Notre Dame v. North Carolina ’14 Highlights

Notre Dame improved to 6-0 on the season in much closer fashion than anyone had imagined on Saturday with a 50-43 victory over North Carolina.  The Irish defense was roughed up for the first time this season while the offense turned the ball over three more times again this week, but at the end of the game the Irish remained unbeaten with their playoff hopes in tact.

Sophomore running back Tarean Folston helped power the highest offensive output from the Irish offense since the 2012 season opener with three touchdowns while Everett Golson rebounded from a brutal start to finish with 300 yards passing and three touchdowns.  Here’s all the highlights courtesy of the team at WatchND.

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  1. Trap game. I feel like they were looking ahead to next weeks game against FSU. My biggest concern is Golson’s turnovers. We take care of that and I think we pull off the upset.

  2. George, Winston is not in Marquise Williams league as a returner, and while Williams is a fine runner, Marcus Mariota is much better. So I don’t think Winston will hurt us as much with his feet. But he is a great, not a good passer, and he has as much confidence in the pocket as anyone since Andrew Luck.

    I suspect we’ll also see some different coverages in the secondary. Rashard Greene is by far the best receiver we will have seen this year
    (Ty Montgomery is a more dangerous PLAYER, but not just as a receiver)

  3. We have to back to the type of defense strategy prior to sat. I think BK
    involved himself this week. Just cant have the turnovers or we will get

  4. I heard a stat about how many true freshman have taken the field this year so far. Does anyone know that number? Also how or where I could go to find that answer?

  5. Your replies are meaningless and snarky. You never contribute anything other than sarcasm. Didn’t your mother teach you? If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all? I’m sure you’ll have a good reply for this.

    Just glad we’re 6-0. Wasn’t pretty like Burgundy’s mother, but I’ll take it.



  6. one thing that shocked me was how fast Redfield is. He is like lightening.

    Folston looked awesome. Once he gets untracked, watch out! He can score.

    I’m optimistic about next week!

    Go Irish,

  7. I wonder if Winston will run it up the middle for 30 yards at will just like the UNC quarterback did. BVG must have been shocked every time that happened

  8. I am so happy they are 6- 0 but let’s face it, they are playing like a top 15 team, not a top-5 team. Golson regressing to deer-in-headlights patterns from year 1, OL still inconsistent, no pass rush without blitzing, thin in secondary. Love our resiliency and poise in tough tight games, though.

    Go Irish! Shock the nation next week!

    1. Top 5 team from which week? Not sure anyone outside the state of Mississippi is playing lights-out.

      Bama won on a blocked PAT. Baylor gave up 58 pts, and Auburn, well, lost. This year seems to be putting all of CFB in a state of flux. Gotta love it!


    2. Even while blitzing we don’t seem to be getting to the QB most of the time. However the opposition almost always gets at least one guy through untouched on their blitzes. I guess we shouldn’t expect anything different while the center regularly whiffs on his blocks even against the simple 3 man rush

      1. Notre same has only 30% conversion rate against them on 3rd down when most of the blitzes happen.its not always about the sack.

      2. That stat of yours doesn’t discredit my statement in any way, shape or form, as it doesn’t tell the whole story.

  9. I think we better stop turning the ball over or we are going to get our a$$es kicked.

    O line needs to protect better, too.

    Not a great performance, but we came from behind and won. I’ll take it :>)

    Hope Riggs is OK.

    Go IRISH,

  10. Let’s hope the Irish got all the misques out of their system this week and last. They can best the Noles, but only if they play a near perfect game.
    Syracuse scored what 20 against them, so ND can do at least and probably more. The ND defense mustcome together and playlike they played in the first six games. Go Irish!

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