Notre Dame v. Duke ’16: Gameday FAQ

Photo: Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire
Photo: Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire

Notre Dame returns to action this weekend following their second loss of the young season.  Notre Dame will look to rebound and get back to .500 as they play three straight “easier” games.  Here’s all the logistics for today’s contest.

Who does Notre Dame play today?

Notre Dame is playing Duke today at Notre Dame Stadium.  The Blue Devils enter this game with an identical 1-2 record as the Irish following losses to Wake Forest and Northwestern.

For more background on Duke:

Who is starting at quarterback in the Notre Dame game today?

Deshone Kizer will start again at quarterback for Notre Dame this weekend.  Kizer nearly rallied Notre Dame from a 29 point deficit last week against Michigan State and is still on the fringe of Heisman contention after accounting for 13 touchdowns through three games this season.  Kizer should be able to add to that total tonight.

Where is the Notre Dame game today being played?

The Irish and Blue Devils will be playing in Notre Dame Stadium for Notre Dame’s third home game of the season and its third straight home game.  The game marks the 252md consecutive sellout of Notre Dame Stadium.  Notre Dame was undefeated at home in 2015 but already has a loss on the season after last week’s 28-36 loss to Michigan State.

What time is the Notre Dame game today?

Today’s game kicks off at 3:30 PM ET / 12:30 PM ET as with all normal Notre Dame home game start times.  This will only be the second time this season that Notre Dame is not playing in primetime.  Those driving home from the home game and those hoping to get to bed early this evening will be saved from another late ending.

What channel is the Notre Dame game on today?

Today’s game will be broadcast nationally on NBC just as every Notre Dame home is.  NBC will have Mike Tirico in the booth doing play by play once again with Dan Hicks on assignment.  .  Former Michigan alum Dhani Jones will be joining the pre and post game shows for NBC as well.

Is today’s Notre Dame game available for online streaming?

Yes, the game is available on the NBC Live website – as well as on the NBC Sports Apps for both iPhone and Android users –

What is the weather forecast for today’s game?

UPDATE: The forecast has taken a turn for the better for the second week in a row on gameday.  As of last night there was a 50% chance of thunderstorms but as of this afternoon conditions look great for tonight.  There is still a slight chance of rain tonight but at 15% it should be a dry tailgate and a dry game.  That bodes well for the Irish and bad the livers of Irish fans.


Who is favored in today’s Notre Dame game?

Notre Dame opened as a more than three touchdown favorite even with a 1-2 record and saw the line drop to -19 at one point before rebounding to -20.5 this week.  Early money was on the Dukies but the late money came in on Notre Dame so something things that the Irish will cover.  So far this season, the way the line has trended close to kickoff has been indicative of the outcome.


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  1. C-Dog,

    I would love David Shaw. Stanford somehow is able to recruit rocket scientists who can also actually play football.

  2. The whole school has become soft. And that affects the team. How does Stanford put mechanical engineers on the offensive line and research scientists at receiver? No one is talking about their academic standards being on the way of success.
    The next coach has to reject the hype and the glitz and the marketing of Jesus for donations and get down to things like leadership and character brains and hard work.

    I respect David Shaw. Did anyone listen to the interview after their game? ND needs a coach like him.

  3. George, BB, will say he only accused me of gloating over ND’s failures. Because, you see, he’s so much smarter, wittier, better writer, more knowledgable, etc.

    Funny, though, how you picked up on the fact that he was indirectly also accusing everyone else on here who are in agreement about BK’s team.

    It seems that BB is the only one on here who can be critical but not emotional. He probably puts on Vulcan Dr. Spock ears while watching the games!

    I know that he’s so humble that he actually said he personally increased my football acumen with his replies to me. After all, calling me a cunt all of a sudden taught me all I need to know about zone defenses!

    Utterly delusional character!

  4. BB accused us of deriving great pleasure from getting embarrassed by Duke. However I cannot even comprehend such an assertion.

  5. Plus, Burgy, don’t forget that I have to personally thank BB for increasing my football knowledge and enjoyment of watching ND games. After all, he’s more intelligent, wittier, etc. than me and apparently the so many others on here who agree with me.

