Notre Dame Football Highlights: Irish Fall Flat Against Georgia

Notre Dame fell flat in a sea of red clad Georgia fans inside the renovated Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday night.  The Irish scored five times on the Bulldogs but settled for four field goals in falling to 1-1 on the season.  Notre Dame had numerous chances throughout the game including two possessions at the end of the game down by only a point, but were unable to do anything with them.  We’ll have plenty more on the game but for now, here are the highlights.

And no, you don’t have to adjust your color settings.  All of the red in the stands was very real.  A lot of Notre Dame fans sold out and allowed Georgia to essentially take over the stadium in front of a lot of critical recruits who were officially visiting.

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  1. Why on earth didn’t Dexter Williams play? He was the most talented back in the stadium (for either team) as he is most weeks. What has he done to get into Kelly’s doghouse? Something similar to Stepherson? Up until now I’ve tried to give Kelly the benefit of the doubt, but no more. Even last week, he barely played
    Williams and all he did was play like the all-pro he’ll become once he gets under a good coach in the NFL. Not playing him or Stepherson last night was nothing but criminal, and Kelly has a history of leaving his best players on the bench.
    Something is going on with this and I wish someone would come forth and reveal what his problem with certain players is. Just maddeningly frustrating to see great players parked on the bench, year after year.

  2. I was in the stadium yesterday and there were a lot of Georgia fans that made the trip but I wouldn’t say they took over the stadium. They stood out due to the fact that ND fans do not wear one color as Georgia does. I am upset that so many ND fans sold their tickets. The group of Georgia fans that tailgated next to use said they paid $1,000/ticket. I guess that’s hard to turn down. By the way, the Georgia people were very nice to talk to before and after the game. Oh sure, there were a few obnoxious fans but we have some too.

    I think ND needs to track down who scalp their tickets and take away their ticket privileges. That would be really simple to do as you can go on those sites and simply look at their ticket location and compare them to ND records.

    Go Irish!

  3. Absolutely agree about allowing Georgia taking over the stadium. How that must have looked to the recruits. This wasn’t Miami-Ohio. This was probably ND’s biggest game of the year, outside maybe USC (though we play them every year). I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t help that the NBC announcers sounded almost gleeful about the sea of red, but there’s no denying I saw a lot more Red than I ever expected.

    Also, I wish ND fans would pick a color for game day already. It didn’t help that ALL the Georgia fans wore read and the ND fans wore a little green a little blue, a little gold, and everything else. It allowed the red to dominate and probably magnified the already huge impression Georgia fans were making on the crowd size. Georgia may have had about 40% of the crowd, but on TV it looked more like 70%

  4. Is this the Mike McGlinchey that was going to be a NFL 1st round pick and gets manhandled all night long gave up the blindside hit on wimbush that ended the game o line needs a lot of work still

  5. This team was bewildered at the end, not once but twice, just had never been here before, didn’t know how to close. Next try for redemption when SoCal comes to town. Lots and lots of improvements over
    last years mess. Notre Dame 30 Bos. Coll. 10. By the way, where was much heralded Dexter Williams?

    1. Unless Dexter Williams was unavailable for some reason unknown to the rest of us, e.g., last-minute disciplinary action, not playing Williams has to rank among all-time lousy offensive coaching decisions, just behind throwing all day in a North Carolina State monsoon. Unless I missed it during a bathroom break, not one touch, not one. How can you not play someone touted as “our most explosive” runner?

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