Notre Dame v. North Carolina ’14 – Shamrock Stickers

Tarean Folston - Notre Dame
Notre Dame Fighting Irish running back Tarean Folston (25) celebrates after a touchdown in the second quarter against the North Carolina Tar Heels at Notre Dame Stadium.

Notre Dame kept its undefeated season alive with a 50-43 victory over North Carolina.  The Irish once again turned the ball over leading to a much closer outcome than it should have been.  Everett Golson in particular will need to clean up his game for the Irish to have any chance next week versus Florida State.  The Notre Dame defense also struggled a great deal with North Carolina’s tempo, which resulted in over 500 yards of total offense for the Tar Heels.  The following players led the way for the Irish in the victory:

Tarean Folston:  Running back Tarean Folston had his best game of the season in the victory over the Tar Heels.  Folston contributed both on the ground and catching the ball out of the backfield.  The Florida native looked excellent in the screen game helping Golson get easy completions.  Folston also blocked well on speed sweeps the Irish ran to C.J Prosise and Amir Carlisle.  Folston tallied 98 yards rushing and 71 receiving as well as three touchdowns.

Will Fuller:  Sophomore Will Fuller bounced back in a big way after a quiet game versus Stanford.  Fuller showcased his great speed and excellent vision in the open field doing damage to North Carolina on deep patterns as well as on screen passes.  Fuller had a game-high seven receptions for 133 yards and two touchdowns and also drew multiple pass interference penalties.

Jarron Jones:  Irish defensive tackle Jarron Jones had a strong game versus the Tar Heels.  Jones was difficult for North Carolina’s offensive line to handle and was a catalyst for the Irish when it came to shutting down Elijah Hood.  Jones totalled five tackles and two quarterback hurries while also blocking an extra point for the Irish.

Cole Luke:  Cornerback Cole Luke had another solid game for the Irish.  The Arizona native had a crucial interception for the Irish when the game was still very much in doubt and North Carolina driving.  Luke also spent some time as the Irish’s number one corner when Cody Riggs was recovering from a leg injury.  Luke also had four tackles and a pass breakup in the win.

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    1. Maybe not yet and maybe we wont but ND sure would be stronger with them. Time will tell as people start getting nicked up. Im just glad Ishaq and Kevarae are coming back. Hopeful that Davaris changes his mind and returns.

  1. St. Michael,

    At some point, we should be able to control our own destiny, unless you’re a total Calvinist. Getting blown out isn’t the result of a few bad breaks. Generally, you get blown out because the opponent is just that much better. Simple. When it happens over and over again, it’s just lame to suggest it’s always about an unfortunate break here or there. No! Make your own breaks. A good Catholic like Vince Lombardi knew that. (So did a good Lutheran by the name of Knute Rockne!)

    Like it or not, here is another opportunity for ND football to enter the big leagues or confirm that it’s no better than double-A. How about it, St. Michael? Pray for ol’ ND!

    1. @ SFR

      And then, there’s this!
      FSU trying to leave it up to their best players, rather than our best prayers . . .
      Using confidentiality to enhance your chances of winning

      News update from FSU;

      Hmmmm- just in time!

      Report: Matthew Thomas back from suspension
      21 hours ago

      A source close to the Florida State program has confirmed the report that linebacker Matthew Thomas has had his suspension lifted after six games.
      Thomas has been suspended since the beginning of the season for a violation of team rules. The specific reason for the suspension has never been released. During last Monday’s press conference with head coach Jimbo Fisher, Fisher confirmed that the NCAA had to make the call on lifting the suspension. At that point in time, they were still waiting on word back from the NCAA.
      Throughout the length of the suspension Thomas has been practicing with the team. He is eligible for this weekend’s game against Notre Dame and we fully expect to see him in action.

      1. I hear you. So sad. But just remember this: What does it profit a man if gains the whole world but forfeits his soul? Win or lose, ND will do so with integrity. That’s why I’d love to one day see ND back at the top, to be able to say that winning with pride and integrity is possible. No need for Faustian bargains like those made by the likes of Pete Carroll, Urban Meyer, or even Bill Belicheat, oops, meant Belichick. No! We are ND stands for integrity (even if it seems misplaced at times!).

        I’d love to get our suspended players back too. But it won’t happen. So let’s ask St. Michael to intercede with our Intercessor (i.e., Jesus as per the book of Hebrews, not Mary, bad Catholics!) for an ND victory. (Now, wait, wait…. Let’s see how long it takes for duranko to give us his bad theology about not praying for something trivial like a ND victory on Sat.)

      2. SFR,

        I’ve been monitoring with amusement your mutually inane “pissing” contest with Duranko.
        In your 4:57PM note, you rhetorically asked if you’ve initiated any said contests. Then, at 9:00PM, you bait Duranko with a new trivial issue in your last parenthetical sentence.
        Just sayin’, knock it off, guys…

      3. If God grants prayers for football victories, there’s little doubt we would have won the NC in 1993. Or were there more Catholics praying for BC?

