Notre Dame Lands #1 Ranked P Jay Bramblett

Punter recruiting is never very exciting, but if you need a punter, you might as well get the best punter in the country and that is what Notre Dame on Wednesday afternoon.  The Irish landed their 11th commitment for the class of 2019 when Jay Bramblett, considered by some the #1 punter in the country, committed to the Irish following an unofficial visit to South Bend this past weekend.

Kicking expert Chris Sailer ranks Bramblett as the best punter in the country and a “5-star” kicking prospect. Okay, make your snarky “at least Notre Dame got one 5-star recruit now” comment.  Done?  Okay, now onto Sailer’s assessment of Bramblett.

Jay is a big time high school punting prospect. A great looking athlete with an explosive leg. He has an ideal frame for a D1 college punter. Jay punts for outstanding distance and big hang time. He easily averages 45+ yards, with 4.6+ hang time. He also shows the ability to hit punts 50+ yards, with 5.0+ hang time. He has great hands, his footwork is solid and he is one of the most consistent punters in the nation. He is a great competitor that punts with confidence.
– Chris Sailer,

Bramblett, a Tuscaloosa, Alabama native, is ranked by 247 Sports as the #2 punter in the country.  Prior to committing to Notre Dame, Bramblett only held one offer from Missouri but was drawing interest from the likes of Alabama, Penn State, and LSU according to Irish Illustrated. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t pick up more offers throughout the season as well as kicking specialists tend to get offered later than most other positions.

With Brmblett on board, Notre Dame now has 11 commitments for the class of 2019 and should be done recruiting specialists baring any unforeseen changes to the roster between now and February.

This Almost Certainly Means Jonathan Doerer is a Place Kicker

Notre Dame loses both kicking specialists after this year – Tyler Newsome, a rare punter team captain, and dependable place kicker Justin Yoon.  With sophomore Jonathan Doerer on the roster already and Bramblett now in the class of 2019, this almost certainly means that place kicking is in Doerer’s future after he came to Notre Dame as both a kicker and a punter in high school.

Notre Dame has preferred to have an individual specialist at each position during the Brian Kelly era even when they’ve had players capable of handling both duties.  As Bramblett has only been a punter, it’s safe to assume that Doerer likely will be focusing on place kicking moving forward just as he had as a freshman in 2017.

Both Newsome and Yoon will leave Notre Dame as four year starters and it is very possible that Bramblett could end up doing the same given the depth chart next season. Doerer played in seven games last fall as a kick-off specialist and could do the same this fall.

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  1. Perhaps they should start profiling the student assistants… folks are desperate enough to cheer for anything.

    1. You like that he’s an athlete?
      Well! You’re in for a real treat following any ND sports team.

    1. Want to put the fear of god in your opponent?
      Make then shake hands with your captain punter at the coin toss.

  2. Maybe Blair Kiel didn’t have the hang time, but, his fake punt and run to score was legendary. Maybe Jay will have some tricks up His sleeve.

    1. Greg, No player I know of had a greater rapport with Dan Devine than Blair Kiel. On that play, they exchanged glances just at the snap, and Blair took off…TOUCHDOWN!!! Those two were on the same page from high school recruiting until the DD’s last day at Notre Dame.

      BGC ’77 ’82

    2. Blair Kiel was a terrible punter when it was needed. I remember the near whiff against Penn State in 1983 when he was no longer the starting QB because of his inability to perform under pressure. He was a horrific punter and performed poorly as a Q

  3. Big BOO Shout out to the lack of enthusiasm to this GREAT Pick up!!!!!
    This pick up is a BIG CHEF BOYARDEE!!!!! move by the Irish!!!! ???

  4. Key Position??? lets not forget! Many games have been lost and won on punting (Bears 85 Champs on the legendary Sean
    Landetta Punt Miss ??? Punters are not appreciated but they are the game changers!!!!! ??? Great pickup!!!!! Go Irish!!!!!

    1. Games can be “won and lost on punting” when you’re very close to your opponent in skill, coaching and execution.
      This is Kelly’s ND…..Pinstripe Bowl aspirants.

  5. David,
    You are, as always, a JACKASS. I’ll always take a great player at any position over a big mouth “fan” who does nothing but try to hurt the team.
    To Jay, I say welcome to ND…smart choice young man.

    BGC ’77 ’82

    1. Big BOO Shout out to the lack of enthusiasm to this GREAT Pick up!!!!!
      This pick up is a BIG CHEF BOYARDEE!!!!! move by the Irish!!!! ???

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