Notre Dame Football Highlights: Sam Hartman Leads Gold to Shut Out Win in Blue-Gold Game

Sam Hartman didn’t take long to impress Notre Dame fans in his first unofficial action as a Notre Dame quarterback. Hartman didn’t even play the entire first half, but led the Gold team to a shutout victory over Blue while every other Irish signal caller struggled to move the ball. Hartman finished the game with 189 yards on 13 of 16 passing with 2 passing touchdowns and another rushing. Only three points were scored by either team once Hartman left the field at the end of the first half.

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  1. Way too much talking when play was underway, be nice to know who who was at QB other than Hartman and Angeli, is there a game report somewhere

  2. Yup…ND fans sure know their football.
    Buchner should easily keep that starting spot.
    Sam Horgford, take a seat!

  3. To the meatheads in the crowd (we all know who you are): THAT is what a goddamn QB looks like.
    (To be fair, I did have the advantage of having watched him play. And other great QBs… the SEC).

    The laughable rumors of any sort of “battle” for the job this spring MIGHT have arisen from a shocked receiving corps, unalbe to understand that they no longer needed to stop, turn around, and make an acrobatic effort to find the ball down by their feet, or behind them. Just keep running…..and there it is!

    And anyone who thought that Buchner would actually compete for the job definitely has a serious issue… brain tumor / learning disability / blindness / etc.. Additionally, your football credibility is officially shredded. Pick another posting identity…or better yet, just go away.

    All hail, QB1….Stan Harmon!

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