  2. I agree that many college football fans and analysts see this week’s game as a litmus test to determine ND’s credibility regarding whether we are among the elite. But the final score vs. FSU might not necessarily determine how well or poorly ND played. An unfortunate deflection, a dropped or errant pass or blown coverage on a deep pattern, questionable penalties negating big plays can flip momentum and result in a final score not indicative of the competitiveness of the entire game.
    We are due for and need a maximized focus/effort like we’ve shown already this season during numerous late second quarter drives, many D’ stands especially during third quarters after half-time adjustments, and dominant fourth quarter offensive performances- but this week, we’ll probably need a Michigan game-like focus and intensity throughout. There will be miscues, but if ND sustains that focus and intensity, we are able to compete with any team in college football.
    Watching FSU this year – I’ve seen them often playing as if they’re bored, with little intensity and a lack of focus- until they need to make a play or a stop.(NC State and Syracuse are two examples). When they’ve had to tune in and perform, they’ve been impressive on both sides of the ball.
    Can FSU maintain that needed intensity? Stay tuned.
    I believe us falling behind by two TDs, or having to score during the final drive, and even needing the final TD pass completed as has occurred with ND the last two weeks all add to the mindset- we’ve been faced with this before- we can overcome and win . . . as ND has done. Three weeks ago, ND’s team believed they could; now they’ve experienced they can, because they did. Obviously, more importantly than what I/we think is the team knowing they can -because they have.

    And now ND prepares to face the undefeated defending national champ, at their place.
    Make this game another epic road victory for the ages.

    Just win, Irish. Find a way, like you’ve so often shown you can these last three seasons or so.

  3. That’s ideal, brandon. Sadly, we live in the real world. I’ll say this. I challenge anyone to find one pissing contest I’ve started lately. I’m willing to end them when challenged. But otherwise I’m OK with agreeing to disagree without being disagreeable. Sadly, others prefer to insult and attack instead of talk. So be it. I’m their huckleberry all day and all night long!

  4. That’s all I am saying, Shaz. ND needs to win consistently against the big boys to be considered a big boy itself once again. I also agree that things look like they’re heading in the right direction. But we have to actually arrive and not just endlessly talk about getting there.

    I really thought that when TW’s went to FSU and pretty much destroyed that Bobby Bowden team ND was back. I think after that game ND was like 8-0. We all know how that story ended.

    I really thought that when CW’s team went to Ann Arbor and beat a top 5 UM team ND was back. We all know how that story ended.

    We’ve been down this road before, Shaz. Now we need to get to the end of it and finally get back to the top and stay there.

    I’m sure we call agree on that!

    Now, let’s see what psychotic, ad hominem screed duranko goes on. Don’t encourage the mentally unstable, Shaz. It’s enough duranko thinks he’s the pope of ND football, seeing as how in his deluded mind he’s ex cathedra infallible (except in duranko’s case the Chair of St. Peter is a portable toilet!).

  5. BTW “duranko” there are plenty of other people on here who have talked about their loyalties to their pro teams in the past. In fact, I can even name you a few other Stillers fans on this site if you cannot recall them. They’ve made no bones about the fact.

    You see, moron, one can be a ND fan and let’s say a Patriots fan like “Southy.” You can be a ND fan and a Stillers fan like “fxm.” It’s not an either or thing, you crypto-Protestant nominalist (look it up!). It’s much more like an organic Catholic both and thing. But of course you know about as much about Catholicism as you do ND football, which is barely enough to fool the foolish among us.

    I know you really hate the Stillers. It’s OK. You can get treatment for that and your other emotional and psychological problems, duranko. Yes, really, you can get help.

  6. we can beat usc, we can beat ariz state, and we can beat miss state, all we have to do to become national champs is beat the dirtiest team in america, go irish!

  7. Shaz, the Steeler Fan (you have to know the fake ND loyalty of anyone, anyone who comes on an ND fan site and admits that he’s an outsider by his name.) may be recollectionally dyslexic, using the psychological mechanism of transferring each time the Steelers get embarassed, as in yesterday’s pounding from the Dog Pound, to turn it into ranting about Notre Dame’s sub-optimization. Of course the Steelers an empty shell of the past, will always have that beating the Ravens put on ’em and the loss to the might Tampa Bay incompetents, to fall back on. But they did “pound” Jacksonville in a rout: 17-9. Woop te doo.!

    I don’t know about you Shaz, but I’m pretty clear that Kelly is 3-1 against mighty Southern Cal (every Southern Cal game is a big game),
    and 2 of the last three against Stanford and Michigan. 3-1 against Michigan State, and has won the only two bowl games has won this millenium.

    But the wandering, out of place, ND connectionless Steeler fan does have one thing going for him.

    If there were an Olympic medal for whinging, peering and moaning, he’d be at least good for a bronze.

    1. Once again, duranko, your putrid, loathing nature cannot help but come out. For such a rancid human being as yourself to call himself a Catholic or ND fan is beyond me.

      Why even bring up the Steelers at all if you’re so against “outside” influences? HYPOCRITE! Once more, you self-righteous twit, you don’t get to dictate to anyone here what we elect to use as screen names. I guess Burgundy can’t be a ND fan because his alias is played by an actor who is a USC alum and fan? I know logic eludes you, duranko. But try it some time. Really. It might do you some good.

