Notre Dame vs. Navy Game Highlights 9/1/12

notre dame navy highlight
Sep 1, 2012; Dublin, IRELAND; Notre Dame Fighting Irish running back George Atkinson III (4) celebrates with running back Theo Riddick (6) after Atkinson scored a touchdown in the first quarter against the Navy Midshipmen at Aviva Stadium. (Photo - Matt Cashore-US PRESSWIRE)

Notre Dame opened the 2012 season with its second straight 40+ point win over the Naval Academy.  Here are some highlights from Notre Dame’s latest romp over the Midshipmen.

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  1. GREAT!!!! start to the season, they went over there and took care of business. Loved watching the O-Lines play gonna be tested inside this weekend with purdue DTs looking forward to the game this saturday against a rival from down the road BEAT PURDUE!!!!!

  2. Super game
    Great to see so many players get a touch and score
    So many “tools” to attack with
    Offensive k
    Line was wonderful
    Defense, what more can be said, keep hunger defense, very nice
    Stay healthy, keep using all the “tools”, early to say but this is going to Neva very exciting year for ND football

    Go Irish

  3. Yep – Theo was back in his element at running back! I say keep him there. George Atkinson III is one exciting player to watch! I would be giving him many many touches from here on out! He has already shown in the B/G game this year and the Navy game he can and will break some runs! It appears the running back position once more is somewhat loaded. Maybe back to smashmouth football especially with the O line which looked frigging awesome! GO IRISH!

  4. How do you justify not starting George Atkinson III. George’s speed is the only kind of speed that will blow-by USC. No disrespect to our other great RB’s. George is simply the fastest man on the field since the Rocket!

    Here come the Irish!

    1. Yeah, I kinda wondered that too, though I thought Theo did ok and ran much harder than what he has done in the past. I think we will see more of him in the coming weeks. Tell you what, Cierre better not be taking anything for granted when he is out of the doghouse suspension. Both TR and GA look hungry and that’s a good thing.

      Go Irish

    2. Its not about just pure speed. Riddick’s quickness is as good as any RB in the nation. That helps in the running game immensely when blocks and holes close up in a flash he’s able to shift to another hole. Look at his 2nd TD. Not many players can do that. His shiftiness is his main asset and you have to use it. GAIII’s flat speed is going to be used well and he’ll have is time as the #1. But Riddick’s confidence and experience is a premium right now with a young QB and a AA-type player in Wood on the bench. I think they split the carries very well vs. Navy. BTW…GAIII started vs. Navy :)

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