Watch Equanimeous St. Brown Commit in 3 Languages

When Equanimeous St. Brown committed to Notre Dame earlier today, he did so in style by speaking three different languages.  To his mother, he spoke in German.  To his friends in France where he lived earlier in his life, he spoke French.  For the rest of us, he let us know that he would continuing his academic and athletic career at the University of Notre Dame.

Here is video of St. Brown displaying the off the field qualities that make him an outstanding addition to Notre Dame’s class of 2015.

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  1. I watched him take a slant from Blake Barnett 80 yards for a touchdown at an Under Armour scrimmage and also beat Iman Marshall for a touchdown as well. He is the real deal and will be an All American at Notre Dame.

  2. Meet the South Bend Sequoias.

    Corey Robinson 6’5″ 215
    Equanimeous St.Brown 6’5″ 205
    Miles Boykin 6’4″ 212

  3. Wow what a great kid. Love these class kids who also happened to have talent. Lean is fine for a wide receiver. Leverage on blocking is key for a tall kid and will have to learn to bend those knees. He is supposedly pretty developed so maybe he has those abilities already.

  4. 4*. 6’5″. A little lean, but time to strengthen-up. Looks like a good fit. A Californian/International kid comes to ND.

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