Notre Dame Calendars – 12 Days of Notre Dame Christmas: Day 1

Notre Dame Calendars

Over the next two weeks we will be bringing you some great Notre Dame gifts for the holidays through our various partners.  We know how stressful the holidays are and how tough it is to find time to get all your shopping done so we will be doing our best to make the shopping for the Notre Dame fans in your life as easy as possible by finding the best Notre Dame gifts in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.

Note: Fanatics has a 20% off promotion through Sunday (with some exclusions) so stock up now!

Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2016 12″ x 12″ Wall Calendar

We’ll start off today with an easy one – Notre Dame calendars.  These are low cost gifts that still have a lot of use in the home and office even with the proliferation of smart phones and having our calendars on our phones 24/7.  Fanatics has both a full sized wall calendar and a mini one that is perfect for someone’s cubicle so even if someone might not use a calendar in the traditional sense these days, these are great ways for people to show some of their Notre Dame pride in the office.

The full sized calendar retails for less than $20 making it a great filler gift too if you need something small to even out your spending on one of the kids this holiday.   The mini calendar comes in at less than $10 making it a good stocking stuffer too!  At these price ranges, these calendars could be a great Secret Santa option for the office holiday gift exchange.

Looking for some higher end wall decorations for a Notre Dame fan?  Fanatics has a couple of really, really slick wall clocks that would be perfect additions to any Notre Dame fan’s man cave.

Notre Dame Clocks

Notre Dame Fighting Irish 19″ Shamrock Neon Wall Clock

The clock to the left is the nicest one offered from Fanatics in my opinion, but they have a couple other options as well.  These retail for over $200 so they are definitely higher end gifts, but whoever is on the receiving end of one of these will be forever grateful.  And hey, if you want to drop a hint to your friends and family that this is something you would love to add to your man cave or office, just click through and like/share the link on your Facebook wall 🙂


If you need some mid range wall decoration gifts for a Notre Dame, Notre Dame flags are a great option as well.

Notre Dame Flags

Notre Dame Fighting Irish WinCraft Deluxe Play Like A Champion 3′ x 5′ Flag

The flag to the left is a classic and if your gift recipient doesn’t have anything featuring the Play Like  A Champion moniker in their home/office.  Some fans love to hang their teams flags on Gameday and this one is a great option.

And with that, Day 1 of a Notre Dame Christmas comes to an end.  We will keep profiling gifts throughout the next couple of weeks, but if you can’t wait, you can head over to Fanatics and browse the thousands of Notre Dame items they have in stock and ready to ship!

2015 Notre Dame Gift Guide

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  1. I agree Kenny, would really like seeing Sanford being the OC and not only in name. Some running from under center would at times would be an advantage to the running game, especially RZ play.

  2. @ Pete-

    You will never see that type of offense under Brian Kelly. He is a pass first play caller. Always will be. I agree with you a thousand percent about running the ball especially inside the 20. That is why I am really pushing hard for Sanford to be our play caller in 2016. I was under the impression that’s how we got him to come to South Bend. Promises had to have been made. Ohio State wanted him badly!

  3. Watching Clemson tonight and Iowa, Michigan State I noticed a few big differences between these teams and Notre Dame. First off, these teams are running the ball in the red zone with full house backfields 2 and 3 tight ends and the quarterback under center. Can’t understand why Notre Dame doesn’t do this. Also, noticed these teams are creative in the red zone-throwbacks to the tight ends, misdirection runs. Defensively, not sure Clemson, Iowa and Michigan State have more talent than Notre Dame but are much better fundamentally, They tackle better , take proper angles, their db’s look back for the ball when it is in the air, they limit big plays, no breakdowns.

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