Notre Dame Football Highlights: Irish Overpower #16 Syracuse 41-24

Notre Dame vs. Syracuse: No.16 Syracuse suffered a tough loss at the hands of Notre Dame, 41-24. Freshman quarterback Carlos Del Rio-Wilson relieved Garrett Shrader (35 Pass Yards, TD) and passed for 190 yards and a score. ‘Cuse running back Sean Tucker ran for 60 yards and a TD, and Oronde Gadsden II racked up 78 yards receiving and a touchdown. 

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  1. Vs Syracuse

    Punt block U, well played, David

    Still left way too many points on the field. RPOs in the red zone might help them score more TDs

    More Botelho, please. What’s a guy gotta do to get more snaps?

    Good to see more of Colzie & Merriweather.

    OL played their best game

    Estime returned to form

    Refs did all they could to keep Syracuse in the game. Orange held the whole game, got a TD when receiver stepped out of bounds in EZ. Phantom off sides call after Joseph’s second INT. Maybe they’re trying to make up for homering Clemson last week.

    1. Mason explained his philosophy on punts last week : As ND has so many exceptionally quick, smart defensive players, why not try some of them on special teams, and go after punts with the same mentality as going after the QB?

      Hunh. That’s so crazy, it just might work….
      And kudos to Freeman….he found this guy after being at this for 0 years….on a day-to-day basis.

      1. For years, ND special terams players went through through the motions on punts.
        Surely, they all figured out that if they went after a punt hard and ended up roughing the kicker instead, ol’ “get under the bus and stay there!” Kelly would most assuredly greet them with his purple face screaming at them on national TV.
        Better to stay blocked, let them kick it, then go sit back down.

        That guy was a cancer.

  2. Notredame needs to upgrade the quarterback room and fast or next year is going to look a lot like this year. Also bring in an experienced big time offensive coordinator like Ed Ogeron did. I heard Tommy is friends and talks with Joe Brady. Are you listening Marcus?

  3. they sure made that game hard. i guess they believe in the kelly principle that’s it’s better to throw three incompletions than to run for a first down.

      1. I will accept Estime’s alleged “fumbling problems” any day over Pyne’s proven, chronic inability to throw a pass.

  4. The score was favorable, and decisive.
    The run game enjoys a revival at ND.
    Freeman seemed very alert.
    And…Punt Block U!

    That pretty much covers the positives.

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