    Go Irish!

  6. Looks like we are going to fall short of the comment record. Good effort fellas. Big shout out to whiskey breath for stepping up.

  7. “My basic principle is that you don’t make decisions because they are easy; you don’t make them because they are cheap; you don’t make them because they’re popular; you make them because they’re right.”


  8. I’ll be as critical or not of ND football as the next person on here. I don’t care if Breath or anyone else takes offense to what I feel or how I say it.

    However, C-Dog’s point is well-taken. We should try to keep our disagreements from becoming disagreeable. That’s not always easy, I know. But it should be a goal for us all. Clearly some will see that as weakness because they think that they’re holier than thou. So be it!

    ND football is in a bad way. I don’t care for excuses after so many years. Excuses are for losers. I don’t want my beloved Irish to be losers anymore. Time to look critically at where this program stands. That goes beyond our pay grade, for sure. But as a fan site we should be able to express our opinions about this program’s future.

    Go Irish!

  9. You’re great, Breath! I’m sure everyone on here can see that now.

    You must be really proud of yourself for taking one last cheap shot at someone who instead offered you a chance to say Our Lady’s prayer. But I guess in your holier tan thou book you call that pandering.

    You’re a really big man, Breath. Of course, you never used personal attacks against me. You started it but I’ll finish it by once again invoking Our Lady’s prayer:

    “Notre Dame, Our Mother, Pray for Us!”

    Go Irish! Beat Syracuse!

  10. And the predictability of intellectual weakness makes its full closure.
    The Boob starts with bombast and taunts.
    Then, when challenged on his assertions, knowledge and behavior, attempts to turn the argument against the challenger with morality and ideology.
    When he still fails to provide any knowledge or credibility, he turns to ad hominem, and attempts to binary logic.
    Then, in desperation, after continuing his bad form, begins his beg to the mob, trying to gather friends to support a failing campaign. More sad appeals to the dwindling crowd.

    Any chance you’re running for office booby? Better luck next time.

  11. C-Dog,

    In my defense, I don’t think I ever started a fight. Sadly, I do respond in kind when attacked. Mea Culpa!

    Breath: Look, say with me, “Notre Dame, Our Mother, Pray four us!” And let’s move on! If you want to this means you somehow are better than me, so be it!

    Go Irish!

  12. I do apologize to you, C-Dog. You’re always the voice of reason.

    But I’m not going to let a self-righteous jerk like Bad Breath take a cheap shot at me. I know I should turn the other cheek. But jerks like that take such actions as a sign of weakness.

    You’re right. This site was always lively. But there was a modicum of respect. Even you and I have at times disagreed. I have apologized to you more than once for my boorishness in the past.

    But out of my great respect for you, I’ll desist from further humiliating Bad Breath.

    He’s no fun anyways. He never wants to actually answer my questions and talk. Instead he prefers to tell us how great he is. NOT!

  13. I’m not confusing anything, Bad Breath.

    Can you read English? Since most of the comments are consistent with my observations, you are involving other members of this site. So, again, nice try, but you fail one more time. So how am I an idiot but not Frank V, for instance? Duh, duh, duh. Evasion. No answer. Self-delusional slop and slather about how much you know, how smart you are, how many large male members you can take in, etc.

    No answers ever from you, moron. But I do enjoy every chance I get to bitch slap you some more and expose you for the evasive and self-delusional moron you are. So please keep me entertained.

    I think I’ll start calling you “Gimp” in keeping with your masochistic pleasure in getting beat on.


    “All night long!”

  14. Kyle Flavin is one of the site owners. They are lax on monitoring this site. The breather’s nasty language is testament to that. They have sold out. Several years ago this was a great site for alums and subway alums to commiserate and otherwise have good critical conversation. Now it’s about advertising and Flavin is loving it. I don’t think he’s even an Irish fan. Sad that the program is in a state where it is.

  15. Don’t conflate my objection to your personal stupidity with that of all others on the board. This, as well is a calling sign of pandering idiocy. Next should be #steelfanboobmatters.

    Keep digging fool.

  16. Nemesis,

    I feel your pain, brother. Believe, despite what Bad Breath intimates, I get no satisfaction being critical of the ND football program.

