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miltonAccording to, Milton Knox received an offer from Notre Dame recently and will be visiting Notre Dame this weekend.  Knox, a talented running back out of California has some impressive offers – Florida, Florida State, and UCLA – and would be a nice addition to this class.  Knox committed to UCLA a while back, but the coaching change in Westwood got Knox to open his recruiting back up and the Bruins are now battling it out for Knox with Notre Dame and Florida.

He’s listed on with 4.6 speed, but in watching the clips I included below, he certainly looks like he has good football speed.  Rivals gives him a little more credit for his speed with a listed time of 4.52.  Rivals also ranks Knox as their #12 running back.  He also looks like a hard runner with some elusiveness.  He can make sharp cuts without losing much speed at all and doesn’t go down on first contact very often.

After watching some of the video on him, its easy to see why Weis has extended the offer to him.  That offer would have likely come a lot sooner for Knox, but he had to raise his test score up before Weis could officially offer it.

This past season Knox ran for  2,210 yards and 39 touchdowns and for his career has amassed 6,995 yards and 103 touchdowns.

Earlier this year, Knox’s Birmingham HS team upset Dayne Crist and Anthony McDonald’s Sherman Oaks Notre Dame team in front of a national audience on ESPN with Knox running 32 times for 136 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Dayne Crist has been one of the best recruiters for Notre Dame this year among the committed players and he should be able to help the staff out again with Knox since the two were on the same Pop Warner team.

Oh, and apparently, Knox has also had aspirations of boxing in his past.

[youtube]hm_2498mq3o[/youtube] [youtube]w1G44UuTd0k[/youtube] [youtube]e4tcVW9Qqls[/youtube]Looks like he can catch the ball too

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  1. Where do you see him fitting in though? Aldridge, Hughes, and Allen are going to get most of the reps for the next 2 and 3 years? Allen is good for screen because of blazing speeds. I wonder how good his pass protection is. Anyone?

  2. Actually, Knox and Walker are two different backs. While they both lack blazing top end speed, Knox runs with much more authority and does not shy away from contact as Walker did. Walker would duck out of bounds whenever he could, Knox looks to hit people.

    They do both have good vision and the ability to make people miss with some nifty moves, but Knox possesses the ability to run people over as well – Darius never had that.

    Coming out of high school, I think Knox is a more developed back with a lot more upside than Walker was. What you saw in high school is pretty much what we got with Walker. He didn’t improve all that much between freshmen and junior years.

  3. Frankie V, I agree with your assessment and I should have said Aldridge seems to be injury prone. He is an excellent running back and has had some unwanted injuries.

  4. I think Knox would be a nice addition to the stable of backs we already have. Knox might be the toughest runner. I think he’s got the potential to be a pretty good receiver out of the backfield even though his offense in high school didn’t allow him to show those skills much.

  5. bleednd82, Luke Schmidt and Asaph Schwapp are full backs.
    Further, Aldridge is injury prone. Also, five deep in running backs is an insurance policy you will have atleast two outstanding backs! USC, OSU and Florida have six!

  6. I dont understand why we need another running back. Can someone please explain to me already on the roster James Aldridge, Armando Allen, Robert Hughes, Schmidt, Luke Schwapp, Asaph.
    Coming in Jonas Gray. Do we really need another one in this class? I can see taking two next year.

    We need a DT BAD.

  7. Robert, if you wish to continue posting here, you need to respond to the emails I’ve sent you. If you have not received them, please contact me at Kyle.F AT uhnd DOT com from an address I can reach you at.

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