      You can try all you want loser. But I’ll be back at you all day long. Like white on rice I’ll be all over what ever inane, ad hominem argument you try against me.

      But you keep on trying little man. I always enjoy slapping you around a bit. Not really much of a challenge. But the self-righteous need to be put in their place.

  8. I agree with Shaz, one bad game, albeit in the NC, shouldn’t overshadow a great season.

    Now, however, ND football has to string together many such seasons and big wins to be better than what it’s been for going on 25 years, and that’s just plain mediocre. ND football has to be better than a big win every decade or so.

    Go Irish!

  9. ^^^Yes, it was a good game, but overshadowed by the blowout to Alabama in the championship.

    A win against FSU on the road in primetime would be HUGE.

    1. It’s only overshadowed if you let it be.

      But I get it… what have you done for us lately, right!

      ND is all about opportunities.
      And this is a great opportunity for the players, coaches, and the University in more ways
      than you can imagine.

  10. Jerry,

    I think VG’s schemes are high risk-high reward. We saw the high risk side this week. I don’t think BK had anything to do with the D this or any other week.

    Here’s my bottom line for Sat. Win or lose, let’s show up and be competitive. Enough of getting humiliated on the big stage. It’s getting old going on now 25 years. ND will only be truly back when we can play consistently with the big boys. Until then we’re still mired in mediocrity.

    Don’t get me wrong. Iwant ND to beat FSU. Beat them bad even. I’m not one for moral victories. But to at least be in this game til the end would be a huge boost for the program and an indication BK’s heading in the right direction.


    1. I think the defense of BVG is predicated on getting teams in 3rd and long and then bringing the heat. He struggled against a high pa’s 3 seconds get the ball out defense. They will need to get this resolved or that’s all their going to see.

      On another note someone told me Grace played on Saturday, is that true?

    2. SFR,

      I think you’re forgetting Oct. 27th 2012, when an undefeated ND team went into Norman Oklahoma, a program that had only lost 5 total home games under Bob Stoops in his entire 16 year career there, and knocked off the #8 Sooners 30-13.

      That was a less than 2 years ago, became a signature win for Brian Kelly who would go on to finish the season 12-0, gave a huge boost to the program, and was a clear indicator that the program was heading in the right direction.

      Over the last 2 and a half years, ND under Coach Kelly has gone 27-5.

      I myself consider that considerably better than mediocrity.

      1. Shaz,

        You forget the NC game which was also less than 2 years ago. So which one is the standard, the OU game or the NC game against Alabama? I’d say neither since either represents too small a sample size right now.

        I said we need to compete consistently, Shaz. TW beat FSU in Tallahassee and that didn’t mean a thing in the long run for him or his regime. Until we start to compete on the biggest stage game in and game out, then I’m withholding judgment on BK and the program. We’ve seen an apparently “signature win” turn out to be an aberration before, Shaz.

      2. SFR,

        The Alabama loss in the NC game is included as one of the losses in the 27-5 record that I posted.

        2012)12-1,(2013)9-4, (2014)6-0.

        A signature win is a signature win.

        Unless the NCAA says that for some reason, ND must forfit that win, I’m not going to try to take it way from that 2012 team… which in fact it did had significant meaning… especially in terms of recruiting… which, by the way, we are seeing the beneifits of so far this season.

        But I agree, consistancy is that ever elusive factor that all programs are searching for.

    3. SFR,

      21 winning seasons in the last 25 is not too bad. 17 seasons with 8 or more wins is not horrible. As for me, rock bottom was the 58-7 loss to Miami. While we have seen some rough years and tough losses, that humiliating loss to Miami was thankfully the beginning of a new era. I like our guys against FSU. GO IRISH!

      1. I guess it depends on the ND football you grew up watching and are willing to settle for, MMA1983d. I grew up expecting winning seasons every year and national titles.

        Question: were you born in 1983? Of course, you don’t need to answer. But if so, that might explain a lot. You perhaps don’t even have memory of the Holtz era.

        Regardless, thank you for the respectful retort. Unlike some others here who think boorishness is clever, I appreciate a respectful difference of opinion.

        Good to hear from you. Please continue to contribute.

        GO IRISH!

      2. SFR,
        Lucky for me my love for Notre Dame began during Ara’s reign. I can only say I have had to temper my expectations or else my blood pressure would have gone through the roof during the miserable years of Faust, Davie, etc…

        What I loved about Lou was that his teams had the ability to pound you into submission with few mistakes.

        I like Kelly, he has the talent to win against FSU. The key will be which team plays error-free football, or close to it.

  11. Play like that sat and we will be behind 28-0 after i quarter. Why did our
    whole defensive scheme change? It looks like BK involved himself in the

    1. So what you are saying is that all year long BK had nothing to do with the success of the D but all of a sudden he involves himself with it in the 6th game and screwed it all up?

      And I here I thought it was Bush’s fault.

  12. You could easily hand a sticker to Isaac Rochelle. He was a disruptive force from the opening whistle….well done young man!

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