Notre Dame v. Michigan 2014 Highlights: Irish Shutout Wolverines

Wow.  I don’t have a voice left after screaming non stop from start to finish of Notre Dame’s beat down of Michigan on Saturday.  In the last meeting between the two schools, Notre Dame shut out Michigan for the first time ever to the tune of a 31-0 beating.  We’ll have plenty on the  game tomorrow, but for now, here are the glorious highlights.


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  1. Toulmin, I see what you did there. It was an elegant homage to Van Gorder, the mere stating of his name clarifying your joy in his presence.

    Keep going toulmin. Excellence is never defined by mediocrity.

  2. Mike Mayock’s bringing up the Alabama game of two years ago near the end of Notre Dame’s drubbing of Michigan was uncalled for and churlish.

  3. REALLY COOL. In this thread Jake W sings the praises of
    Jarron Jones, and Michael the Archangel advocates Sheldon Day.

    Quibble among yourselves if you will, but something’s happening here, and what it means is exactly clear: Our defensive tackles are playing so well, that it is hard to tell which is the most impactful and which is having the better year.

    Now try this:

    Take the six frosh who have played on defense:

    Here is your task:

    Rank them in terms of which will be the most impactful when they are seniors in 2017, and rank them in terms of NFL potential when they come out in 2018.

    Enjoy the exercise!!

  4. Amazing to see this complete game by our Irish. Everett Golson is an even better QB then he was in 2012. Our D is ferocious. To see us completely stomp UM after all those lucky last minute wins they were getting against our D was so satisfying. Finally we expose their QB for what he truly is which is mediocre instead of making him look like a Heisman trophy candidate. I love our new turf new look just all around bad ass team we have this year. Now if we go in to Doak Campbell Stadium and pull out the W that will be incredible. ND is back baby!

  5. Probably my only concern was all the dropped balls. Golson played excellently. Guys like Hill and Tranquill stepped up which is very encouraging. There’s a laundry list of guys who had great games not the least of which was Carlisle. Really happy for him after last year’s tribulations. Farley may have had his best game at ND. One of the most satisfying games I ever saw ND play.

  6. The defense just looked so fast…Cody Riggs closing speed is unreal..jaylon smith runs like a saftey..a 235 lbs monster..and sheldon day played great, perfect 3 technique..and jarron jones stuffed the run all game..I’m trying to stay level headed, as we have all seen ND look good one week and flat the next….the speed of this D looked SEC esque…not quite the size

  7. LOL regarding your comments on Mayock, he can’t just play one side the entire time. I know that we are ND fans, but there are actually fans of other teams watching the game too. Let’s not be selfish here. They probably talk about ND 90% of the time, so I’m ok with them talking about the team were facing once in awhile.

    Glad that we play purdue next week so we can rest collinsworth if need be and then a bye and syracuse. Hoping this investigation crap will clear up soon. Would be nice to get Davaris Daniels back. Sick of watching these wr’s drop the ball, although I am impressed with Will Fuller.

  8. Everyone’s been pretty spot on, but I have to say Jarron Jones deserves more praise. He had a HUGE game and is going to be very instrumental in the defense’s success. The officiating was extraordinarily suspect (the spot on Robinson catch, which could have cost ND points, the “catch” by Koyack, the no-call on very obvious helmet-to-helmet hit on Trumbetti, and “illegal” hit on Gardner on the last play). And yes, Mike Mayock is extraordinarily difficult to listen to. Aside from the missing DBs of Michigan, his seemingly endless rant about the “tuck rule” and that it should have been an incomplete pass. Yeah well, the ball went backwards Mike, so an incomplete pass isn’t in the cards. Also, why was he even talking about an old NFL rule? As far as I know (I could be wrong), the tuck rule doesn’t apply in college. NBC’s hiring of anti-domers (former USC QB, former BC DB) as play-by-play guys is getting annoying.

    Other notes: I’m extremely annoyed that Hoke kept the starters in on that final drive. You’re down 5 scores and there’s less than a minute left. Someone’s going to get injured. Take your starters out.

  9. And the performance of Sheldon Day must be included in our praise of individuals.
    Total dominance . . . I know the UM OL is young, but so is ours, as is our DL, which also dominated.

    And if Mayock said one more time that Michigan was playing with 2 DBs out,
    I was going to mute the BC fan. Hey, Mayock, we had two of our starting DBs out, too!
    And his remark re: the head-to-head helmet block against Trumbetti . . .”That’s what college football is all about!” No- that’s what college football is trying to prevent!
    But enough about that dweeb and his subtle, hooray for the other guys, irritating commentary.

    I’m looking forward to Frosh Kolin Hill and Drue Tranquil to get to be key contributors in the rotation-
    as they were last night. And what a difference a year makes with Matthias Farley.
    Tough act to follow after the decimation of the chipmunks, err, I mean Wolverines.
    From the ‘chicken dance’ to “Bye Bye , let’s do the Hokey Pokey”.
    My heart soars like a hawk.