    You go back a bit longer than I do. But I bet you both of us go way further back than Bad Breath. But he’ll have no problem telling you he knows way more about ND football than both of us combined.

    I call BS!

    In my lifetime ND football has won 4 undisputed NCs. I was in this country for only 3 of those. I’m old enough to only really remember 2. And I was overage and really only able to celebrate in style for only the last one in 1988.

    I’m frustrated as hell. Perhaps that makes me more critical. But no one should confuse my frustrations with gloating about my predictions or criticism of ND football. I would love nothing more than BK turning things around and winning many NCs!

    Go Irish!

  17. I think as a fan of ND football for 45+ years, I have seen the greats such as Ara & Lou, pretty good in Dan, fair to good in Brian, fair being Charlie & Tyrone, poor as Gerry, and lying sack of crap in George. It’s been a diverse continuum regarding coaches. Today’s game has Brian regressing as a coach, along with the program. He is responsible for his team. I truly don’t see the issue being solely on player personnel. I see a lot of coaching issues. Losing to Duke should be as unacceptable as letting a pimp date your virgin daughter. On Sunday, there should be news VanGorder was let go and Sanford is elevated to true offensive coordinator. I wouldn’t even shed tears if Kelly would be let go. I have maintained who would be out there to replace him since top notch coaches aren’t lining up to come to ND. After today, I am no longer convinced as a ND football fan that is the standard to be beholden to anymore. 7th year and ND is not improving under Kelly. I don’t think he is capable of making hard decisions that need to be made. Letting VanGorder go would be a start. Going back the last 6 games, the defense is not performing under his watch. This firing should be done tomorrow. It won’t. The last 20 years overall have been painful as a ND fan. ND needs to do better in the football program. Too much heart and money has been invested in to it to be turning out like this. Here’s a thought, promote Sanford to head coach. He probably couldn’t do any worse. Or maybe, a BIG wad of money and modify admission standards and do what you can to get the best coach as you can. I am not happy as a fan and supporter right now. I expect better.

  18. jeff,

    I think you chastised me for questioning the prediction that ND was going to win big. Perhaps I’m confusing you with someone else.

    I don’t want to pick a fight or say I told you so.

    I just had a feeling about this game. I’ve seen this game so many times over the last 20 years, including or especially under BK. That’s all I wanted to say.

    I agree with you. I don’t think this team is a lock against any other team, including some of the better FCS teams. If ND played ND St. I don’t know if I’d bet on the Irish.

  19. Do you glorify yourself when you criticize BK or the team? Of course not, because in your self-delusion you really believe that you’re the only one on here who can be critical and objective. Talk about glorifying yourself!

    Will you even attempt to answer the question why it is that you can be critical but not the rest of us? Have you read Frank V’s recent blog posts postgame? Is he glorifying in ND’s defeat?! Of course not. He’s just telling it like it is. But I guess your till life is so pathetic you resent him too!

    Get a life, you self-delusional asshole!

  20. Bad Breath, you don’t glorify yourself at all. After all, you’re the model of humility. After all, who on here knows as much football as you do?

    You’re a joke! You’re not smarter than the rest of us. You’re not wittier than the rest of us. You don’t know more football than the rest of us.

    What you do better than the rest of us is be evasive and grandstand. You get first prize for that. Congrats!

    You also get the gold medal for megalomania and masochism.

    Prove to me you love me bitch slapping you some more and came back for some more beating, little bitch!

    I’ll be on here when you’re a distant memory!

  21. Yes boob, I am smarter than you. And I do know much more about football. I write better than you, and I’m funnier than you are. But, that’s not the point.

    The point is that when the team loses, I don’t glorify myself in their loss.

  22. Do you really any of us benefit from your football knowledge, you self-delusional prick?! Perhaps we would if you actually said something during the game instead of playing at arm-chair head coach after the game! I can learn more about ND football from my little niece than from anything you’ve ever said on here.

    You really have to be out of your mind if you think you add anything of substance to this site, ass-whipe. I can’t recall a single observation of yours that was important.

    I wonder if Frank will ask you to be a regular contributor now after reading how much you know about football. You’re just so much smarter about than game than the rest of us.

