Notre Dame Football Buy or Sell: Is the Irish Defense Elite?

Greg was back on the ISD YouTube page with another Buy/Sell video, this time talking about the Notre Dame defense that held the explosive Ohio State offense to 21 points last weekend. Yesterday, Greg talked about some buy/sell questions on the Irish offense that’s worth checking out as well.

  • Is Notre Dame’s defense elite?
  • Is the Irish Secondary improved?
  • Can the defense carry Notre Dame in 2022?

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  1. The play calling is awful. Guys look unsure. They had better get this figured out, or this season will get away from them.

  2. I hope that the offence will not require being “bailed out” by the defense. The DL is very good. However, I believe that not so many 3s and outs in a row would help any defense. I feel that the offense must step up for the defense to become elite.

    1. Rocky, I agree. That sort of second half offense is an abusive act against or own defense, and typically fatal.

      Also, someone on a different post praised the new ND staff/team for
      playing a cleaner game
      than BK’s LSU bunch. I could not care less about LSU, but I saw a remarkably flag riddled game Saturday for BOTH ND and OSU. Did we see the same game? I know first games can be rough and sloppy, but please – these are supposed to be two top rated teams. We can do better. Another post on that
      page lamented that our special teams looked Kelly-like (2015, 2016 especially, but other years as well).
      My thoughts exactly. Fix this stuff now.

      BGC 77 82

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