Notre Dame vs. Pitt Video 2012 Highlights: Irish Survive OT Thriller!

Getting an early start on updating this week and we’ll start with all of the highlights – and some of the lowlights – from yesterday’s much closer than expected triple overtime win over Pitt.

We’ll have plenty more on this one throughout the day today and tomorrow, but for now, we are just happy to be 9-0 with national championship dreams still intact.

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  1. This game had the same feel and look of the ’02 BC game except ND won and maintained their perfect record. Call it luck, or destiny if you will, but this game will no doubt help the team a great deal in their final stretch run. The team now know they are not as good as their record says, but that luck/destiny is on their side, and if they keep playing their best the national championship might be there at the end.

  2. I flatlined about 4 times in the district station when i stopped in for the OT series. In the past we would have lost that game and i certainly thought we were done with that fumble in the end zone. It was an act of God that stopped that gimme FG in OT by Pitt. I thought it was almost destiny we won but i expect us to slip in the human polls and because there were no upsets yesterday i dont think we will see any change in polls the rest of the season.

    I dont know what it is with our kicking game at ND. No matter who it is, it seems like the last 10 years we have no one reliable. I think back to whoever was our kicker on the Weis teams a few years back against Navy and Syracuse and now this year. It makes for great drama but i dont think Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO is going to cover much more of this

  3. There are so many angry ND haters out there blogging about how Pitt should have won if the refs hadn’t called that pass interference. It was questionable I know but he did trip him and was tangled up with him when the ball was in the air. I saw so many holding calls missed by the refs and ND fans could complain about those.

    All I have to say is phew! We almost lost that one. I don’t know the ins and outs of coaching football but to pull Golson for Rees was not a good move. Rees is a poor choice for backup and it should be Hendricks. I know Rees has been decent, but you take out so many options when he is in there. I wish ND would run Golson more in the early part of the game and tire out defenses. When he improvises he’s dangerous.

    I guess all that matters is that we are 9 and 0 and we live one more week ind BCS land. I just don’t know how the hell we are going to beat USC except their defense is horrible and their head coach is a loser.

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