A Look Back At Notre Dame – Army

With Notre Dame and Army set to renew their series in Yankee Stadium, ESPN had a nice video on the history behind the series today.

The video above is great, but if you have the time, read all of Ivan Maisel’s article on just how big of a game the annual Notre Dame – Army game used to be at the height of the rivalry.

A lot of people forget how much of the Notre Dame lore came from the Army series from the 4 Horsemen to the “Win One for the Gipper” speech to all of the games played in Yankee Stadium.   Maisel does a really nice job summing up the history of the series and why it went on hiatus for a while.  It’s definitely worth a read before Saturday.

Update:  A classic post from Blue Gray Sky has an excellent look at the ND-Army series as well.

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  1. I like the fact Diaco runs a four man front against this offense. Defense is playing well still to much inconsistency with the offense.

    1. No need to apologize. I was just sayin’- lot of time left at that point. 🙂

      Been completely “fed up” myself a number of times. The Navy and Tulsa games come to mind.

      Glad I’ve been wrong in my predictions about the Utah game and Army game now…

      Diaco & Co. obviously learned some huge lessons since Navy. They ATTACKED the runner/the ball and let the chips fall. Big difference between that and playing on your heels. You can’t “contain” the triple option, like they fruitlessly attempted against Navy. The difference couldn’t be more stark.

      Great win Irish and Yankee Stadium Irish! To Army: God Bless you all and your families. You represent the best of all of us. Godspeed.

  2. NOT SURPRISED: kelly takes ball first. We drive down the field……. And turn it over close to the endzone on a bad play call with a freshman QB. Army uses a play action pass to start off. And consequently drives down the field

  3. May is one of those guys that just has no class and he doesn’t even know better. I was offended by may rolling his eyes but in reality he doesn’t Hold a candle to Lou Holtz and the person Coach Holtz is….

    Character is something which is fading fast. It a shame there are not more coaches like Holtz.

    1. Absolutely right about Mark May. Disagreeing is one thing and that’s fine. It’s why people tune in to see Holtz and May because they are so different. But you’d think, with May’s calls like Pitt and Utah beating ND, that perhaps he’d tread a little lighter. But, as you said, he probably doesn’t even know better.

      Sad that he has to role his eyes and act like such a douchebag. Last time I checked Lou has a ring but he does not….

  4. I’m not a big fan of Mark May.

    It drives me crazy how he sits there and rolls his eyes and looks at Lou with a shit eatin grin on his face. He reminds me of a teenage girl chewin gum and playin with her hair while her dad is talking. Someone needs to spank his ass till he learns how to respectfully address people.

    Lou is always so respectful of May too. It makes me crazy! It’s just BAD television. At times I find myself watching May facial expressions more than I’m listening to what’s being said.


  5. I am not a big fan of ISHAQ’s League very undiscipline NYC kids who are the bottom of the barrel competition in the area.
    On a Positive note every once in a while a stud athlete does come along..

  6. Ted- I believe Evertt Golson the qb that committed to UNC visited vs.Utah this weekend.He is a 4 star qb and one of the best dual threat qbs in the nation.You can go to superprep.com it is free that’s where I get most of my info, and for being free its not bad.Ishaq Williams is going to be at the ND vs.Army game this weekend and so are a few other players, most notibly Savon Huggins the 5 star running back from NJ.

    1. Love the info ND Forever!

      This Golson kid isn’t very big but he appears to be a gamer. His highlight reels showcase his ability to move quickly.

      I’ve got my fingers crossed for Ishaq too.

  7. how about a recruiting update?

    i know we lost 3 big name guys in the last month, but do we have a chance at picking up any other big names? there was a comment about a couple qb’s that might be showing interest, what about ishaq williams or anyone else? are there any guys committed elsewhere that might be wavering? what recruits were at the utah game if any? i am not a subscriber to the recruiting sites and have no idea.

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