Notre Dame Fall Camp: Video from the 1st Day in (Shoulder) Pads

The full pads were not on just yet, but shoulder pads were for Day 3 of Notre Dame fall camp for 2018.  It’s near impossible to take too much out of these videos, but for football starved fans, these videos are like water to someone wondering the desert.

Here’s the video Watch ND posted.  Take particular note of some of he throws from Brandon Wimbush shown in the clip.

Wimbush had a couple of throws that were right on the money that hit his receivers in stride.  Again, it’s two throws out of who knows how many from the practice, but seeing Wimbush hitting his receivers in stride with lasers is very encouraging.

It’s also not the first time we’ve seen it.  On Saturday Watch ND posted another video from Saturday’s practice with some more pretty throws from Wimbush.

Again, it’s early.  These videos are 30 seconds long, but it’s football.  And after months of not having any, even these clips are fun to watch – especially when they show Wimbush throwing some darts right on the money.

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