Notre Dame Football Highlights: Irish Run to 49-20 Victory over Boston College

Boston College gave Notre Dame a fight for two quarters on Saturday afternoon, but when all was said and done, Notre Dame racked up 515 yards on the ground as they cruised to a 49-20 victory over the Eagles in Chestnut Hill.  Powered by a pair of 200+ yard rushers – Josh Adams and Brandon Wimbush – the Irish game power the Irish while the passing attack struggled for the second week in a row.  As always, we’ll have plenty more on this one, but for now here are the highlights.


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  1. Wimbush better learn how to pass or good defenses will take the running game away like GA did. They pretty much challenged him to throw the whole game and the ball wasn’t moved. BC apparently didn’t get the memo or they just aren’t that good, probably the latter. Wimbush is definitely a dynamic runner in space though wow. If this kid learns how to pass, we actually might have a Heisman type qb in him. Adams had a nice game but still want Williams sharing 50/50 snaps. He is soooooo explosive. Again today only 1 carry through 3 quarters. I just don’t get it. Wasting talent.

    1. Also glad that we actually ran the score up towards the end of the game. We will need to continue doing this each week to have a chance for the playoffs.

    2. I fully agree. His accuracy is terrible; mechanics are not good. He will face 8 men in the box next week against a better team

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