Notre Dame Football Highlights: Irish Fly By RedHawks 52-17

Notre Dame won it’s 4th game of September on Saturday evening after winning just four games all of 2016.  The Irish were at times dominating while uneven at others in a game that started at a weird time and had a weird feel to it throughout.  Josh Adams had two more long touchdown runs, Brandon Wimbush threw three touchdowns even though he completed just eight passes all day, and the Irish defense forced a couple more turnovers.  In short, yesterday was very similar to the other three Notre Dame wins this month.  As always, we’ll have plenty more, but enjoy the highlights above.

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  1. If they are to beat a ‘Good” team Wimbush has to able to show he can consistently throw the ball and be a true threat through the air. Running him more is NOT the answer. Right I do not see them beating Miami, USC or Stanford. The defense is better, but still gives up way too much yardage. You do not want to get into a shootout. Wimbush must show he is a top
    line QB.

  2. I agree Jack with most of what you said. However, For Notre Dame to beat the really good teams they have to get at least sixty percent out of their passing game to keep drives going and back guys out of the box. Also, even though Notre Dames defense is much improved it is no where close to Clemson, Alabama, etc. Those teams quarter backs just have to make sure they don’t screw up and turn the ball over because their teams defenses can overwhelm opponents. Winbush doesn’t have that kind of a defense behind him.

  3. I watched Clemson play last night and if running is working, keep doing it. USC AND Stanford don’t have the defense Georgia did. The games I would worry about are Miami and NC State, they have good defenses. Benching Winbush for Booke isn’t the answer. Winbush has some mechanical flaws that he needs to be more consistent with in throwing the football, but I would run him a lot more. I would also let him break out of the pocket more. Finally, with Stepherson back in the mix you have another wide receiver other than EQ that can extend the field. I’d like to see both on the outside run deep routes when teams have one deep saftey.

  4. if Winbush struggles passing against North Carolina do you start Book vs U S C. Book seems to be a very good passer even though Winbush is much more of a dynamic runner.I don’t know if Notre dame can beat USC Miami, NCState And Stanford without a good passing game.en

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