Notre Dame Favorite to Land 5 Elite Recruits Announcing in Next Week

For Notre Dame football, Christmas might be coming in late June and early July this year. The Irish, owners of the #2 class for 2023 and the #1 class for 2024, are currently the favorites to land five elite prospects over the next week, all of whom have announced their decision dates. Four of the five are for 2023, which would push Notre Dame 19 overall commitments and likely push the Irish back into the top spot on all of the services after falling behind Ohio State on Monday.

Cam Williams (2024) – 4-star / WR – June , 8:00 PM

First up, Notre Dame could add to its receiving corps for 2024. Notre Dame needs wide receivers for 2023, but it looks like they will add one for 2024 before officially adding another wide receiver for 2023 to pair with Braylon James. Cam Williams has been exchanging in some banter with CJ Carr this week regarding his announcement, and all signs point to Notre Dame being the selection.

The On3 Recruiting Prediction Machine has Notre Dame at 96.0%, heading into his announcement on Wednesday. There are four predictions for Williams on 247, and all of them point to Notre Dame. Getting a 5-star QB to commit early to a class as the Irish have with Carr is how you potentially add a top-100 overall WR this early. Williams would be the first wide receiver for the class of 2024 to commit.

Charles Jagusah (2023) – 4-star / OL – June 30

When I started to write this post earlier today, Jagusah wasn’t on the list, but on Monday night, it was reported that Jagusah is announcing his commitment on Thursday of this week. Technically, this is a Notre Dame v Michigan battle, but no one, not even then Michigan homers, thinks that the Wolverines have any chance.

Notre Dame already has four linemen committed for 2023, but Jagusah would b the highest-rated of the group if he does indeed select Notre Dame. Jagusah is #41 overall in the On3 consensus and the #4 OT.

Micah Bell (2023) – 4-star / CB – July 1, 6:00 PM

There are only three predictions for Bell on 247, but all of them are for Notre Dame. Unsurprisingly, the On3 RPM is at 97.4% for Notre Dame. Following Bell’s official visit to Notre Dame in June, he canceled subsequent visits elsewhere – that’s generally an indicator that the school that got the visit will end up on top. Bell was also looking at Texas and Ole Miss.

Bell is at #118 overall in the On3 consensus even though he isn’t nationally ranked on On3’s overall rankings and is just their 41st ranked corner. 247, on the other hand, has Bell as the #55 overall prospect in the country in their rankings.

Rico Flores (2023) – 4-star / WR – July 3, 3:00 PM

On Sunday, Notre Dame should finally get its second wide receiver for 2023 when Rico Flores announces his decision. This one has been trending to Notre Dame for a while, but Flores canceling his visit to Georgia. Notre Dame is currently 98% on the On3 RPM, and all six predictions on 247 are for Notre Dame.

Hopeflly, Flores is the first of at least three more wide receiver commitments for Notre Dame in 2023.

Christan Gray (2023) – 4-star / CB – July 4, 5:00 PM

The last of the scheduled commitments, at least as of now, is cornerback Christain Gray. Despite many factors that should be pointing to LSU, including his old high school coach currently serving as a position coach at LSU, all signs point to Notre Dame. The On3 RPM has Notre Dame at 79.8%. That isn’t quite as high as some of the others on this list, but all five 247 predictions are for Notre Dame too. LSU is in 2nd at the moment with just under 16%.

If Notre Dame ends the 4th of July weekend with both Gray and Bell at corner, the Irish will be in a great spot at the position for the class of 2023.

If Notre Dame lands all five recruits listed here, the Irish will be back in 1st place overall in the class of 2023 rankings after losing the top spot to Ohio State on Monday. All five prospects are 4-star prospects in both the 247 Composite and the On3 Consensus rankings. Of Notre Dame’s 15 commitments for 2023, 12 are 4-star or better on On3. Over on 247, Notre Dame’s looking even better as 13 of 15 are 4-star are better in their Composite rankings.

Landing all five this week would give Notre Dame a lot of momentum heading into the final push of the recruiting cycle. And while these five have set decision dates, there are other prospects such as Ronan Hanafin and Jaden Greathouse that the Irish staff is hoping will also fall their way.

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