Notre Dame Football Highlights: Irish Blow Out Boston College on Senior Day

Notre Dame jumped on Boston College early on Senior Day and never looked back before cruising to a 44-0 in a snowstorm. Notre Dame shut down the Eagles from start to finish allowing just 173 yards in the loss. The Fighting Irish, on the other hand, rushed for 281 yards, with Logan Diggs leading the way with 122 yards and a score on 15 carries. Audric Estime ran for 71 yards and 2 touchdowns in the win.  

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  1. If you haven’t seen it, find the video of the uncalled Michigan 4th down pick play that bailed them out to beat Illinois.
    It’s just business. Big, shameless business.

  2. Last night’s USC game was quite sobering.

    a) Caleb Williams’ season passing stats are positively frightening.
    1st in Pac12 in every passing stat except one, total yards…he’s 2nd.
    The Pac12 includes Michael Penix, Bo Nix, DTR, and Cam Rising.

    b) Some passes he made last night could convince a scout to not bother with reading the stats.

    I think ND’s best hope is for a snow storm to hit LA. Barring that, Ben Morrison must get 5 picks.

  3. Where did the lunatics come from? People with clearly zero interest in college football, not an original word to say or thought in their head….just a need to do drive-bys, like unloved incels.

    Has Rhonda become UHND’s Trump? Has she inspired other obsequious little trolls that want to burn the place down ?
    Is this “Donald” dufus just a wannabe Steve Bannon ? She does have her own “scrapbook of misquotes” battle plan going.

    I’ve seen this movie. Zero on Rotten Tomatoes.

  4. Session done for today
    Dopey dave you are one sick puppy
    This must be the only way that anyone communicates with you
    Thanks for the betting advise though
    Since your always wrong it’s a sure thing SC will win

    1. Pssst……the dick is the one that looks a bit like a pickle.
      And I “advice” you to get your GED..or else you’ll be in charge of fries for the rest of your life. .

    1. Back for more?
      I was willing to settle this problem you have last night….but you snuck out the back door and went home.

      Take your plastic vagina and your rubber dick and go fuck yourself.

  5. Freeman keeps making progress. This week was a fast start with no letdown—this team keeps taking steps in the right direction.

    If Freeman turns out to be a homerun up-and-comer the University is going to have to make a decision: do they give him the support he needs to compete for a national championship? Or do they watch him move on to greener pastures like Kelly did.

    1. Should go into politics, honey. You’re a fence-sitting, flip-flopping natural.
      But you’d have to put down that torch for your ex.
      While you can succeed despite being bag of hammers stupid, Americans do expect their politicians to have some self-esteem.

  6. Notre Dame will get to play spoiler next week in So Cal. Will be fun to watch Pyne and Williams showcase there talents for all the world to see. My guess is Pyne’s athleticism or lack thereof gets exposed. Regardless I will root for Pyne to succeed.

    1. If ND could clone and enroll a few Ben Morrisons in time for the game, AND Rees commits solidly to a running gameplan, AND special teams gets a couple takeaways, ND has a real good chance.

      1. Agree but I just don’t think Rees ego will allow him to commit to the run. He still has Kelly’s stink all over him.

      2. Jeff:
        Rees sure seemed to have no qualms with calling for runs against Clemson.
        In 12 seasons, I never saw one game like that under Kelly’s watch…..notably, not even during a hurricane.

  7. Great overall performance. today! Morrison is a stud!
    Only real weakness is a tepid passing game. Hopefully, it improves next year if ND is to compete for playoff berth.

  8. Congrats to one Thomas Kevin Rees on orchestrating another 35+ point performance. First time to go 5 straight since 1943 over that threshold.
    Making ND Great Again.
    God bless the Irish.

    1. Next weekend #5 Notre Dame should be facing #6 USC with a CFP spot up for grabs. But Freeman and Rees had no answers for Marshall and Stanford. Here’s hoping they do a better job of preparing their team next season.

      1. I think USC’s top prize is the Rose Bowl.
        If they DID make the playoff, their lack of defense would make the ND-Alabama game look competitive in comparison.
        But business is business….so that nit really doesn’t matter.

      2. Here’s hoping those who still mourn the passing from among us the ever-present flatulent gaseous toxic presence (a.k.a. ‘Bayou Brian’) he was/is, may they grow to better appreciate MFs class, and with the future classes on the way, with them the evolving success that is the Marcus Freeman era. Why dwell on where they were as a team? I celebrate what they are becoming, finally able to play their best against the best. Next week will be yet another measure of how far ND needs to go to join the elite.
        But these last few games include the curb stomping to Clemson. Haven’t seen such a ND performance vs. a top five team since St. Lou, certainly not these last 12 years or so. First time a ND team scored 35+ in 5 consecutive games since early Frank Leahy era over 75 years ago, something no offense under Ara or Dandy Dan, or even St. Lou did, and all with their back-up QB. Defense that has played well all year, and very well 10 of their last 12 quarters with record-breaking firsts from Foskey and Morrisoan and others, including maybe the best punt blocking team in ND history. Marshall and Stanford as so yesterday. As a prof I had fifty some years ago would lecture: “There’s a whole ocean out there and some choose to drown in a glass of water!” . . . and also would add: “Don’t underrate; appreciate!’

      3. MtAA: I had to put up with that transparent POS for a decade. That the rest of you were so loyally obedient and blind as to actually be supportive of that piece of shit, for all those wasted seasons — and are now ready to forget about it — is your choice, but not mine.

        Fuck sakes, once he stood through enough games, there was actual talk of a fucking statue at some point !?!

        No…as Herb Brooks once said: This is MY time.

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