Highlights: Notre Dame Wins Drama-Filled, QB Rollercoaster in Blacksburg

This one had a little bit of it all folks. Quarterback drama, late-game heroics, terrible ACC officiating (again). In the end though, Jack Coan led Notre Dame to victory after getting bench for the second week in a row. This time it was for Tyler Buchner who left the game in the 4th quarter with an apparent injury. Coan led the Irish to 11 points in the final 5 minutes to lead Notre Dame to victory. With the win Notre Dame improves to 5-1 on the season and heads into a much needed bye week.

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  1. Heroic QB play from injured VT QB as well as ND QB Coan rising to the occasion, again.
    A team’s QB usually gets too much blame or too much credit.
    But both teams’ QBs shone brightly, including Buchner, being the first ND Frosh QB to run and pass for a TD in a game. His future looks bright. Having made mistakes myself, in far less pressure situations than Buchner was in, I choose not to underrate but instead appreciate.
    Are the ACC refs just bad, or are they partisan?
    At what point does ND get officially vocal and put pressure on them by calling them out?
    And if they’re just bad, why do the vast majority of their “bad” calls go against ND?
    Whether it be in the past with the PAC 10 vs. SC, or the Big 10 vs. Michigan,
    or lately the ACC refs vs. everyone, does anyone else get the feeling that the conference that signs their paychecks seem to get a lot of calls (that can go either way) go the other way?
    Thanks, Frank, for calling them out, AGAIN. Someone has to!
    I’m happy ND won, but it’s important to call this out loudly and clearly after a win than to appear that this condemnation of the ACC refs to be sour grapes after a loss. Calling them out publicly after a win might put pressure on them to be less blatant in their judgment calls. All refs are sports fans, with their favorite teams and teams they grew up hating, except they get to blow whistles as a way to affect the outcome of closely contested games.. It’s understandable, but it’s becoming too blatant. Finally, kudos to ND to overcome partisan officiating, their key injuries, and a boisterous crowd (did you hear that, ND ticket-holders?). Depth contributions kept ND in the game vs. a primed, determined VT. ND isn’t elite, but their effort in such a hostile environment (something Cincy last week didn’t have to overcome) was noteworthy.

    1. Again with the refs. C’mon.

      ND is a team that doesn’t have QB-1 six weeks into the season, that struggles against EVERYONE it plays, and is STILL in the Top 15.
      Where’s the outrage on that utter sham?

      1. Did you watch the game?
        Does your contempt for BK, some of it called for, blind you from what’s in front of your eyes ? Have you not seen refs being partisan or are they above that ? “ Just the facts, M’am” ( Joe Friday, Dragnet). I’m talking about obvious partisan refs and you’re talking about coaches and sports writers favoring ND. Ranking ND in the top 15 @ 5-1 doesn’t impact the outcome of a game. What else in my previous post do you disagree with ? Or is being a contrarian all you are capable of ? As my aunt used to say :
        “ I’m talking about shit and you’re talking about eating it!”

  2. ….meanwhile, Georgia rolled Auburn and is now #1.
    You know….Georgia. That program that decided it wanted to do better than “pretty good”, fired its very winning coach of 15 seasons, opened its wallet and got a very promising young guy with a great resume.

    Georgia won a BCS playoff game in just his 2nd season, and are now a clear favorite to win this year’s NC.
    And have watched backup QB Bennett start to look like a Heisman candidate.
    And its fans are really, really pleased.

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