Notre Dame – USC Hype Video: It’s a Privilege to Play for Notre Dame

Notre Dame faces #5 Southern Cal tonight with USC’s playoff hopes on the line in the annual rivalry showdown with the Irish. Voiced by former Irish greats Harrison Smith (current Minnesota Viking) and Drue Tranquill (current Los Angeles Charger), Notre Dame’s hype video for this week highlights the uniqueness to the Notre Dame – USC rivalry while highlighting that it’s a privilege to play football for the Fighting Irish.

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    1. I’d be plaing with house money now……if you had any.
      But for someone with a big chip on your shoulder, funny you ain’t got none!!

  1. Amen, Chris J
    david constantly makes vulgar, homophobic, antisimetic, bizzare, gay, attacks on everyone that posts comments here
    We should all call him out, make it uncomfortable for him, like I’ve done today!
    Go Irish

    1. Donald, you’re just feeding the troll. You guys have posted over 50 messages of hateful nonsense in this thread.

      You should both be banned from the site, and should probably both stay off the internet for a while

      1. I simply give as good as I get, often better.
        If you dish it out, you better be ready to take it….simple.

  2. Frank and/or site admins,

    At what point do you ban david? This used to actually be a fun site to post on but dude is really becoming a nuisance and probably why the old regulars are never here anymore.

  3. Can somebody explain to me the reasoning for Freeman and Rees going for the 2 point conversion on there last score. I can’t make any sense of it. Was Kelly on the headset with Rees convincing him to chase points?

    1. Thought the same thing at the time. The 2 point chart does say to go for 2 when trailing by 11. Maybe they just went with it.

      1. What is ths “chart” you speak of, Rhonda?
        It must be what you call your “other people’s old posts” scrapbook.
        That’s all you;ve ever posted here about football.

  4. Dopey little david
    Libtard with the big mouth
    You should be hiding your sorry ass
    Wrong again
    Wrong again
    Totally hilarious
    Your football iq is zero

      1. Pyne’s 2 turnovers, combined with Wiiliams’ Heisman-sealing performance, determined the outcome.

  5. Libtard dopey little david
    0-2 today for predictions
    What a dumbass
    At least I made money betting opposite his predictions
    Waiting for his next libtard picks
    Got your ass kicked today david
    You deserve it

  6. Seriously Notre Dame, utilize the transfer portal and get a fucking quarterback preferably a dual threat one. Wake the Fuck up.

  7. In one of if not the biggest game of the year for the Irish the O line coach Heistand has his unit in a food Como.

    We’re getting a pretty good look at what a top tier quarterback can do for a program. I won’t follow ND next year if Pyne is the starting QB.

      1. Your streak without an original thought is internet legend.
        You could start working on the “Thumbs Down” king….

      2. Jeff,

        There are much better ND football sites out there these days to talk actual football and not get bogged down with what this site has turned into. I’d really suggest you guys move on.

    1. Yes! There;s this new dreamboat in town named Donald….I think you’d really hit it off.
      He hates football, loves being an insufferable prick, and needs a hug. Just like you!

  8. When your offense sucks like Notre Dame’s does you have no shot whatsoever at staying with an offense like USC. The Defense is gassed due to NDs inability to do anything on offense. Let’s see which coaching staff makes the best adjustments at Halftime. My money is on SC.

  9. This team is too talented to go 8-4. If Freeman doesn’t find a way to win this game, you have to call this season a failure. Lots of red flags we’ve all tried to explain away. It’s not looking great right now

  10. Big day for Beavers and ‘Cocks!!

    Calm down, Don-alt…..not a sale at Rudy’s Four Seasons sex toy store.
    College football.

  11. tOSU was getting ready to win this game…frankly, they DID win this game. A lot of of Michigan points got dumped, dumped on the scoreboard. Very, very late.

    Where did these fake points come from? Cyber. It’s all cyber, folks. These are Hugo Chavez scoreboards.

    Are we surprised? Michigan again, folks. Michigan. Are we suprised?
    This is a fraud on the American public….sad. Very sad.

    Buy my Chinese hats. A great Christmas gift. Or hanukkah, with the kikes.

  12. Dopey libtard little david scared to admit your wrong again
    Get ready for your second wrong prediction later
    When the light shines, cockroaches like dopey run and hide in the corner

    1. Here’s my prediction: Bet of the day, 100% lock…..
      You’ll keep up this chidish, mentally ill nonsense.

      Prove me wrong.

  13. Libtard little david
    How does that Meatchicken score board look?
    Look like they made it out alive
    Hurts donut
    Consistently WRONG again

  14. Libtard just blew a little fuse, talking jibberish again
    Your wrong again little man
    Knew you would provide valuable insight into todays games
    Great job little david

  15. Football 101 for Don-alt:
    When the TV announcers say a player has “soft hands” or “good touch on the ball”, don’t get excited.
    He is not talking dirty.

  16. Football 101 for Don-alt:
    Why does the QB frequently put his hands behind that big guy’s bum?
    …..Don-alt! No, not that! Try again…

    1. Football 101 for Don-alt:
      Why do they call it “college” footbal?

      College is where many bright kids go after high school.
      High school is where normal kids go after elementary school.
      Home school is where you mom tells the social services people you go.

  17. Football 101 for Don-alt:
    A bowl game is not that thing you do after you poop and before you flush.
    You really need to stop that, and wash your hands.

    1. How many quarters in a football game?
      Hint: It’s the same number as there are in a dollar.
      Additional hint: Adollar is what your mom charges per hour.

  18. Dopey did you ever stop to think that your the problem?
    Your wrong about most everything.
    You accuse everyone else if things your guilty of.

  19. Hurts doesn’t it dopey little david,
    Whenever you’re called out you start with your gay perverted rants
    So predictable
    BTW need more of your brilliant predictions

    1. Get together with Rhonda….you two gals clearly have lots in common.
      And plenty of things to talk about, none of them football.

  20. It is the victims of parental alcoholism that really pay the highest price.
    In her morning stupors, Mommy Don-alt obviously dropped him on his head a few too many times.

    Child abuse soon becomes child neglect,…..yadda yadda yadda…and here we are.
    Babysitting an angry, lonely sociopath.

  21. Dopey already said “ I like ND chances” which means in his twisted brain ND will win, which is why I placed my bet on SC
    Dopey always wrong
    Now he is changing his mind???
    Typical for a deranged individual
    Don’t miss a dose of your Haldol little man

    1. The ability to read is one thing. But reading comprehension is quite another.
      Perhaps it’s the long term effects of alcohol and crack on the fetus, perhaps scio-economic factors, or just normal genetics.

  22. Notre Dame has to try and pound the running game down the Trojans throat all night long. If successful they will win by 10. If Rees let’s his ego get in the way by getting in a shootout they will lose big. Pound the rock!

  23. Tempering expectations….

    A competitive game today would be quite satisfactory.
    8-4, with two [non-blowout..! ] losses to legit top 5 teams is not intolerable, for a program in a coaching transition, and with such a glaring weakness at QB.

      1. South Carolina is finishing the season crazy strong, but today does diminish ND’s victory over Clemson.
        This year’s Clemson ranking was classic ‘recency bias’.

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