  23. Wow, cunt! Really?! But I guess it takes a little bitch to know everything about cunts!

    You want to believe that you’re the second coming of Knute Rockne with your football acumen? OK. I guess you’re just really delusional if you think that you’re the only one on this site that knows this game and watches it critically.

    Is English your mother tongue? I’ll try one more time to ask you a very simple question. You said you were just as critical of ND football as anyone on here. Did you not? If so, then, one more time, you agree with me. So why am I in the wrong when I am critical of BK or the team but you’re just showing off how much you know about football? Please explain as opposed to telling us that I don;t know anything and you know everything about football. You’ve tried that already, moron. So why don’t you instead prove that you can understand English and answer my question.

    Is it hard to breath so far up your asshole, or is that your cunt?

    Come back soon for your next smack down, masochist sodomite!

  24. Crawling out from a rock. Not once, but twice. Boy the oldies just never get old.

    Yes, I know you’re crazy to get to the binary argument. It’s the hallmark of morons. Am I critical of the state of ND football? Of course. Does that move me to glut myself upon all blog posters about the supremacy of my limited football knowledge and endless criticism in the rare event that it’s proven accurate? No.

    It’s clear now that your football knowledge is wanting. So at the very least, tell us all Why the team is failing this year. And don’t give some pablum like tackling and “scheme” that you clearly don’t understand, or coaching. If it was Meyer coaching this team, you’d be the same tool typing the same smoke.

    *and just to help you out on what you’re watching on Saturdays, Kelly is considered an offensive genius because he was among the first to blend the benefits of pro and spread shemes without overcomplicating line blocking and back reads. See, I already brought you benefit to your football watching experience. Cunt.

  25. SFR,

    I agree and a little bothered. I have no way of proving I’m me, except the moderators have my e-mail address.

    I will say I’ve come to the other side. I no longer believe BK can do the job of bringing ND back. Losing to Duke, esp. this Duke team was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I never thought they’d lost to Duke. I posted my comments on Frank’s analysis so I’ll avoid repeating myself, except to say you and the other detractors were right.

  26. Damian,

    This happens a lot on this site. The administrators on here are very lax. They even allowed Burgy to put on here personal information about me. When I questioned them they gave me some very lame response. At the very least I would’ve expected them to delete those posts and remind the subscribers on here that they should not violate privacy agreements.


  27. Bottom line, Bad Breath, is this: If you’re critical of BK and the football program right now, then you agree with me. So what’s your problem?! You don’t like how I express myself. So be it! It’s a free country for now, right? I’ve asked you some very simple questions that you avoid by playing at being Pop Warner.

    Answer me or shut up and crawl back under the rock you came from!

  28. So I guess I have to write a dissertation on the ND O?

    We can play this game all night long, Bad Breath? I can ask you trivial pursuit questions too. But I guess you don’t have access to the internet, do you? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, moron!

    You said you’ve been as critical of the coaching as anybody on this site. Did you not say that?!

    So, I ask you again, Mr. Trivial Pursuit, what gives you the right to do so but no one else on here? Get off your high horse, and get your head out of your ass, and riddle me that.

    But I guess you’ll want to try to pretend at being a peewee football coach in your lame attempt to try to impress instead.

    All be here all night, little boy!

  29. Hahaha…even with the Internet “spread O” is the best you can do? And do they?
    They run a hybrid spread pro formation, as do most top teams. What’s the difference asshat? How long will it take to research?

    And defense? A 4/3 right? Sort of? But why? And how? Give everyone out here in unhd land some sense of your grasp and value of football.

    Like I said, I can tick this off in less than a few minutes. Study study. I can’t wait to read your next snail streak.

  30. Look, little man, I’m confident in my ND football acumen. I dare say even those on here don’t see eye to eye with me would say I can hold my own, especially against the likes of you. Unlike you, Bad Breath, I’ve been on this site sharing for a while. I have a track record that I can’t run from. People know where I stand, like it or not.

    But you keep on chugging along like the little engine that could.

    BTW: Explain to me how when you’re critical of the play calling and coaching it’s OK but if I or someone else does it it’s not?

