Notre Dame vs. Clemson 2015 Highlights: Irish Comeback Falls Short

Notre Dame’s furious 4th quarter comeback fell just short last night as the Irish fell to the Clemson Wildcats 24-22 in Death Valley to suffer their first loss of the season. The Irish turned the ball over 4 times and dropped numerous passes throughout the game but came up just a two point conversion short of sending the game into over time.

We will have plenty on this game and what it means for the Irish, but for now, here are the highlights from WatchND.

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  1. It’s just you.

    ND has out scored their opponents 50 -20 in the first quarter
    ND has our scored their opponents 44-21 in the second quarter
    ND has out scored their opponents 94-41 in the first half.

  2. Is it just me or does it seem to take until the 2nd half this year until the Irish get it into gear where they look like they want to play? Thankfully the “D” did get it together after the first 2 Clemson td’s other-wise more than the weather was going to be blowing. Too many errors for that kind of weather (not wrapping both arms @ the ball, too much grandstanding when trying for extra yards, “O” line getting faked-out by Clemson “D” to draw penalties) maybe we just point to youth and in-experience or maybe fundamentals in coaching. The last play TD attempt I hope wasn’t sent in by Kelley & Kizer autobalized as it was a complete error. ND couldn’t run it up the gut all night, why would you think they’d give you a hole at the goal? Bookies had it right…Clemson by 2

  3. Too bad Kizer didn’t run wide on the last 2 point conversion. He might’ve had a better chance with his athleticism. I was impressed with the way ND came back in the 4th quarter. Too bad they had the rocky start. Seemed like they didn’t believe until the last quarter. They were the better team but played a bad game.

  4. It’s easy to second guess all the decisions the day after (I’m just as guilty).

    But I do have a couple of questions/observations:

    1. Sometime in the 2nd half, Clemson’s self proclaimed “best corner in the country” M Alexander, left the game with what appeared to be a leg cramp. At this point why didn’t we target Fuller on every throw. I was at the game and asked some of the hardcore Clemson fans around me “who is the backup for Alexander” and none of them even knew. We failed to take advantage of this opportunity.

    2. The last 2pt conversion was designed to be a run/pass play depending on what Kizer saw with the Def (according to Kelly)
    I’m not questioning Kizer’s ability or leadership but with such a young inexperienced QB, why not send in a set play. Possibly a fade rout or a TE pass. We were so succesfull with the short passes the last 6 min of the game, why abandon that for a QB sweep to the right? Just doesn’t seem logical to me.

    3. Robinson needs to get his confidence back and get some damn sticky gloves.

    The season is long, I’d rather have a loss in week 4 than in week 10.

    Go Irish.

  5. Horrible decision to go for two the first time and a horrible play call on the last 2-pt conversion. They had no answer all 2nd half with the passing. IF you sweep right at least give it to prosise. Too conservative of a play call with the game on the line. Also, after starting down 7-0 after like 3 min, I know you don’t want a TO, but way too conservative of play calls on our first possession resulting in a 3 and out with a horrendous punt. Can’t spot good teams 14 points. Between the slow starts in each half we spotted them 21-0

  6. The game was lost because of 3 plays. First, the 15 yard punt on our second possession. Second, the fumble on the 2nd half opening kickoff, and 3rd the fumble by CJ. You take out those 3 plays and we win this game….might have been an ugly win, but the conditions made it as such. The defense was not the issue. The issue was 4 turnovers. The fact that we had a chance with 4 turnovers speaks volumes to the resolve of this team. We should win out and will still have a chance at the playoff. GO IRISH!

  7. Now. On to more meaningful comments…..

    I was there and it hurt to watch (regardless of the weather). Tough start to overcome for sure.
    It was clear to all that Clemson was loading the box and keying on the run. Why we did not alter our game plan early and take advantage of this by using short passes in the first half is beyond me.
    Their crowd was intense and our paltry showing was disappointing. At #6 in the country, our team deserved a better fan following than that! I am not a Kelly dissenter but, for once, I would like to see him accept some of the blame vs. stating things such as “weak start” and turnovers being the keys to the loss. Those were indeed factors but isn’t the coach responsible for the getting his team ready to play from the first snap?! Also, can’t the coach accept some responsibility for questionable play calling?
    Defense stepped up after the smelling salts kicked in but offense was questionable all night long.
    Kizer is the real deal. Although his passes were “off” early in the game, he has the stones and the skills to lead this team. Clemson fans were a difference maker. Hoping ours will be in 2 weeks. Bummed but remaining faithful! We are ND!!! Go Irish!

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