Notre Dame Football Highlights: Irish Blowout Sparty 38-18

Notre Dame went into Spartan Stadium last night and made short work of Michigan State.  The Irish led throughout the game and even with a late touchdown and two point conversions once the Irish went into prevent, Sparty still lost by 20 points at the hands of the Irish.  There was a lot of good that happened for the Irish and still a lot left to be worked  on, but the win improved the Irish to 3-1 and should have them back into the top 25 later today.  Enjoy the highlights from Notre Dame’s big win over the Spartans.

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  1. What really fries my dough is that so many sites including the alttruthhate site that self-loathes Notre Dame and everything about it, is they won’t speak this truth.

    Notre Dame FORCED, GENERATED THREE turnovers. LOVE was brilliant and swift on his interception.

    Crawford’s fumble force on the one belongs in a tape for defensive football clinics.

    And on the other turnover, when Hayes ALERTLY recovered the ball the ball was stripped or popped from Lewerke.

    This was no “lottery.” It wasn’t about “ooops>” It was fruit of Elko’s turnover tree.

    It was not “serendipity” it was “playersexecutingMikeElko’sstripity”

    You know what Broyles used to say about “luck?”

    “Well, Keith, luck is INFATUATED with Effort!’

    Ah, the late, great Frank Broyles.
    s fsb.n.Odfe t

    1. Will it get them in the top 10 or top 5 like they traditionally were 20 years ago and earlier? What day you, young person who disrespects the real Duranko by stealing his name?

    2. Duranko,
      Another form on luck is this: “Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.” So very true in sports and in life.

      La Crosse, Indiana

    3. Indeed! When you force TOs, and provide pressure, good things happen. It’s been so long with ND, I’d forgotten.Crawford said he watched tape on former Bears’ CB Tillman- a great idea. He was among the best ever at forcing TOs.
      NDs #20 is a TO machine. What a return after two season-ending injuries. He’s been in more games this year than the two previous seasons.
      Gotta applaud his comeback and realize what a loss he was to NDs DBs the last two years. Right, Coach Lyght?
      ND has played so much better on the road this season than in previous seasons.Gives me greater hope for the trip to NC in two weeks.
      Impressed with the three wins, especially the strength and conditioning that’s provided late stops and kept drives alive and led to late scores, even if it was”only” a season-long Yoon 45yd.FG.
      Not impressed with the quality of the teams ND has defeated, but the one point Georgia loss against the soon-to-be top 10 Dawgs that just blew out Miss. St. by 4TDs doesn’t look as bad now.

      A different more hopeful experience to watch this team versus the tentative, confused, predictable ND teams of the last few years.

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