  31. Really, so I guess I don’t know they run a spread O as opposed to let’s say a veer, Triple Option, Pistol, or Pro Set? Are you kidding me, moron. This is the best you got?

    I’ve forgotten more about ND football than you’ve ever known, Bad Breath?

    Do you remember when BK used to run an uptempo O, idiot? What do you think happened to that? Why don’t you impress us with your football acumen and explain where his original O game plan went, Bad Breath?

    Like I said, little man, I’m your Huckleberry. I’ll be here to smack you down at every turn. Again, to quote the great Ric Flair: “All night long! Woo!”

  32. Beautiful. You’re the one evading shit for brains. I answered. Do you even know what offense they run! Hahahaha… You don’t do you? You have absolutely no idea what is actually happening in the game. You’re a college girl trying to impress a boy with her football accumen. Tell me all about it. What have you ever had to contribute beyond your own feelings? Absolutely nothing of substance beyond the drive for a finger in your ego.

  33. So wait a minute, Bad Breath, when you’re critical it’s all about your intellect. But when someone else does the same thing it’s somehow irrational and about feelings, whatever that means. Please explain how that works, Bad Breath? Talk about self-righteous, delusional, touchy-feely crap!

    Are you really an idiot, or do just play one on TV?

    I can play this game all night with you, Bad Breath.

    So keep on trying, little man. I’ll be here waiting to smack you down!

  34. Rockne won before they even had a stadium. Leahy rarely lost. Ara pulled a team out of the ashes, almost winning it all in year 1 and proving after year 3 that the Irish were going to be feared for years to come. Devine was better than given credit for. And Holtz was fanatical about why playing your best for Our Lady’s University was so important. I dont think any of them believe it now. So all turf, jumbo trons, special box seating, and fancy shops near the stadium aren’t going to bring back the glory.

  35. Have our resident archivist Burgy retrieve any of the football suggestions you ascribe to me. Run the ball more was the only suggestion of “runtheballmore.” Not me. Defense sucks is the specialty of bruce johnson. So nice try, moron.

    But you keep on believing the world as lived in your large intestine corresponds to reality, little man.

    Whatever works for you, Bad Breath.

    Come on back now, you hear!

  36. Bad Breath,

    Do you really think your verbal garbage can save you? You’re an even bigger fool than I thought.
    Drop the name calling you started, little man, and answer my questions. It’s not that difficult to do once you get your head out of your ass. Try it some time, Bad Breath. The world looks better from out side your colon!

    So I’ll wait for you to actually attempt an answer.

    Oh, little man, your a neophyte. I’ve taken on a lot better than you on this site and here I am still.

    You’re nothing but a gnat, Bad Breath. Like the great Ric Flair used to say: “I’ve seen better than you on the back side of my worst day!”

  37. Oh, and I’ve been as critical of the Irish play and coaching as any thinking person. I just don’t confuse my feelies with my thinking.

  38. C-Dog,

    Yeah, faux Duranko has been largely MIA of late. Maybe he’s with Bad Breath somewhere telling themselves ND and BK are really great. Talk about having your head up your sphincter, C-Dog!

    What can I say, you and I are old enough to recall what ND football greatness was all about. We didn’t have to make yearly excuses for Ara, Dan, or Lou. BK is a variation on a theme from CW. Alleged O gurus whose schematic advantages and promises to bring the O into the modern world were overstated to say the least.

    Good to hear from a fellow old-timer, C-Dog.

    Go Irish!

  39. SFR,
    Where is the guy using the “Duranko” name in vain to pull a nazi flame war on you for suggesting that this is anything other than a blip on the greatness of ND. I mean wasn’t 1988,1977, 1973,1966, etc just a few years ago?
    Speaking of the past I think it’s great that Notre Dame is collecting in arrears all that money from people who might not have paid today’s rate for yesterday’s glory. And you young people, isn’t the high price of tix, parking, food, spirit wear, and everything else Notre Dame makes on the current program worth is just to hope that Notre Dame becomes great again ?
    Sadly I don’t think fake Duranko or any of the young people know why Notre Dame was great nor can they fully understand that it was much more than wins and championships. It was once overachieving to show a prejudiced nation that an Irish Catholic minority wasn’t going to whine. We were just going to kick your ass. And the Irish did. That opportunity exists today with other minorities but Notre Dame needs to reach into that part of our history and meld it wth today’s struggles. That’s hard to do with a very comfy campus and a limp wristed administration.

