we fire Weis now- it will hurt for the next 3 years. I have not agreed with all of his calls however his job is to put players in a position to make plays and they have came up short.

    09 will be a good year for the Irish.

  2. thigpen is an athlete who can plat db and wr as well. who says we have bad recruiting. we have a really good class this year. the only setback we have had is at d-line. as for sending players to the pros. the last 2 years have seen plenty of irish kids make it all of weis’s recruits are still on the roster. now your just making reasons up to fire weis. this his make or break year, let him coach.

  3. We are recruiting like we are on probation because we have an idiot as head coach. No parent, or HS coach is going to recommend that there “NFL hopeful” player go to ND where they will be treated like a second class citizen if their name isn’t Clausen, will play on a lackluster team and reduce their chances on making it, when they can go to one of 10+ other schools and play on a much higher profile stage, play against the best and have a much better chance of reaching their goal.

    ND’s administration had better wake up.

    Can the Tuna

  4. We go after Thigpen because he walks in the door better than all the rest in one key category. SPEED!

    And let’s stop recruiting like we’re on probation and actually fill an 85 man roster at some point in this decade.

  5. I’m curious since we have riddick and wood (along with aldridge, allen, hughs, gray) why would we go after Thigpin? Seems like we need more help on D line (DT and or DT). Maybe I’m missing somthing…

  6. i know what you mean. we have too much talent at rb and o line to not be able to run. hopefullyverducci can wake these guys up.

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