  10. This highlight reel is incomplete without the Shumate interception and the Redfield hit. Drop the politically correct bullshit and Post the iconic play that epitomized our victory and dominance of the Meeechingan boys

  11. I’m overwhelming excited about the defensive play last night. Cody Rigs, Jaylon Smith, the safety’s, drew tranquil, the defensive line all deserve an article to really dig into their success last night.

    I simply can get over how much fun the defensive unit was to watch last night. I’d love to see a break down of stats the defense brought. QB hurries, sacks, ints, 3rd down performance and so on.

    It appears that coach Kelly has the offense we’ve been waiting for since his hire. And my-o-my is it fun to watch.

    UM completely sold out on stopping the run and they did. I saw we averaged 1.7 yards a carry for less than 100 yards rushing. A disappointing number but the offense was in complete control through the passing game.

    I’m anxious to watch the team add more wrinkles and practice for,the shamrock game. They are still learning to come together and find their way.

    Sooooooo exciting! Go Irish!!

  12. It was nice to see the wolverweiners get their teeth kicked out. Was very impressed with the attacking schemes VanGorder called. Such a huge difference compared to MANY previous years of the D. Jaylon S is one heck of a player and when it’s said and done when he leaves, one of the best to play the LB position.

    Offense looked good though I wish the run game would have been a little more efficient but, it did want it needed to do in the game.

    This team has a potential to be real good. Again, hopefully, they will build upon this game for the next one

    Go Irishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  13. I was fortunate to appear at the 1st game in person & njoy’d every moment. The campus is beautiful and the people are just as beautiful. I love the support and moral that Notre Dame has. It’s filled with pride and The Fighting Irish school spirit. Had it not been for my cousin Chris Brown, I would have never been able to get the privilege to experience this up close and personal. I cannot wait to come back to ND & mingle with the students & fans alike. Thank you all for that wonderful hospitality, it was truly AMAZING and worth the money that was spent. Tooooooooooooo Irish!

  14. So very impressive especially the ND defense. They took a huge step to show how good they can be in comparison to the 2012 defense. Wow.

  15. “Brian VanGorder (born April 17, 1959) is the current defensive coordinator at the University of Notre Dame.”

  16. the final Irish play was totally awesome. Huge pick six and huge hit by our safeties. That is right up there with Rocket’s kick off returns!

    UM is going to have a tough year. We really abused them in all 3 facets of the game!

    These freshman defenders are particularly impressive!

    Our defense actually attacks…a complete paradigm shift.


  17. I hate bringing this up first, but Max Redfield being penalized for making a good football play is upsetting. What really irks me is comparing Redfield’s block to the helmet to helmet shot Andrew Trumbetti took in the first quarter. That illegal hit might have caused Trumbetti not only the rest of the game, but also his season. That proved that QBs are far too protected.

    I noticed after the Trumbetti helmet hit, it seem like ND woke up. Cody Riggs had a outstanding game. Jaylon Smith was all over the field making big plays. Smith is a big time talent and the leader of that defense. He is better than Te’o because he is so quick.

      1. I can understand trying to protect the QB but an interception return is a football play and the QB is now a defender. He was running into the action, not away. I also think with the speed off the game it’s not too good to have your QB wearing a Wide Receivers number on his jersey.

      1. Yes he is. He can run down the runner, his tackling ability in the open field, and the big play ability are equal to Te’o. The big difference is Smith’s speed. He just gets there quicker than anyone I’ve seen play the position for the university.

      2. Yes,starter on the 88 team. Made some all American lists,played in the nfl for a few years. He and Ned bocair sp? We’re as good a pair as has played here.

      3. Drew: You definitely mean Michael Stonebreaker. He was a great LB. All-American. Butkus finalist.

  18. A stunting pressure D’ reduced Gardiner to less than Heismann caliber, unlike last year.
    Kudos to BVG’s scheme- he deserved a game ball.
    As duranko has been saying, Jaylon is indeed something special.
    The entire D’ line and DBs were dominant and focused, despite having Funchess to counter.

    Joe Schmidt’s hit on Gardiner causing the fumble felt like his pass broken up against $C late in last year’s game.

    A couple of late hits on EG (only one called by the Big Ten refs) was balanced out by Redfield’s hit
    on Gardiner during Shumate’s return. It was legal, clean and it was as qb 2333 noted, an awesome ending.
    It did take 6 points off the board, but I preferred the hit to the six, despite that wrong call costing us an even greater rout.

    The good news- several dropped passes, and an adequate run game despite UM selling out vs. the run
    leaves room for improvement despite scoring 31!

    And EG was poised and as elusive as anyone can be in turning potential sacks into productive plays.

    Scoring 31
    when the D’allows none
    Was even more fun!

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