    It’s not that Notrre Dame is losing. It’s this and other talented teams from the RECENT past have more often underachieved rather than over achieved.

    Who even remembers what old Notre Dame was?

  40. Bad Breath,

    I’m waiting to hear your answer to my very pointed question.

    Do you agree with me this isn’t a very good team? If you agree, then your post addressing me is hypocritical and you’re an idiot.

    Do you disagree this is a bad team? That just proves my contention you have crap in your eyes from having your head up your ass.

    So which one is it, Bad Breath?

    In my book you’re both an idiot and blind ass fan, product of fecal matter in the eyes.

    Get pinkeye much, Bad Breath?

  41. Jimmy,

    Appreciate your honesty. Me, too, I thought ND was going to win easy at 14-0. Then it was 14-7 and I just had a feeling this was going to be one of those games we’ve all seen so often. And, sadly, it was. Deja vu all over again, Jimmy!

    Well, Jimmy, not all of us see ND games clearly, though. Bad Breath and Co. have too much crap in their collective faces from having their heads up their collective asses. Hard to watch a game from inside your own rectum, Jimmy. Thankfully, you seem not to be in with head in the bum hole crowd. Good for you, Jimmy.

    Stay away from Bad Breath. His stink will do what his intellect can’t: know you out!

  42. Talk is cheap
    Fire swarbrick
    Fire Kelly
    And for god sake fire Bvg tonight
    There is a lot of work to do
    Let’s get started
    The longer they wait the harder it will be

  43. I will have to admit when ND was up 14-0, I was like okay here we go. This game will be over by halftime if not sooner. That’s what I get for being a wishful thinker. Nevertheless, Swarbrick needs to do an overhaul, to salvage what image our beloved school still has. In all reality, if BVG leaves we may make it back to .500. 6-6, 7-6, 8-5 if we’re lucky.

  44. BTW Bad Breath: Some of us don’t have our heads up our asses. Like how your own shit stinks up in there?! Perhaps that’s where your bad breath comes from. Just a thought. Might want to set up an appointment with a proctologist to see if he can safely remove your head from your a-hole.

    You know, Bad Breath, you can see the game a bit more clearly when your head is not up your ass.

    just a suggestion.

  45. Bad Breath,

    No one is gloating for sadly being right about the poor state of this team.

    However, with blind ass fans like you constantly trying to convince yourselves that BK and his teams walk on water, well, I’ll take it as compliment that such a football know-nothing like yourself is against me. Clearly your knowledge of ND football is as large as your IQ!

    Let me ask you a question Bad Breath, is this team’s play acceptable for you? If not, then we’re in agreement and you can crawl back from whatever rock you came from. If ND’s play is OK by you, well then, you’re a bigger loser than your screen name leads on and are not really a ND fan at all, Bad Breath.

    So, which one is it? Very easy. You either agree with me this is a bad team right now or don’;t agree. Either way you prove you’re an idiot, Bad Breath!

    Nice try though.

  46. Hahahaha… It’s a shit loss to be sure, but what makes it that more delicious is the Losers crowd positively gushing about how they’ve been right all along. You clowns are actually happier for the bad losses, just for the opportunity to get belly down in the shit and roll around in it.

    Maybe when your twisted glee subsides, you’ll pull your fingers from your rent hair and claw the tattered tampon from your innards before the toxic shock gets too severe. Because after all, nobody with any knowledge of the game is all that surprised by the struggles of a program that can’t afford to lose so much talent in a single year, but more importantly, adversity exposes the character of players, coaches, an FANS alike.

    That being said, Van Gorder needs to go. Maybe steelfanboob can redirect his douchejuice towards trolling his email box.

  47. I used to defend BK. I thought he was a great recruiter and a good coach. I was wrong. He’s a below average coach who has padded his wins versus FCS and small FBS competition. ND isn’t Cinci, BK!

