Dramatic Video from Notre Dame Spring Football ’17 Day 1

Brace yourself.  Dramatic practice videos are coming!  It’s that time of year when we all watch two minutes of highly edited, over dramatic practice videos and parse every second for a glimpse into the future of Notre Dame football.  It happens every year and we all not only fall for it, deep down we all love it because its the first taste of football we’ve had in months and we know we have six more agonizing months left without any real football.

Here’s the first video from this year’s practice release by the crew at WatchND that does an amazing job of making non-contact spring football practice look like Super Bowl preparations.  We also had a lengthy practice report from our good friend Matty T-Shirts Fairchild of SportsCrack.com earlier today that broke down of the actual drills from some other videos.

We’ll post more of these throughout spring football because 1) the WatchND’s team is well worth watching and 2) we have no other Notre Dame football to watch.

The fall can’t get here fast enough.

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  1. Uh-oh…Browns just acquired a QB. One less team looking for DSK this draft. Now if San Fran calls Tim Tebow (Mets trial will end soon) …I don’t know where DSK is goin’. Too bad, if only he improved his footwork. What a joke.

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