  48. This is a broken team. Playing for a broken coaching staff. These are all dead men walking.

    This team is on the verge of a historically bad season. They may not win a game the rest of the season. 1-11 is a real possibility. Can anyone say ND will surely beat any team remaining on the schedule? Of course, the blind-ass crowd on here will predict ND will win out. I wish they would be right. Sadly, I don’t have any faith in those on here who have repeatedly made jack asses out of themselves with lame predictions year in and year out. And, of course, I have not faith in BK, his staff, or these gutless players.

    Utterly pathetic! As bad as anything under TW or CW, despite Damian’s blindness.

  49. Damian, oh Damian?

    Do you still think BK’s the best ND can do? If so, then it’s time to close up shop in S. Bend and turn the stadium into a lecture hall for you, Damian. I’m sure NBC will cover the lectures. How many do you think will show up? 80,000? 90,000?

    We are witnessing the beginning of the end of the BK era. Is it the end of ND football as we’ve come to know it?

    No worry, though, the excuse makers will tell us ND football is great and next year will be different.

  50. I’m sure glad all you “Debbie Downers” appreciate what a great team and coach ND have!

    I love how every team that beats an over-rated ND team believes its the start of a new era for them. How long did the new era of Texas football last?!

  51. Zippy,

    I hope ND holds on. Then we’ll hear the same blind-ass fans, who have not made a sound all game long, who were predicting a blow out before the game get on here and tells us all how a win is a win. Against Duke!

    I’ll say it again, with fans like this who needs the ND haters!

  52. Tied with Duke after 3!

    Great way to respond ND to a bad start of the season.

    Count on BK and his team to shit the bed!

  53. George,

    You’re such a “Debbie Downer”! BK is great, the second coming in fact!

    He’s an O guru, don’t you know. Remember when he was supposed to take the ND O to the next level?

  54. OMG! They just got there first sack of the season. Last D1 school to do so. The D is back. BVG just bought himself some more time. Hopefully they will sign BVG to an extension before he leaves for an SEC school

  55. Defense is the worst in the country. Offense just sucks really really bad. I see no difference between BK era and CW era.

  56. Hey Damian, you enjoying this? I wouldn’t want to be a nfl factory or anything like that. Being great is overrated, & this wonderful effort and product is much better to enjoy as a fan.

  57. THIS DEFENSE IS SHIT!! The department of defense is not performing and the department head needs to be replaced, not at the end of the season, but, after this game no matter if win or lose. Mike Sanford should be given 100% control of running the offense and Kelly needs to be CEO, not the department head of the department of offense. As a fan, I expect better of this staff and team. Today is approaching like Weiss era teams and worse. It is painful to even watch this anymore.

  58. Cole luke can sit the bench the rest of the year, and BVG can pack his stuff at halftime. However since that won’t happen, enjoy 8 more games of this shit show.

  59. A nice chorus of “Fire VanGorder” reigns down in the stadium. I’m sure the players would love to join in the chorus.

  60. I can’t wait to hear for the excuses from Bk, BVG, the players, and Damian and Co. on here!

    Who was it that called moe out when I questioned the predictions on a big ND win?

  61. I don’t watch much college football, but this has to be one of the worst, if not the worst defense country. Are there statistics that back up my claim?

  62. VanGorder needs to be fired after this season. I wish he could be fired now, but Kelly will be honorable and keep him around to continue his pathetic coaching.

  63. Tied with Duke after 1! What a joke!!!

    This is another pathetic effort by BK and Co.

    Damian: care to chime in and try to justify this slop and slather?

  64. And the death struggle begins?!

    This is shear incompetence on STs and D once again.

    There are no more excuses to be made. Get the job done or get out.

  65. spicy,

    Stop being a “Debbie Downer”. ND lost to two unbeatable powerhouses in Texas and MSU. NOT! Oops.

    This game will go a long way in determining the season and the rest of BK’s tenure. A death struggle to win or a loss and it’s over for the season and for BK. He’ll stick around because of his contract and because there will always be those who will make excuses for mediocrity. But make no mistake if ND doesn’t beat Duke today BK’s all but done.

    Let’s hope ND comes out fast and strong and takes care of business like it should!

    Go Irish!

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